Sunday 23 December 2018

Season's Greetings From Stockholm

We're not really spending the weekend in Sweden's capital, we've just temporarily decamped into my newest Lundby doll's house to escape the Xmas madness.

This model, known as Stockholm in Europe and Dallas in the USA, was launched in the mid-1970s. Mine dates from the early 1980s and has a removable front cover and, in-keeping with the aspirational Yuppie lifestyle of the time, the master bedroom has French windows leading out on to a balcony whilst there's a stable block in the basement for the wealthy Swedish family to keep their ponies. I found it on one of those local selling sites and it came full of furniture and dolls. Much of which wasn't to my taste (modern & plastic) so I stuck them on eBay and by the time the auctions had finished the house was virtually free. 

Yesterday, whilst most of Britain was out shopping, I rewired the house (that's the Lundby one, not Stonecroft) It was one hell of a fiddle but now everything from the ceiling lights, table lamps, kitchen units, fireplaces and even the aquarium glow. It's a joy to lie in bed and look at it - and it'll be even better once the bedroom walls are painted.

Like my other doll's houses, the Stockholm is furnished entirely from vintage furniture I've picked up from eBay or in charity shops along with a few pieces I've made myself. All the original wallpaper was in near-perfect condition so I left it alone as it seemed a shame to devalue it.

We're be back in the real world tomorrow - the painting begins first thing in the morning. We'll take a break on Xmas Day for The Dead Relatives Society festive curry lunch at the Indian restaurant down the road then it's back to the decorating on Boxing Day.

Wishing everyone who reads my blog a super cool Yule! Stay sane and see you on the other side. 
Lots of love from me, Jon, Stephen Squirrel and Frank. xxx


  1. You both look perfectly at home at the "Stockholm". Another triumph! And you even have your own ponies ;-) Good luck with the painting, and we'll be raising a glass to you and the Dead Relatives Society on Xmas Day! Love from me, Jos and Phoebe. xxx

  2. So lucky you can take a trip and not have to worry about all that airport hassle!

  3. What a great little place to visit!

    The bird in the cage killed me. So many cute details to admire.

    These guys are quite swish...with the stables and all!

    Happy Christmas! Enjoy your curry : )


  4. What a beautiful house. It looks very fancy. Wishing you and Jon a very Merry time and Happy Decorating (much better thing to celebrate than the dreaded C-word).🎄 Xx

  5. I would guess it took some time to set up one of these doll homes. We have a small antique place that to me have quite of bit of items like you shown in today post...This Old Trunk...couldn't find a site for it.
    Coffee is on

  6. Fabulous house, I am in awe of your talents.

    Though I have to say that grey haired nanny doll looks like she will come in the night and steal your soul...

  7. Bluddy hell that Granny is one scary dame!

  8. Wishing you and Jon a very happy Christmas, i am working and hubby will be doing a bit of painting walls much like you! Looking forward to your next India trip. The latest dolls house is fun.

  9. The cats! The bird in the cage! So realistic. The young boy putting clothes in a hamper...come on now, that's a stretch...we all know they'd be scattered on the bedroom floor ;)

    Have a happy holiday not celebrated, and enjoying the calm and quiet (wish I could join you). Have a wonderful trip to India and will eagerly await the posts when you return.

  10. Happy Christmas to you and Jon! Thanks for sharing your escape into this wonderful Swedish time capsule with us. Of all the Christmas lights I've seen this season, the rewiring of the house (including the aquarium) is the most impressive. Well done!

  11. What fun! I always wanted a doll house when I was little. Wise parents realized it wouldn't hold my interest long! Agree with the others: your Granny is a bit scary! lol

    Wishing you and Jon very merry time together and with family and friends before you return to DIY reality. :)

  12. God Jul! (as they say in Sweden)
    Such amazing detail & ponies too!
    I think that is hilarious that the American version was called Dallas instead of Stockholm, guess we Yanks could not handle a dollhouse with a foreign name.
    Granny looks like she is plotting to kill the lot of you......

  13. a very posh dollhouse! with balconies and a pony stable! ha!
    and the wealthy family has hired the best interior designer - YOU! can i have a invitation for the new years eve party in there - pleeeaase ;-D
    painting the walls seems a very good plan to me for today. but the BW insists to go a bit festive....rmpf.
    see you on the other side! god jul! & nasdarovje! xxxxx

  14. I love the details and you and Jon look quite cosy there!
    No mad dash for me, I've taken time for lots of dog walks and listening to podcasts in my shed as I've been working. The seasonal madness has largely passed me by.
    I hope your decorating is going well, can't wait to see it.
    Wishing you both a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year xxx

  15. Oh my goodness - that looks like a busy household! There are a lot of people and two cats! I just adore all the details and the little touches like the knitting wool and needles and the carpet sweeper.

    I'm sorry you didn't get away to Stockholm proper for the holidays but this is a brilliant substitute!

    Would you believe the lights on our Christmas tree have just died...

    Happy New Year!

  16. Happy Christmas!! Enjoy your curry. xx

  17. Merry Christmas to you and Jon. I love your doll houses. Have fun with the painting tomorrow. X

  18. Oh my, that looks like a wonderful setting for the holidays. So much going on with all the generations of people and variety of animals too! Not to mention your amazing decorating skills. You are going to need a good break in the sun after all you've done. Cheers until then!

  19. Almost as good as the real thing, although not sure I'd want to be cooped up with Grandma and those menacing eyes. Reckon she's pushed that Ewbank around once too often! It's nearly over...yay! xx

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    1. I’m reserving my spot on the balcony. Feet up on the balastrade, sunshine on my face and a glass of something cool in my hand.
      Hope you had a good Yule day. We are on round two now - Boxing Day. Roll on tonight and we’re back on the sofas. Then round three is Thursday, potato pie at Auntie gladys’s. Shouldn’t moan really at least we appreciate being back home once we get here haha. Xxx

  21. Seems like a good way to escape the Christmas madness. I do like this house, I'd say you've done a great job with it. The ponies are my favourite part of it.

  22. That looks like an absolutely lovely little place to hide away from the holiday madness, and it even comes with two kitties! Although, with all those children, I think I would be camped out on the balcony with a cocktail ;) Good luck with the painting.

  23. so lovely post! I've enjoyed every detail in the cute doll house and recognized a few pieces that you made, which are my favorites (I love the colorful chair made of Afghan braid and the 'Fornasetti' chest of drawers!).
    Lovely to see your creativity in action, lovely that you've been spending your time in something so beautiful!. I think it would be fabulous if everybody could enjoy holiday time without social pressure to consumerism and stuff. Probably many people will stay at home reading a book!

  24. Such a fun and fine escape!!! Happy New Year, dear Vix! Lots of love!

  25. Happy new year to you and john vix , Hope next year is as exciting for you as all your previous years are and happy trading too xxx


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