Thursday, 1 July 2010

This, that and a bit of the other....

I've made another pair of patchwork curtains today. It's nearly killed me slaving away on the sewing machine in my glass-roofed workroom but at least I've sweated away a fair few of the toxins lurking in my body from a week of heady excesses.

These are now pride of place in the lounge. Stephen Squirrel's just peeking out on the right-hand side of the picture. He's rather bemused with the new arrangement. The Lloyd Loom chair and 1960's art glass are all car boot sale buys. 

Today's car boot sale finds included a rather battered vintage leather suitcase (30p), some new Urban Outfitters sunglasses and a straw trilby (50p & £1), three Indian-themed novels (20p each) and a set of Adee & Paul spiral curlers (£1). The leather cowboy boots (£3) are ideal for Jon as there's a Country & Western theme at CamperJam next weekend.

Inspired by the wonderful Calamity Jem, this hand-knitted, fringed wool poncho was £1 and will be perfect over my gingham maxi dress as my cowgirl outfit.

The fabulous Helga and the gorgeous, Sarah both tagged me with this award last week. I've got to reveal 5 facts about myself, so here goes:

  • I have a freakish sixth sense and I often scare the living daylights out of people with my predictions.
  • My eyebrows are tattooed on.
  • I have an A Level in Latin.
  • I've never seen a single episode of Sex And The City.
  • The local oddball is convinced that I am Cher, he follows me around singing "I Got You Babe" whenever he sees me and no-one can persuade him otherwise.


  1. Oooh I love the curtains! Super pretty <3
    You find such good stuff at carboots, I'm jealous. New UO sunnies for 50p?! Grrrrr.... haha
    x x x

  2. Fantastic curtains! Making them in this heat must have been so draining, sewing machines I find give off a LOT of heat.
    I love the idea of putting buttons on a shawl to make a poncho, I'll put it on my crochet to-do list immediately!


  3. You get my total admiration for your curtains, I did a patchwork makeup bag last night and I was sick as a chip!
    I am gutted that you are not Cher! lol He sounds a bit scary.
    Kandi x

  4. Gorgeous curtains,so bright,colourful and unique!Just like you!
    That trilby is rather cute,and I'm liking the case!
    An A level in Latin sounds rather flash!
    The poor local loon.You're way better than Cher!!!!!
    LOVE HelgaXXX

  5. I love the curtains, I think they are even better than the first pair you made. How come you always score such wonderful finds at the car boot? So unfair! lol. x

  6. I always wondered about your eyebrows, they are fab :) What happened to your natural eyebrows? have you had them perm. removed? sorry for the nosy questions :$

  7. Queenie: I'm a natural blonde with really wispy brows. I just pluck thm out from time to time.
    Vix xxx

  8. Wow Vix, i have such admiration for your sewing skills and your dedication! They are fantastic


    Ps. i love the cher fact, so funny. Now when i visit your blog i think singing it in my head too.

  9. Hi Vix. Just wanted to say hello! Have finally logged in and become a "follower", even though I've been reading all about your life for about six months now. In fact, it was my mum who first showed me your blog, and we've been hooked ever since. I have been staying with her recently and every day she calls me over so we can admire what you're wearing together.

    Like her, I go to car boots, charity shops and jumble sales when and where ever possible. I think it's a gene thing - we're at our happiest having a good rummage (my sister hasn't inherited the gene, she can think of nothing more embarrassing than someone she knows spotting her departing a charity shop or - the horror - a jumble). x

    PS. We were both extremely sorry to read about your mum, she sounded like a wonderful woman.

  10. Oh my god, I laughed so loud at the Cher thing! haha.

    And woah, I want those cowboy boots!

    The curtains are amazing! Such a great idea, I might have to try it! x

  11. OK I'm going to have to figure out where to hang some curtains like yours---and THEN gather the fabric. They are incredible.

    And about your that true????

  12. WOW! What a compliment!!! You do look a bit like Cher! I also tagged you with an award, but it was right before your Mum's passing. I actually forgot which one it is! No worries, I'll find the post and send it you way!
    I'd love for you to do a "reading" for me sometime! I really believe that people who have this gift are more sensitive than the usual person. What a great awareness and gift!
    I am flipping over your curtains!!! Do u line them? I am "considering" giving it a go, but my machine and I aren't the best of pals :)

  13. Wow I just found your blog and those curtains are so cool. They add such a hip vibe to the room

  14. Claire - Thanks for following and the lovely comments. Are you planning to start blogging, too? I love being inspired by other people's finds!
    Reva - They aren't lined as yet. Everything I used was salvaged from bits and pieces I had lying around from the thread to the rufflette tape. I'll definately need to line them for winter as we don't have double glazing and the house gets so darned cold.
    Rebecca - Eyebrows? True! My natural ones were pathetic and when I knew I had to go into hospital for a while I was more stressed by being seen eyebrowless than I was about the operation.

  15. Gorgeous curtains, great blog!

    Shirl x

  16. Another pair of fab curtains! Loving Stephen getting in on the photo!

    Bless the oddball, every town/village has one. Ever felt like giving him a blast of Turn Back Time?! :)

    Great buys, love those sunglasses.

    X x

  17. amazing courtains! i'm afraid i would loose my patience when it comes to patchwork. but on the other hand, the outcome is absolutely stunning!

  18. The curtains are so beautiful! I love all the colors and prints :)

  19. Curtains are great!
    Hurrah for Latin. My degree is Latin!
    Ave atque vale...

  20. colorful curtains. It must be really beautiful when the sunshine streams thru them..I found the Cher thing really funny!!

  21. Such great finds .. I NEVER find anything of any use at the carbooty .. am going to ahve to get back there soon and scout out some bargains!!

    Sal xXx

  22. I don't blame the old guy!! Just a quick scroll down when I first read this post and I thought that photo of Cher was you!!

    Love the glasses and trilby!
    ...and I seriously love that you have an A level in Latin... that's just... cool. Way cool.
    The sixth sense fact doesn't come as a surprise for me.

    You have such patience and are so clever to make these curtains!! Clever because the patches are really in 'harmony'.

  23. Just found your blog. I'm in love with your style and originality.

    I've been going to make patchwork curtains forever and a day, after seeing yours, I'm getting started. I love them.

    Have a beautiful week!

  24. Ohhhhh yaaaaaa.. I have a box of 10 by 10 squares..bits of materials I salvaged.. curtains coming up!... Thanks...Cher... buddy is right.. you sparkle more than she!


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