Monday 1 November 2010

Monday Morning Blues (and greens, oranges and silvers)

No Monday morning miseries for me, I managed an hour of on-line chat with my darling Helga AND had an email from the gorgeous Debbie Harry lookalike, Desiree at Pull Your Socks Up. My oldest friend Liz also popped by for a mini-sewing session, hurrah for girlfriends!

Dress (£7 Glastonbury Festival), Boots (£20 Miss Selfridge sale), Pom Pom headband (Courtesy by the uber-talented, Alex)
As I was in such a cheerful mood I dug out this vintage dress bought for £7 at the Glastonbury Festival in a cider-induced daze. Surprisingly for drunken shopping even sobered up I still quite like it, especially worn with this fabulous pom pom headband that the fabulous Alex handmade for me as a surprise.

My hilarious virtual pal, That's Not My Age is discussing long hair on middle-aged women on her (Guardian recommended) blog today. What do you think? Personally, I'm happy to be a middle-aged, long-haired chick. I was subjected to the Purdy cut when I was 11 and was talked into a shoulder length chop at 25. What an idiot, I hated myself with short hair. A guy I fancied actually accused me of "selling out" by having short hair. I was so miserable I wore a pony tail for eighteen months.

Want to see what else I got up to in addition to second-hand shopping, eating and drinking over the weekend?

Check out my guest post over on the lovely Liz at Rose & Bird's blog.


  1. Great dress hunnie...super cute hair piece too....:)
    I have long poker straight hair....its all one length...and I dont care if its "in" or not, lol....:)

    How nice you got to catch up with your "besties":)


    Stop By and Say Hello♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  2. Love that headband! Clever Alex.

    I can't imagine you with short hair, your hair is part of you.
    Love the colours for a dark Monday.


  3. Great guest post Vix. The big bolster cushion looks soooo comfy, no wonder the cats are taking full advantage of it x

  4. As usual,you are a Goddess! That is such a delicious frock!!!Arrgh! And that headband!!It's so adorable and funky!!Pom Poms are FAB!
    Love your guest post!!"Punk" patchwork??LOVE IT! Nothing wrong with your needle skills,love!
    I'm keen,as a fellow long haired "mature"ladeeeeee-to read the post on long hair/middle age.Will do so after I'm done here!!
    Lovely to chat,darl!!!
    Love you! xxxXXXxxx Helga!

  5. Hi my dear-what a gorgeous dress, the pom pom headpiece is just so cute!! Will check out your guest post too, have a lovely week ahead! x

  6. long hair rules at any age - I often think of getting it chopped off but I never will. Long hair is like a mindset and it's definitely a lifestyle choice!
    xx Comtesse xx

  7. Another long-haired crumblie here.
    Can't be doing with age-related anything :)

    Adore the daybed - what a lovely place to do and daydream!


  8. You are a continous surprise to me.
    Love everything I see.Love your dress and pom pom. Only you could pull that one off.

  9. Surely long or short hair should depend on your style and/or face shape NOT how old you are? It suits you but I haven't had long hair since i was 11, I've tried on wigs and it just doesn't suit my round face (I'm not doing the perm thing again)
    LOVE the pompom hairband,

  10. Love the dress and the pompoms. Well, anything with pompoms is good in my book.

    Funnily enough I've got long hair (curly, coarse and greying - ugh!) and am thinking of having it chopped off.

  11. like the dress!! will checkout out ur guest post right now:-)

  12. ooooh, pom pom headband! genius!

  13. That pompom headband is really cute and I'm happy to be a long haired middle aged chick too. After all, you can't beat headbanging with long hair and I intend to still be rocking out for another thiry years - albeit whilst grasping hold of my zimmer frame!

  14. the pom pom headband is fantastic! I love long hair, on any age! I think it really suits you long :)
    My hair has grown quite long though that is mostly because I havent had time to trek to my hairdressers for over a year (shame on me!). Getting it all cut off tomorrow, so so scareeeed!
    I loved reading your guest post, patchwork is so much fun! x

  15. Love that headband. LOVE it.
    I have short hair. I'm happy to have a Number 3. I like the feel of it even though it's longer than that at the moment.
    I like the fact that it dries fast.
    I bleach it and it does no harm.
    I can spike it.
    It does exactly what I want it to do.
    But there are no rules. NO RULES.

  16. I love that dress ,and had a similar one in yellows and oranges,I have shoulder length hair that I cut myself lol Jan xx

  17. The dress and the headband are gorgeous =)
    I think I've already told you, but I'll say it again: your hair is VERY beautiful and it suits you well, but even if it didn't, I don't think it's anybody's business but one own's to chose what type of hair one should have.
    I love my long hair too and when I was a teenager I cut it boy style and loved it too, it was cute and easy to take care of but I decided back then that I prefer long hair, I like it better on me. And I definitely don't believe in "rules" when it comes to fashion, hair and makeup. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable in your own skin!
    Have a lovely week!

    Jungle World Citizen

  18. Hey Vix thanks for the mention. Long hair and pom poms - now we're talking!

  19. Alex is becoming the pom pom queen!

    I had my long hair bobbed a couple of years ago in an attempt to be 'grown up'. It was an absolute mistake, I felt like a frump and I have spent the last 18 months growing it longer again. I will never follow 'the rules' ever again

  20. Indeed Vix, you do look bright and sprighty - no blues in sight! I'm a twice-a-year haircut girl, but never ever shorter than shoulder length; no matter what age! xxx

  21. Love your dress! I always prefer women to have long hair as a rule regardless of their age and think that women that chop their locks off 'because they have reached a certain age' are crazy!

  22. I just can't imagine you with short hair. Mine is in dire need of a chop as I've started shedding it everywhere and that's always a sign it's getting too long but it's not going shorter than shoulder length! It takes too long to grow and I don't dare do anything dramatic in case I hate it.

    The frock is fab! Alcohol induced purchases are often surprisingly good, aren't they? I'm v. pleased that you like the headband :)

  23. Love your dress and headband Vix and i love your hair xxx

  24. Dear Vix, I love the headband. I agree do not cut your hair! It looks great just the way it is xx

  25. le coin chez toi a l air hyper douillait ca donne envie ;O)

  26. The headband is brilliant! Now I'm annoyed with myself for being lame and asking for a necklace rather than a headband (though I did discover I can just tie mine on top, so all is not lost) x

  27. Oh! That hair band is so much fun! And about the length of the hair. It subjective if one has good quality hair then they can have it as long as they want! :)

  28. Alex's pompoms are a wow and the dress is wonderful fun too. No don't cut your hair I regret cutting mine off after the petit garcon it was getting on my nerves. It will never be that long and luscious again xx

  29. Dear Vix,
    HAIR...this is my view on the grows back out & it's nice to try different styles.
    I'd hate to be one of those women (like Anna Wintour) who has the same hairdo & colour, year in & year out...HOW VERY BOOOOOOOOOOOORING!
    My own hair is nigh on impossible to grow any longer than shoulder length before it all goes horribly wrong & as such I love throwing the odd wig in to the styling mix too.
    I don’t think short hair or long hair should be an age issue, same as short skirt or long skirt shouldn’t be either…if you feel happy with your style & fashion choices then that’s all that matters in my book.
    Alex has done a great job with that pom-pom headband; it looks wicked!
    Lots of love,

  30. Great dress for a cider induced purchase!, I had a drunken tattoo once at V Fest, thank goodness it was just a temp, we were searching for a REAL tattooist but couldn't find one, I had my boyfriends name written across my arm, how poor!
    That pom pom hairband is so gorgeous!

  31. I like the bracelets.

  32. That dress is beautiful. The colors are so fun! And I love your hair piece. :)

    I adore middle-aged women with long hair. I think it makes them look younger. My mom always gets mistaken for ten years younger and a lot has to do with her long blonde hair. I am definitely never cutting either!!

    And if you ever chopped off your gorgeous locks, I would be so sad. Beautiful hair as yours is a gift to humanity! Seriously. xoxo

  33. Its all subjective I think,speaking of course, from a precocious youth POV. Not only does long hair look good on *Some* people(ee.gee.YOU. :P), it could just stop working that way one fine morning. Er, time, space, individual and all that jazz, I'd say. :)

    Oh, and HEADBAND!!!!!!!!! :drools:

  34. I love your pom poms! How sweet!

    I love seeing ladies of all ages with long hair...and short hair too! I especially like little old ladies with purple and candyfloss washes through their hair :)

  35. Fab dress, it looks great with the hairband!

    I love your long hair,it really suits you! Mine has gone long but I keep expecting people to ask where I've left my broomstick! LOL!

  36. Oh Vix ! You're perfect !
    And I love your headband !

  37. I love the pom pom headband!
    On the long hair issue, i don't believe hair should be age related, it's part of a persons persona, their peacock feathers.
    I adore long locks (especially on men!) they just don't suit me.

  38. Your patchwork is fabulous, and has a timeless feel and quality about it. I love how no two patchwork projects are ever the same, and I can imagine you have a mighty stash of wonderfully rare and exciting fabrics.

    I’ve always had long hair (well…until a few years ago when a friend persuaded me to have it chopped off and I was secretly yearning for it back) Now it is almost back to the length I desire and I can let out a sigh of relief…finally! Your hair always looks wonderful, and I’ve always thought it really suits you xx

  39. Love the pom poms - and with you on the hair issue too - its long for me forever! And your discerning eye for fab colour combinations is apparently infallible under the influence of alcohol. Impressive!

  40. I adore the pom pom headband, it is too cute! And your hair looks great, you are hot, Vix! XX!

  41. I too am very happy being a middle-aged long-haired chick! I'm also very happy to keep my silver strands! You can see them quite clearly in my pics!

    You look fantastic as usual! I LOVE the colours on this dress and the headband... you make it look like a tiara!


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