Wednesday 30 June 2010

Bump-It Up

We're just off to the local spit "n" sawdust (public house to non-Brits reading) to catch up on all the gossip we've missed over the last week over a couple of pints of India Pale Ale along with a home-made cheese, potato and onion pie and a plate of chunky chips.

As the local's a bit of a dive I thought I'd go low key tonight so as not to scare the regulars off their darts. Obviously dressing down for me doesn't mean abandoning the heels and the big hair, just donning the denim.

Just like my gorgeous Antipodean twin, Helga, I'm rocking the Bump-Its. In fact, I'm wearing two of the beauts. Despite a deep conditioning treatment my hair's so ratty from the weekend the backcombing was hardly necessary.

 Down to business, this evening's ensemble consists of:

Vintage Broderie-Anglaise blouse (50p) Car Boot Sale
Original 1970's flares (£1) Car Boot Sale
Modern wood clogs (£10) High Street
Goatskin clutch (50p) Car Boot Sale
Belt with bone buckle - Tangier, Morocco (15 years ago)
Hair Flower - Free with the bill from an Indian Restaurant
Jewellery - Inherited and India

Weather (and alcohol intake) permitting we're off car booting first thing tomorrow, hopefully I'll be able to report back later with some bargains, I've missed my fix over the past week or so.

Have a fun evening, I will!


  1. Pie and chips. Proper chips. *drool*
    You look like a salad woman to me. How do you stay so slim??????

  2. Dear Vix,
    for someone who quite frankly can't get on with jeans, I still have to admit that those ones look bang-on!
    The way you've styled today's outfit almost makes me want to don a pair of denims myself ;)
    I believe that if I gave you a hessian sack to incorporate in an ensemble, you'd still manage to conjure up some sweet styling magic!
    You can't beat a good old English spit & sawdust with arms that look like lumps of Stilton throwing darts, ordering real ales with rude names, whilst pervingly peering at page three ;)
    Have fun!

  3. the jeans fit u real nice!! and the top is really sexy..have fun!!

  4. Phwoar!! Low key my ass.You're too hot for that to be possible!!Those are great jeans!If only I could look that good in them!
    Yay bumpits!I'm wearing mine again today,the smaller one.I did tape 2 together,it's amaaaaazing!!!But not for everyday,just spec.!
    So pleased you're back!
    LOVE HelgaXXX

  5. You look like that painting you have!! the bump its look amazing in your hair. Good work. Still to invest in them.

    Low key? This is as Helga said Phwoar worthy.

    Have fun, and eat some chips for me.
    X xx

  6. You look fab in jeans. I keep seeing those bump-its everywhere. they always look good so i may have to invest x

  7. Love this look. So perfect casual chic. And the hair is great! I would try it myself, but I think it is too late!!! Can't wait to hear about the deals you score!!

  8. I have a tough time donning jeans, and forget how awesome they can be! Plus I lost weight, and could fit some of my older ones now!
    You are always inspiring me to break out of the "trendies" and get funky again! ( I really disliked my last outfit post, but my Mom and I were going to the hospital way too early to even think about an outfit!)
    AND> I got some bump-its! At 1/2 price as well! @ 5 bucks each! Too lazy to try em out right now.
    That belt is killer!!!!! I am on the hunt for a huge belt buckle, and a pair of worn cowboy boots to play with!!!!
    I LOVED my package, and am so excited to wear all of them at once!!! I have worn it(skirt) once already, but didn't get a pop off!
    I am busy re-working my bedrooms thanks to your inspiration as well as Calamity Gems!
    Hugs, Reva

  9. A midweek night down the local with darts and a fruit machine in the background - the simple pleasures! Treated myself to a glass of rose tonight, it was lovely. You look very chic with your hair like this and that off-the-shoulder blouse. xx

  10. Love the outfit, especially your hair - gorgeous! I have just re-done my brown again as I am loving in so much so thanks again for the inspiration! I love nosing at blog homes too as I find it so inspirational as well as what people are wearing and how they have pulled the look together. My kitchen scales are Typhoon and I love them loads! x

  11. Really Vix, do you think you look low key? You look SPECTACULAR and I love that silver cuff you are wearing!

    Dinner sounds great and I'm hungry. Mind if I tag along?

    Have fun, Bonnie

  12. Hi Vix, hope you had a fun night! Love the outfit, those jeans look great xxx

  13. Ah! I'm in love with those flares Vix! You look gorgeous, that tan!

  14. You are so hot!! :)
    I adore that shirt. It is so lovely on you. Plus the flower in your hair makes the entire outfit magical! xoxo

  15. Loving that white top, Vix - it's just gorgeous. And I think I'm gonna have to invest in some Bump Its - keep hearing about them everywhere at the moment. x

  16. Gorgeous outfit! You are looking so tanned!

  17. Vix, you always look great and as so many others have said you never look low key. Rocking the jeans look, and the big hair. Fabulous.

    BTW - that 1950s book is amazing... it just makes me want to redecorate my whole house. My favourite thing has to be the radio in the leopard print antler vanity case... I want one. x

  18. Low key????????????? low key as a door on Everest!!! [what? never mind...]


    You are HOTT sister. HOT.

    ...cheese, potato, onion pie sounds rather delicious on our cold wintry night down under...

  19. Love the white blouse and your hair looks gorgeous!

  20. That's the highest hair for dressing down! You look like a very hot pirate(ss) ready to take over the local spit "n" sawdust (love that expression!) xxx

  21. You look anything but dressed down! Mmmmmmmm...cheesey pie, my absolute favourite! You only ever seem to find pasties these days which aren't the same at all.


  22. Vix, your posts never fail to put a smile on my face! Looking lovely as always; very jealous of that pub grub.

    Lou x –

  23. Your such a beauty! I love this, very well style.

    Cheers, Jesa

  24. Love, love the jeans.. I can't wait to get back into mine, weather permitting.. The humidity and denim do not mix!
    Still rockin' the cool factor!


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