Monday, 31 March 2014

Fair's Fair

Lots of women are so put off by the size printed in clothes that they won't even consider trying anything on with a label different to the norm. I've had a lovely dress on my rail for ages but whenever anyone spots Size 16 woven on to the label they put it straight back. I'm tempted to cut it out but it would spoil the pretty vintage label.

Me? The stuff I'm wearing today ranges from a UK size 6 to a vintage 14 and I couldn't care less. Who sees the labels when you're wearing them anyway? Size ain't nothing but a number, if I like it I'll wear it and get round the fitting issue by being inventive.

A waistcoat hides a gaping waistband, a zip that doesn't quite reach the top or a saggy bodice a treat until I can be arsed with getting the sewing machine out.

Even at three sizes larger than I'd regularly wear, there was no way I was going to let this psychedelic Sherman maxi skirt (from Samuel Sherman's pre-Dollyrockers days) pass me by when I clocked it on another stall on Saturday.

The trouble with Kiki & Honey's fairs is that the women behind them have similar taste to me so book traders with a flair for the fabulously groovy so it's inevitable I fall in love with something on every stall. HERE are some photos of the fab merchandise on offer!

Crochet goddess Claire with Fifi
 I was thrilled to win this amazing pink poodle from my new friends at Create Some Time

I couldn't resist snapping these up.

Or these vintage patterns on the Mary Stevens Hospice charity stall.

And because my me-made sunflower culotte suit got so much love when I wore it on Saturday,

Photo by Kiki & Honey
I thought I'd knock up a cape-tain from the rest of the Francis Price screen-printed curtains and the 1973 pattern on the far left.

And, 'cos so many of our fellow traders are now dear friends, I got given these, too.

Insane Spanish souvenir keyring (worn as a necklace today), another poodle for the parlour, a stash of vintage patterns and a fabulous Spanish scarf (which I'll make into a halter neck top)
Spoilt or what?! (There's something else to share but I'm still in the process of remaking it.)

Gormless expression courtesy of anti-inflammatories.
Apparently the UK's going to be hotter than Spain this week, hence today's Flamenco vibe. Must be bastard freezing over there then 'cos it ain't too warm here.

Fringed bodysuit (Age UK), Sherman maxi skirt (Stourbridge Vintage Fair), Flamenco bag (Cancer UK), Hair flower (Scope), Denim waistcoat (Acorns Hospice) customised with a cross stitch bought from a jumble sale.
Linking to Bella's Shop Secondhand First 'cos I do! 
We'll be celebrating our unwedded anniversary tomorrow by charity shopping, home-made South Indian curry and Lidl's white rum. It's a formula that's worked for 22 years, why change now?

See you soon.


  1. Congratulations on 22 of being together. If the formula works then stick to it I say.

    Sounds like the weekend fairs went well some cracking stuff you got there. I am loving your whole outfit today that skirt is amazing and don't even get me started on the fabness of that waistcoat.

    Well let's hope the bastard weather plays ball and cheers up a bit!

    P x

  2. Such a healthy attitude towards sizing, good on you. I have all kinds of sizes too never try anything on as I know what will fit or what I can make fit aha. Yeah the weather isn't perking up yet! You look gorgeous and that sunflower cape is fab xxx

  3. Fabulous love. You are a freakin' powerhouse, you are.
    I have loads of vintage clobber in size 16-18.
    Well done for winning the poodle...tales me straight back to my childhood. We had to either end of the sideboard. Love your frocks and your curtain couture cape. Bloody inspired! Loves yo too...can't wait for May.

  4. You are the hottest !
    size 16 ... well thats my size and i dont think that i am that big ..i drop the smaller sizes like a hot potato instead ! Lol !

  5. The times I have heard/seen someone in the changing room squeeze into a size 12 and say 'it doesn't fit' and go home empty handed - I don't get why they don't go and get one that's one or two sizes bigger and give it a go! The expensive designer shops aren't stupid they know we feel flattered if their label size we are small so their sizing always comes up big but then so does their price tag. I like your keyring worn as necklace - fun. Happy anniversary. Betty

  6. What a fab dress! I agree that vintage sizing can be confusing. I always carry a tape measure in my bag so I can check measurements of vintage garments.

    Happy Anniversary! x

  7. happy anniversary!
    congratulations to you and jon!
    i´m still in love with the back of your waistcoat!!

  8. i would almost rip someones arm off to get to that skirt, the dress with the orange flowers ought to live with me as well. I am trying to get back into my size 12 without wincing but wear up to an 18, a wide belt makes it fit. Colour me loud, it makes me happy, you just can not be grouchy if you wear a rainbow.

  9. Great skirt Vix, looks amazing. Whats in a number anyway? Who cares what size clothes are. If you like them that thats all that matters.

    Congratulations on the the poodle win.

    Well I hope this week gets hotter than today then, its been rather chilly.

    X x

  10. Gorgeous pattern on the skirt! love your flamenco dancers necklace! XX

  11. Happy Unwedded Anniversary, dear Vix and Jon! Many more happiest unwedded years together! :)

    Vix, you are the most inventive, that's for sure! I love the vibrant color of your new dress, and with all your inventions it fits you like a glove and shows off your gorgeous body with the tiniest waist so perfectly. I loved your new cape! Great new finds. And that home-made curry sounds so yummy!

  12. Don't ever change, love! You and Jon are a match made in heaven (if that's not a contradiction in terms coming from one confirmed atheist to another!) so congratulations on your 22nd year together, proving that chazzing, curry and rum are the secret to a long and happy relationship!
    Oh my word, if I has spotted that Samuel Sherman skirt with its fabulous print, I'd have had to wrestle you for it, it's beautiful. I've got lots of size 16 dresses and skirts, what's the problem? Perhaps I should make you an offer for the poor rejected frock!
    Ooh, a capelet to go with the culotte suit, what a brilliant idea. Your new frocks are divine, and I am drooling over your gorgeous patterns and groovy gifts.
    Gormless? I think you look like the cat that's got the cream! Which you are. Love you! xxxx

  13. Congrats on 22 very good (looking) years- you both are such a gorgeous couple I love seeing what you're up to, and knowing you've been doing it fer yearssss! Love how you wear what you wear, and I agree on the size. I've discovered some perfect fitting pieces by ignoring the number on the label. Whodothunk? PS: that cape is so cooool.

  14. Yes, happy un-anniversary. I agree, don't fix what's not broken :)
    I love the brown and orange maxi, I would parade around in that for sure.
    p.s. we are freezing up here too :(

  15. The vest, fringe bodysuit, and maxi---omg this outfit is perfect. Happy unwedded anniversary!

  16. Happy 22nd anniversary to youboth!


  17. Congrats for tomorrow. Agree with you on the size issue, I saw a gorge tweed Planet coat in the Sally Army shop for £3!!!!!,it's a size 10 and won't stretch over my normus knockers, so I don't fasten it up but wear it with a huge green scarf festooned with foxes. It's received several compliments ;)

  18. I LOOOVE the print on the maxi skirt - who cares what size it's labelled as long as you can make it fit? I can wear anything from a 6 - 14 depending on where and when it was made. Heck I could probably fit into the size 16 dress your have that no one will try on.

    You are going to look spledid in that orange and brown flowered maxi. It's so cool when the vendors at vintage shows support each other.

    Congratulations on 22 years of unwedded bliss! Your idea of celebration sounds like a fine one to me.

  19. Happy un-anniversary! you look marvelous as usual! And you snagged some great sewing patterns! I need to get going on my sewing projects too! :)

  20. Love the pattern on your skirt, such beautiful colours! Congratulations for tomorrow, I hope you have a lovely day x

  21. Yowzer, you're looking mighty fine there! Where do I start? You look fab in your new skirt with your lovely Spanish bits. Great idea to make your keyring into a necklace, you are so creative. I remember your me-made sunflower jumpsuit from when you made it. It still looks great and can only be improved by the addition of a cape-tain! Love it! You are going to be on a sewing FRENZY with all those patterns, how exciting. I can't wait to see what beautiful creations you come up with. Never mind the sewing bee, it's bloggy creations which get me all excited. Congratulations you two, 22 years certainly is something to celebrate. I'm wearing a size 8 cardigan and some size 10 overalls which would fit Q! xxxxxxxx

  22. Yowzer, you're looking mighty fine there! Where do I start? You look fab in your new skirt with your lovely Spanish bits. Great idea to make your keyring into a necklace, you are so creative. I remember your me-made sunflower jumpsuit from when you made it. It still looks great and can only be improved by the addition of a cape-tain! Love it! You are going to be on a sewing FRENZY with all those patterns, how exciting. I can't wait to see what beautiful creations you come up with. Never mind the sewing bee, it's bloggy creations which get me all excited. Congratulations you two, 22 years certainly is something to celebrate. I'm wearing a size 8 cardigan and some size 10 overalls which would fit Q! xxxxxxxx

  23. Feck sizes, I can't be arsed with all that crap, sizes are generally all over the place anyway! anyhoo your sunflower culotte suit and cape are inspired! I love them and I especially love your fringed top, it's glam-a-rama!! Happy Unwedded Anniversary too, your celebrations sounds perfect, chazza's, curry and rum, blooming wonderful! x x x

  24. Happy anniversary to you and Jon... you seem to be so very happy together :-) Gorgeous as ever too!

  25. I don't understand label fear. And I bloody well HATE the other sort of label best beloved by 'them'.

    Enough of that - congrats on your unanniversary - keep on doing it your way - you're an inspiration!!

    Also glorious, glorious print on that skirt!!

  26. Wow , I just fell in love with your maxi skirt !!
    Such vibrant colours ...
    And the sunflower culotte suit is fantastic as well ...
    Concerning the sizes , I'll try to keep that in mind , thank you Vix !

    Happy unwedded anniversary !

    ~Magical greetings~

    La Dryada

  27. O, fark yes, sizing is a load of bollocks! It's nothing to get hung up about, my frocks vary over a multitude of sizes. That skirt si fecking divoon! Such a gloriarse print! Damned straight you can deal with it being a bit big.
    The Spanish tat key ring as pendant is totally making me moist, I just love it! You are a spoilt minx, and with jolly good reason! The poodle thingys you won are amazing, I'm pretty sure I remember those as door stoppers in my youth.
    Capetacular!!!! Can't beat a good cape, and now you can make 40 bastard million of them!
    I'm pleased to see the anti inflammatories are working a that glow up with some rum and it's gonna be a fabularse unwedded anniversary!!!!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  28. Congratulations on the 22 years of unwedded togetherness, i LOVE your haul and you're so right about the size labels, stupid things like that are meant to be ignored x

  29. Congrats to you and Jon on 22 years! We're together since 1992, also, and going strong as ever. Love, love your two new dresses and your me-made cape. What skills you have! xox

  30. I always try on different sizes, then buy the size that fits the best. I wear anything from a 14 to 22!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sizing makes no sense. I went shopping for jeans once and found 6 pair in the size I was wearing.....none of them fit. One pair I could even get on. Always try stuff on, you'll be surprised at what you fit into.

    Happy 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Your dam right it must getting ready to be hot because you are smoking in this outfit. I could not have left behind this mad print either and I love it with your groovy fringe bodysuit but the vest and all the little faces are so dam cute I love them!!!!!! I could not agree with you more about sizes, who cares if it was a 24 and it fit I'd gladly buy it!

    I love that you and Jon have a true vintage family and that you all spoil and love it each so much! I love your poodles and your pendant señorita how cool!!!!!

    I hope you and Jon have a wonderful time celebrating how lucky you are to have each. You are one of my most favorite couples in the whole world and I love you both like MAD!!!!!!!!!

  32. Congratulations on 22 happy unwedded years! May you have may many more!
    I love the sunflower fabric of your outfit and that blue maxi dress is definitely something I would go for. I'm sure the colour looks awesome on you.
    I don't care what the size on the label says and I have to try on lots of sizes to get the right fit anyhow since sizes have changed over the years. I usually also take a different size on top than I do on bottom. I have some skirts that are a bit too big but I just let them sit lower on my hips instead of on my waist. Given the changes in sizes over the years as well as different makes fitting differently I tend to have at least three different numbers on the labels of my clothes and even my shoes. My best shoe size is a half size that isn't often available so I go up or down depending on which fits better.
    That Fair looks loads of fun! I wish we had something like that here. I did check out a new consignment shop in town today and scored there! Yay me!

  33. Sounds like you had a fab weekend and I love your cape. Enjoy the celebrations tomorrow. xx

  34. Happy Anniversary. And many many more!!!

  35. I have trouble finding vintage clothes in the larger sizes here in OZ. Even scouring online at ebay and etsy isn't much fun. It just means I have to get the sewing machine out arghhhh. :)

  36. Happy unanniversary!!! I'm with you sizes....I try on anything t hat looks like it might fit!!
    You got some amazing goodies!!! You look fabulous in your waistcoat and maxi!!

  37. Congratulations on your anniversary Vix. What a gorgeous waistcoat you have on, love it. The skirt is pretty as well! xoxo

  38. 22 years! Way to go. You seem so good together. Love your new dresses and that keychain worn as a pendant is perfect for you. Lovely to get a Monday colour fix chez Vix xox

  39. Lovely unwedded bliss. You two are such a fab couple. I really don't know how much fancy hitching and hauling you do but your clothes always fit to a T. Superb skirt. Digging the vintage patterns. And how in the world did they get that little Spanish couple in there?

  40. Love the vibrant colours in today's outfit ... just gorgeous.
    And a big happy unwedding anniversary to you and Jon.

  41. Happy unwedded anniversairy, sounds like a great way to celebrate. I agree with you on sizes, the high street shop sizes vary and vintage clothes even more so, might as well just wear what fits well.

  42. Happy anniversary! That Sherman maxi is such a crazy beautiful print. I don't mind what labels say. I quickly got over seeing big numbers on my vintage frocks when I saw that my dresses were unique and gorgeous. Who cares what the size says when it looks good! XXX

  43. Well done on 22 years! You look fab as always, I think size is something women get caught up in - like the number on a scale. I find wearing vintage and being a sewist helps me be less hung up on some things as it means I never really have a "standard" size! I have to admit, a while ago I made the mistake of visiting a couple of "high street" stores (that's not really a thing in nz - but same deal, if you know what I mean) and I left basically some confused and frustrated. Not only were the clothes horrible (people PAY for this crap) the sizes were mental - in one shop I fitted 3 different sizes of trousers! How does that make sense!! You love fab, as always and I love you attached a cross stitch to that vest :D

  44. Ypu are a flamenco gypsy at heart, my dear Vix. Thank you so much for your comment. I know you know what it feels like to miss ones mother.
    Love and sunshine your way

  45. Oh you two gorgeous unwed lovelies.........have a years....yay yay yay!
    Oh my gosh that size thing rips my large size undies.......grrr, I do if possible cut out the size in some garments in the shop.....even when I tell them it's not the same as modern day sizing......they don't believe me. Crazy. I am so so happy when I see a size 18/20 on a 50's's going to be my size....happy happy dance.
    Love the floral maxi.......miss Vix......looking gorgeous as ever........
    Sending much love to you and Jon.

  46. Happy anniversary!
    Your skirt is incredible! And what lovely patterns. That cape is really cute xxx

  47. Just found your lovely blog at weekend.Such an inspiration!Needless to say i love your style,and it´s suits to you s o well!I myself have been fan of fifties-inspired rockabilly style almost 20(phew!)years.Big fan of jumble sales and charity shops too!
    Henna,from Helsinki,Finland

    Ps:Just love that vest with russian dolls on the back-they look russian dolls to me?

  48. I do love a curry even if it's scorchio, which it is here..... well, for April! Happy unwedded anniversary and many more too. Yes, the size thing is bloody bonkers, take no notice of the label and just try to shoehorn yourself into it is my rule. Have yet to press the sewing machine into action but fear it could happen soon, just need to find some curtains or suchlike. Your cape-tain is bloody marvellous, as is your epoustouflant maxi.
    Was thinking of you too on Sunday.

  49. Great outfit - that vest is amazing!!!

  50. A feast for the eyes, that's you alright. Luscious. Printed sizes are completely irrelevant on sewing patterns too. It's always trial & error and make it work if you like what you see. You can always make smaller things bigger and vice versa, right? How great to get such groovy gifts from those that know what you like. Happy 22 years and more, you two. Cheers.

  51. mwahaha, that kitschy keyring-pendant is so Fabulous, and love so much your bag!, and obviously, your maxi skirt is awesome, love the print, and so nice you rock the club of 'never care about the size'!, love it!!
    and that sunflowers print is so awesome than it's great you still could make a little cape!!, you look like sunshine wearing your pretty culotte suit with a feather boa, fabulousness!!
    Actually weather is being warm just now, but rain is coming soon!!
    besos & sol

  52. Dat fringe!!! The whole outfit is gorgeous as always. Love the unwedded anniversary, congratulations :D

  53. a very happy unwedded anniversary to you both!
    What a lucky girl, all those lovely dresses and patterns and bits! and i think this outfit is in my top 10 of my favourites of yours! your sleeves, OMG!

    and back to your first comment about sizes. i think they should have the bust size on clothing. i think on clothing because then most women might even be ok with a larger size. if i find a 14 or 16 vintage i see that as my opportunity to try it on! and it might mean some alterations are needed but i guess thats ok for me

  54. 22 years - congrats - that's wonderful and you look lovely! I wish I met my true love 22 years ago :-)

  55. Congrats on your 22 years of unmarried bliss : ) We were born the same year and almost met our men at the same time. We've been married for 23 years.

    That vest is so gorgeous.

    The orange and brown floral maxi is YOU!

    The maxi you made from the curtains is gorgeous.

    You guys look like the most interesting fun couple ever.

    I want to be you when I grow up.


  56. A very merry unmarried anniversary to you! 22 years is a big deal. I love your necklace and her crochet flower head band is darling. I so wish I had one for this spring. I'm inspired to try and make one.

  57. Congratulations to you both. Curry and rum. Sounds perfect for a well travelled pair like you. I love the sunshine jacket you made. Can't wait to see you wear it.

  58. Gentian blue! That's the name of that gorgeously intense color in your stunning skirt.

    Of course, one would be silly to attach importance to numbers on a label...but numbers on an anniversary noted are worthy of congratulations. May you both enjoy many more years of shopping, curry and Lidl's!

  59. Hey always you provide words of wisdom. I don't worry about size if I like it I want it to fit. I find that there is no shortage of smaller sizes when I want something and my size, size 12, is nowhere to be found. You look great in that outfit btw!

  60. Happy anniversary my dears!

    I do love a drop of liquid happiness to celebrate events - and every other day as well!

  61. What a fabulous blog! Happy Anniversary too.

    Lovely to see something different and creative. Reminding me to keep mixing up what I wear. I love vintage/charity shop finds.

    You have inspired me to wear loads of Indonesian silver bangles and a venetian blue glass ring yesterday. I have broken out the turquoise nail varnish (pretending its summer!) and reminded me I have a denim waistcoat I haven't worn for ages.

    Your "feisty rant" the other day made me laugh too. I was having a shit day and you captured my mood.

    Thanks lovely.

  62. poodles, sun flower cape, fifi and a fringe top ... i love everything here ....

    i never take care about printed sizes on tags ... vintage sizing has nothing to do with the sizes from today ... i have a well trained eye. if i hold a piece in my hands, i can see if it fits me or not(doesn't mean, i know if it looks good on me ... hahaha). when i buy online i just go for measurements.

  63. Happy anniversary Vix! You were absoloutely made for each other but I'm sure you know that!

    That orange and black halter neck dress is to die for. Hopefully, if it really does get hotter than Spain, you can wear it! xxx

  64. I hope you had a perfect anniversary.

    I'm always in awe of all your finds and you always seem to have the loveliest bags.

    Have a gorgeous day xx

  65. I remember wearing large 40's dresses with belts in the 70's, of course with boots. So much fun to wear to work at the time. You're right. Size doesn't matter! Creativity does. The fringed body suit is thrilling!

  66. 22 years - congrats and wishing you many more!

  67. Congratulations Vix a great post again ,have a good week Best wishes xxx

  68. I read your blog all the time, I just had to tell you how much i enjoy your blog, you are one spunky woman and I love your style, you just shine, wish I had your courage to be individual, what treasures you find, and you have the perfect figure to wear all the styles,

  69. Groovy outfit! I stopped caring about size a long time ago, there's really no need for me. I just need to know if the garment will fit my massive bosom!

  70. Three days belatedly, Happy 22nd unwedded anniversary to you and Jon! South Indian Curry sounds yummy. Your gorgeous DIY cape-tain and 1970s yellow floral maxi dress are gorgeous, and I love the colourful floral print of your Sherman maxi skirt. The waistcoat you wore with it is lovely too. It's so true about the sizes on labels. There is so much variation between makers that it's really hard to know how a frock will fit without trying it on. Your curated treasures and artistry are wonderful. It's nice that you also have fellow vintage traders with excellent taste. People must be coming from afar to acquire some of the treasures.

    P.S.: Thank you for your lovely comment!

  71. Three days belatedly, Happy 22nd unwedded anniversary to you and Jon! South Indian Curry sounds yummy. Your brightly coloured floral Sherman maxi-skirt and customised denim waistcoat are beautiful, and so are your DIY cape-tain and yellow floral 1970s maxi-dress! It's nice that so many of your fellow traders have good taste and are dear friends. I hope your anniversary was fantastic!


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