Wednesday 19 December 2018

DIY, Makeovers and Some Secondhand Finds

Remember the DIY project we had planned for the weekend? Here it is. We bought this 1930s bentwood armchair from a jumble sale six years ago and the cats had ragged it to buggery. A few hours with the staple gun and a pair of 1960s Jonelle Marrakesh screen printed curtains (from a charity shop) and this was the end result. The only trouble is that it's putting the rest of our bedroom to shame so we'll be redecorating over the next few days which, in our opinion, is far preferable to running round Xmas shopping or slumped in front of the telly guzzling chocolate and watching mawkishly sentimental tripe.

The collage above is my plan, let's see what happens!

WEARING: 1970s Hilary Floyd maxi dress (found by a friend at a car boot sale) and Mum's Biba dragonfly pendant.

Here's the chair in the cold light of day. This was taken on Monday morning and I'm dressed and about to set off into town with Jon and meet the boys (my brother, Marcus and Tony) for our annual all-dayer in Wetherspoons. So much for my boasts about being hangover-free after an eleven hour session on my birthday, I was completely ruined on Tuesday - that'll teach me for trying to keep up with the men! I didn't get dressed until lunchtime and that's only because I had a delivery scheduled for 1.30 and I didn't want to scare the poor driver.

WEARING: Vintage Anokhi dress (eBay), 1970s suede platforms (charity shop), 1950s St Michael navy cotton tie-neck blouse (nicked from the stockroom)

Here's what I wore today (Wednesday). I was wearing another of my charity shopped berets but hated how I looked in the photos Jon had taken but he needed to go out so I chopped my head off, stuck the offending beret back in the stock room and attempted to use the self-timer on my camera instead (that's my concentrating face below).

My velvet printed patchwork maxi dress is vintage (1980s?) Anokhi. It's velvet with a bit of stretch, there's no zip and it's made up of six panels. It's so comfortable to wear and must have cost a packet back in the day, just look at how the turquoise section snakes down the first in perfect synchronicity. 

Jon found the waistcoat in a charity shop this morning but it went so well with what I was wearing I kept it on. 

Here's a fairly recent find that I haven't shared on my blog, a vintage Phool block printed quilted jacket, something I've been after for my Indian adventures for ages. We'll be starting our journey in Delhi this time and the temperature isn't dissimilar to how it is here so, with a few layers underneath, I should be warm enough. There's no way I'm wearing a fleece and a puffa jacket, I'd rather freeze.

Vintage block printed quilted jackets generally sell on eBay for around £75 and I got this for a bargainous £7.50.... although Frank's not that impressed!

Something else I've been after for my travels is a pair of lightweight boots that are both easy on the feet and quick to slip on and off when I'm visiting temples and museums. Jon spotted these vintage Kurt Geiger cowboy boots in the charity clearance shop for £3. So far, so comfortable but I shall do a couple of walking trips into Walsall and back in them just to make sure. 

What was it I said about loathing visible logos? This antiqued leather bag was in the charity clearance shop last week for £1. I'd never heard of Rowallan before but a quick Goggle revealed them to be a fairly high-end Scottish company specialising in leather goods. The sturdy clasp, numerous zip fastening compartments and super long cross body strap should accommodate my camera and our Lonely Planet guidebook safely and securely. I can always wear it backwards.

There's been a circular-shaped gap on my bathroom wall ever since I moved one of my starburst clocks into the lounge, today's find - a gilt framed vintage mirror (£3) fills that hole perfectly!

Jon thought I'd taken leave of my senses when I dived head first into a bin full of Xmas decorations in the charity shop as, I'm sure any regular visitor will know, I'm about as into Christmas as I am bubonic plague. He didn't have to call the men in white coats though, I'd spotted this hand-painted Swedish Dala horse amongst the baubles. He was 50p - an amazing bargain when you see the retail price for the same 20cm model HERE.

Talking of Xmas (which I'd rather not!) if I hear Stop The sodding Cavalry played again I may no longer be responsible for my actions. Sticking to the Swedish theme I'll leave you with the best seasonal song ever by Swedish psych rock band, Goat. 'Let it Burn' was written specifically for the climatic scene in the short movie Killing Gävle, a The Guardian produced film about the famous Gävle Goat in Sweden which every year local custodians of Gävle try to protect a giant straw goat that is built for the town every Christmas being burnt down by mischievous pagans. 

 If you're into vintage Black Sabbath then you'll love this.

See you soon.


  1. That chair with the Marrakesh print is amazing!
    Love the Phool jacket, I have many Phoool skirts I still wear!

  2. Love Ozzie although his modern stuff doesn't hold a candle to vintage Sabbath (likely due to scrambled egg drug addled brain). I'll have to keep my eye out for those swedish horses, well done!

  3. I meant to also say I love the chair makeover, really really classy

  4. You look fab, as ever. The Phool jacket is beautiful and I can't believe how much that Dala horse was good things come to good people though. I agree with you that decorating one's Home is infinitely preferable to shelpping around the shops buying plastic crap for stupid prices. Looking forward to seeing the results xx

  5. Of the decorating, not the shleping 😂😂xx

  6. Wow, that chair looks amazing. And I'm sure your revamped bedroom will look equally amazing once you've finished with it. Love the velvet patchwork maxi worn with the St. Michael's waistcoat. The Phool jacket is gorgeous, even though Frank's not impressed. Cats eh? The boots do look comfortable, and I hope they make the grade. It would be horrible to have sore feet on your holiday. I can't hear another Christmas song either. Working in the city centre really is the nightmare before Christmas! xxx

  7. Loving the william morris wallpaper is it the expensive stuff or have you found a cheaper , I can't wait t0 see the end results x

  8. So much fabulousness! The chair looks amazing. We had one of those in red leather (imitation)in our kitchen as a child. The leather was always cold on your bare legs!

    The dresses are lovely especially the Anokhi - how beautiful is that? It looks wonderful on you and I love the wee waistcoat.

    I love your new bathroom mirror; how very elegant it is. The block printed jacket is lovely and I do hope it will be warm enough for you. The boots look smashing: the bag manufacturer is a new one to me.

    Loving the Swedish horse - where is he going to live? I love your mood board plan for the bedroom - I'm getting a strong middle Eastern feel from it....

    Hope you have now fully recoverd from your all day marathon and have a fab weekend.

  9. I love your concentrating face!!!! The 80s dress is amazing and great scores!!!! Your post is so much more my holiday vibe---it just gets so obnoxious this time of year.

  10. Phew! It pays to know your stuff! Congrats on the horse.
    I had a strange experience just now. Started reading your blog after Ally's and forgot to switch voices. I thought she was redecorating and wondered what she was saying about you when I saw your photo. Now can I remove that story or will I forever think they have redecorated!
    I wish you well in your endeavours. We are redoing our bathroom over the hols.
    That chair is tiny!
    xo Jazzy Jack

  11. You did a fantastic job on that chair, you two saved it! I love the Swedish horse too. Some great finds and outfits, you both certainly have keen and experienced eyes for scouting out bargains!

  12. I have a chair in real need of reupholstering. I have fabric and a staple gun, but lack your skill.

    The leather bag does look like a quality piece.

  13. Your chair turned out so well! It looks like something you'd pay big cash for at Anthropologie. I'm sure yours will last a whole lot longer though.

    The patchwork dress is divine and those boots get me every time.

    I was over Christmas music on the first of November. I don't mind it terribly on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but otherwise I could really do without it. The whole idea of playing it non stop for months is one huge marketing scheme.


  14. I've had a chair for 20 years that I keep meaning to get around to redoing...sigh. Yours is amazing! I love your dresses - just gorgeous. I appreciate the look at the labels - they fascinate me. We had Marks & Spencers here for ages, up till about the early 90s, and I see a lot of it in the shops, all very good quality stuff. Love seeing Mr. Frank in the comfiest spot.

    Cool song - very much early Sabbath fuzz. Dio was better!

  15. fabulous chair makeover - the new "dress" suits its art deco silhouette much better!
    cool plans for the rest of the room - you even got the perfect dress!!!
    congrats to the block print jacket! i´m after such since ages - but they always come in tiny sizes......
    cant stand x-mas music beside of some ironic pop versions, especially children choirs and all bach drives me nuts.
    love! xxxxx

  16. Love how you've fixed the chair- you two are very creative! X

  17. Love the patchwork dress, warm, comfortable and gorgeous, ideal!

  18. You always look so amazing, Vix! And I love that Goat song - might have to go and search out some vintage Sabbath on your recommendation. I love it when music leads to treasure hunts through the archives x

  19. The chair renewal is another success, can't wait to see the room! Love the vintage jacket, it will go so well with all of your outfits in India! I almost bought a similar Swedish horse once.
    Sorry I've missed your birthday on the blog - Happy belated birthday, dear Vix!!!

  20. I love the Anokhi dress!
    Your room will be wonderful, I love the mood board and the chair.
    I bought a second hand Dala horse for considerably more than that, you bagged yourself a bargain, I love them.
    Have a great weekend. xxx

  21. That vintage Anokhi dress is beautiful and it looks great on you. I love the vintage boots and the leather bag as well, great finds. The wood Dala horse is a beauty and a bargain one at that!

  22. Sounds like you’re building up some nice gear for your next trip to India. Bet it can’t come soon enough.
    You’ve done some lovely revamping at your house, wish we were doing some instead of faffing about with all this Christmas malarkey. I don’t know why I bother as it annoys the hell out of me. Every year I say I’m not doing it again. Mind you over on Instagram it has come in handy for learning how to do the story thingymebob.
    Looking forward to seeing how close you get to your collage.
    Lots of love xxxx ps thank you for the card xx

  23. "one of my starburst clocks"? Just how many do you have anyway? Whatever. I'm jealous. I've been looking for one for ages and most are waaaay over my budget. And that chair! Oh my goodness. That fabric is amazing, as is your talent. I also loathe anything with logos on it. Never could figure out why designer think I should pay them money to advertise their products for them. Your outfits are gorgeous as usual. That Hillary Floyd maxi is over the top fab.


  24. Bloomin heck that horse was a bargain! I used to have a lovely jacket like that lovely one you found but in beautiful blue-patterning. I don't know why I got rid of it as I loved it! Well done for finding it AND the lovely cowboy boots. I bought a pair of sheepskin leather boots in the charity shop last week but paid more because their brand was Ugg. But it is so unusual finding nice boots in my size,I just went for it!!!
    Your new mirror is marvellous!!!xx

  25. You've found some lovely things. That velvet maxi dress is lush.

    Aaah, that chair! I'm working through your blog posts so perhaps I'll come to your bedroom makeover next. I was going to make new sofa cushion covers over the break but, er, watched a load of crap telly and shoved chocolate into my face...

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. This is a very nice post with a lot of lovely things. I really like your restauration of the chair!

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