Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Scenes of Domestic Bliss

The retro housekeeping box was from a car boot sale. I swear by Soap Nuts for my washing, they last for ages, are eco-friendly and unfragranced. The domestic soap is something I stock up on in India, I grate it for handwashing or use it with a sponge for cleaning my surfaces.
I've been a regular little domestic goddess today.

I've pegged my washing out to dry in the November breeze, it's dry and smells wonderful. You can't beat line-dried washing. I must get the rake out tomorrow!

I made my peg bag out of vintage fabric remnants, the wooden clothes pegs inside are second-hand.

Jon chopped the logs, I lit the wood burner.

I made some new cushion covers from a 1950's satin jumble sale curtain.

One of the new cushion covers is the pink leaf print one, just behind Stephen Squirrel on the day bed.

I finished the ironing. Even my iron's vintage. I've had this 1970's Morphy Richards iron for years.
My turn to cook this evening, we're having spicy vegetable lasagne.

I put this uncharacteristic burst of domesticity down to my excitement over Kirstie Allsopp's new series starting on British TV this evening, truly a woman after my own home-made heart.


  1. You have been so busy! More glimpses of your home are just wonderful, especially the wood burner, such a lovely setting.

    I’ve got Kirstie’s homemade home all set to record, CANNOT wait xx

  2. Flippin Bloody eck! You are putting me to shame - a domestic Goddess you most certainly are! When is Kirsty on??????
    love Annie xxx

  3. Thank you for reminding me that Kirstie on on tonight; I had completely forgotten! Love you peg bag...so sweet...and you iron rocks (as much as an iron can anyway) xxx

  4. I love Kirsty!! There are worse things you could be inspired to do!!It all looks very cosy,darling,and inspirational as always!I've been wondering about those soap nuts,I can get them locally,but just wasn't sure.Now I will try them!
    The iron is a work of art!!
    Doesn't darling Stephen Squirrel look the picture domestic cat?!Cushions are wonderful,I love the damn things.The more the better.
    I just want to hang out in your cosy abode,dammit!!!
    LOVE Helga xxxXXXxxx off to work now!

  5. What a lovely day........I really must give up this working malarky!

  6. I love your place and all your trinkets.
    It's so cute and cozy.

  7. Dear Vix, aren't you good and your house is gorgeous. I have stuffed all my washing in my (you'll be proud of me here) vintage Lloyd loom washing basket, found in the street. I must address it before it gets out of hand and I have no knickers left! Love the cushion cover and Stephen Squirrel.

    Isn't it fabulous seeing Kirsty rooting around on a skip! Thanks for the reminder I have to go out so will record it. I watched all of the last series and loved it. Have a wonderful evening xx

    PS. Email me your address and I'll send you the Dr Feelgood DVD. We've watched it twice now. The Actor said it's the best thing he's seen in ages

  8. Righto, I'm booking you for a domestic goddess session at Casa VK; I've got plenty of things that need sprucing up/cleaning/mending etc! xxx

    P.S. Check out this site if you need a retro carbolic soap fix!


  9. Dear Vix,
    I've been thinking about trying Soap Nuts for ages, as I do a shed load of washing & feel a bit bad about using all that cheapy conventional washing powder that is peppered with nasty chemicals. If you swear by them then that's good enough for me & I'll definitely have to give them a go now!
    There's nothing more homely in my opinion than a wood burner & a cat...you are a very lucky lady to have both ;)
    Lot's of love,

  10. Stephen is OK. Good! Irons always blow up after a couple of years with me. I'm fierce on irons.

    Your peg bag! I thought it was a blouse!!!!

  11. Oh thankyou so much for reminding me that Kirsty is on tonight I would have missed her ,heaven forbid ...love Jan xx

  12. You're the neatest blogger around !
    your home is always so inviting and everything in it seems to have a story.
    the fire looks wonderful :)
    You must have 34 hours in a day over there ;)
    I still haven't gotten my spare bedroom/closet done! Not even close ;)

    You are definitely living in my dream world :)
    I'll be sending some questions soon......
    thanks again, my lovely

  13. I did the exact opposite and neglected most of the housework =( But I have an "excuse", today is a holiday in Brazil.. Yeah, I know, not a good excuse, but I've been having insomnia, which makes me sleepy during the day =(

    Have a lovely Wednesday!

    Jungle World Citizen

  14. Hi my dear-your dinner sounds absolutely delicious, so yummy!! You did good getting the washing out to dry today and love your iron, I so need a decent one, maybe a vintage one is the way to go too!! xx

  15. Domestic bliss! Is it bad that when I have chance to have days like this I find it is one of the best ways to spend my time?! hehe!
    Spicy vegetable lasagne sounds good, can I come round for tea?! x

  16. Stephen Squirrel is such a cutie - great work on the cushion. And I love your groovy iron, why don't they make appliances in colours anymore?!

  17. Thanks for the tip off about Kirstie - i'll be watching that. I bet your lasagne is gorgeous, I can taste it now! Love the cat, my daughter has just ahh'd over him too and when I said it was "Stephen Squirrel" she laughed and pointed out that we affectionately refer to our male cat Mortimer as "Morty Mouse". xxx

  18. Domestic bliss indeed! I love wood burners. I'd forgotten about Kirsty tonight - thanks for reminding me! ... ;0)

    Shirl xxx

  19. Oooooh, I have that Housekeeper's Box, although I'm definatley not a domestic goddess like you! x

  20. Looking forward to Kirstie tonight too.

    Love the iron - I remember my Mum having one the same throughout my childhood.

  21. Ah soap nuts eh? I've thought about that too, well if you recommend then I shall give them a go!

    Your house does look very inviting I want to have a good old read of your blog soon, just stupidly pressed for time right now, but soon! We seem to have lot in common even though we come from different angles! I assume you're veggie then? me too

  22. Your household unfolds itself before our eyes in more and more amazing ways. I love the little blouse clothespin bag, and even your damp washline is an artwork of color and pattern, so autumnal against the fallen leaves. I could totally see you writing a photo-rich book someday about your life, vintage tips, and homemaking.

  23. Oh oh oh I am so excited for Kirstie Allsops new programme too! Yay for homemaking :D

    You really do look like you live my dream life Vix.

    I'm intrigued by soapnuts?!

  24. Blimey Vix, you are a vintage whirlwind. I'm in awe of you. :)

    Veggie lasagne sounds a treat, what recipe do you use? I would go veggie (again) but I'd miss seafood too much. Do love a big dish of veggies though.


    p.s I'm currently collecting pretty things to start this jewellery swap with you lovely, if you still fancy doing it?

  25. Aw, love your peg bag! You should sell them on ebay (hint!) :)

  26. aww Stephen looks so contented, bless him x

    You have been a busy bee, now time to sit down with a cuppa x

  27. is your leek vintage? i love the details here. i love those curtains you made. so lovely. wood burning. oh that sounds really cozy. i am listening to the audio version of the "cadbury story" learning about quakers putting an end to 5 year old chimney sweeps in england. audio rules. i can cut and listen at the same time. the 70's iron rules my world. hey your comment made my day.

  28. Thank you for reminding me about Kirstie's programme!

    I've just sat down with the ironing and tuned in.


  29. A busy day for Vix! I`ve been meaning to try soap nuts for a while. I love anything to do with cleaning and laundry- I know sad! Your lovely house keepers box puts my plastic one to shame.
    Lovely tea too- my kinda dish. I spy the same olive oil I use too. I love the bottle its in.
    Kirsties HMH, I`m so excited.

  30. Ooh we use that exact same box for our Victorian tours at work! It's lovely isn't it?

    Very much admiring your iron. I seem to destroy the flipping things - we get through one every couple of years!

    It's such a pesky time of year. I'd always rather hang out the washing than tumble dry it or hang it over the radiators but it's impossible to do during the week when working fulltime and then it always seems to rain at weekends!

  31. You really have been a domestic goddess today and I adore your retro cleaning box (+ content). Ms Allsop has a new show? Perfect for cuddly evenings on the sofa! xxx

  32. I bet you do not even sit down for a cup of tea, he, he.
    You house looks so warm and welcoming. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm I could do like your cat, just have a little siesta on your lovely cushions, while you finish that delicious lasagne.

  33. The leaves look so lovely and crisp on the lawn. Winter evenings in front of a wood-burning stove = bliss. Add a glass of red wine = super bliss! xx

  34. Ooh, I've sky plussed the Kirsty show and am looking forward to it! I've not had a decent drying green since I left home at 18 but it really does make a difference, doesn't it?!

  35. Gimme some of that vegetable lasagne!

    The cushions look wonderful <3 I'm getting a sewing machine for Christmas, super excited! What are you getting off 'Santa Claus'?

    x x x

  36. I love "visiting" your house - so many wonderful details. I LOVE the iron and your new cushions! xo

  37. What a good effort! I did a good few hours of cleaning yesterday, but there is still much more to get through!!

    Groovey iron! x

  38. I love that iron of yours! You have had it for years and it has been working fine? You are a perfect home maker aren't you! :)

  39. thanks for sharing this. gosh you are delightful! that sounds exactly like my sort of day! And yes indeed to line dried clothes!

    Oh, and you should check out norwex products if you are interested in being eco friendly cleaning no chemicals and all that (they're that sort of thing).

    But yes. You delight me. Thanks for this little peak into your lovely life.

    heart: Kimberellie

  40. You have such a lovely home! I wish I were a domestic goddess! xx Comtesse xx

  41. Hi Vix,loving the woodburner(I have one the same as yours)and the cushion cover material. Interesting article in Essentialsmagazine this month about vintage clothing and home made clothes wearers. Looking forward to Guy Fawkes night(5th November)jacket potatoes and roasted chestnuts here we come!Love Alison x

  42. What a sweet little iron......sounds like an amazing day....and I bet the dinner was just fabulous too...I sooo wished I lived near to you!!!

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  43. Love your cushions vix! Have a wonderful day xxx

  44. I am lusting after your Iron!

    (I never thought that sentence would come out of my brain. Ever.)

  45. Wow those cushions are amazing! I was actually just thinking about handmaking cushions for people for Christmas, you've given me extra inspiration! x

  46. oh my.......I just brought my washing in and thought how delightful it smells having been blown dry in the warm November sun!! Loving that peg bag.......where do you go in Goa? I'm wondering if our footsteps in the sand may have crossed??

  47. Bless you Vix, your home is so delightful. Even the box for domestic stuff is so well thought-out. Domestic goddess with an eye for style and thrift and with loads of spirit!. . Really take my hat off to you!

  48. love that clothesline...:) with the fall leaves... beautiful!

  49. Domestic bliss indeed.
    I love you beauty regime by the way.


  50. I love your peg bag :D

    My mum has one just like it!

    Sal xXx


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