Tuesday 29 June 2010

Hotter Than July

What a flipping scorcher! Glastonbury was hotter than Athens this weekend and we're back looking more tanned than we do after a month in India.

Highlights of the weekend? Hmmmm..... other than downing chilled Pinot Grigio Blush with our breakfast and large-ing it for 16 hours a day? It has to be..................

spending time with old friends, Stu and Kim...

....and Jon........................

 ...and making new ones (Donna and Dave from Bath).

Spotting the God-like Michael Eavis doing his rounds....

Watching the World Cup with 69,999 others.

Raving to Faithless as they blasted out Insomnia as the sun set over Glastonbury Tor

Wearing maxidresses, sunhats and neon pink lippie..............

..................and going topless with a hastily constructed turban.

Catching quirky musical acts and performance poetry....

basking in the Somerset sunshine....

 .....sharing the chilled, loved-up vibe.

Muse's awesome performance and surprise appearances from (amongst others) Mark E Smith, U2's The Edge, Lou Reid, Shaun Ryder and Snoop Dogg.

Reliving the 1990's with a performance from Orbital.....

....oh yep, being snapped by fellow festival goers who liked my frocks and being told I'm cool by teenagers young enough for me to have given birth to....

Oh well, only 10 days till CamperJam.....


  1. AAhh Vix, what to say?! It all looks so fun. You look so totally sweet, blissed out and happy. Love that last photo especially.

  2. Lovely, lovely post Vix!! You are a gorgeous lady! I'm glad you had a lovely time. It's YEARS since I've been. xxx

  3. I am sooo jealous, i'm trying to convince the boy it will be a good idea to take baby to Glasto in a couple of years time he's not so keen on the idea! I wish i could have seen Faithless, they are amazing live and Insomnia is the song that gets me dancing. Loving the pink lippie too xx

  4. Looks like lots of chilled fun! Lovvvee your lashes you look gorgeous!
    Kandi x

  5. Great pictures, seemed like a wonderful time! Love the pink lipstick.

  6. Ah, you look fabulously tanned, my lovely!;-)
    And I can see that everyone was in such great form, too! Welcome back, we missed you. xoxo

  7. Vix you look stunning on all these photos. I'm so jealous.
    I watched Muse, and Stevie Wonder on telly and sat there transfixed by it. I miss it so much.

    I so would have met you if I'd gone. Although my festival look wouldn't have been anywhere near as good as yours.

    X xxx

  8. What a weekend - so mud @ Glasto - quite unheard of :)

    Watched loads on TV - loved Muse, Scissor Sisters & strangly Dizzee Rascal!!

    Only 16 days till my turn at festivally - hurrah

  9. Although I am slightly bummed that you didn't get to rock your flamingo rain-poncho... I am so SO happy that it didn't rain!!!

    What a blast you had! and of course you got photographed and hell yeah you got told you're cool because you are gorgeous and eternally groovy!!

  10. OHMYGOD VIX!!!! Talk about synchronicity!

  11. Hi Vix,
    looks like you guys had an absolute HOOT :)
    Brilliant pictures & I'm not in the least surprised that the young'uns admired & complimented you on your style as it is truly magnificent!
    Hubby & I have never been to Glasto but over the weekend we were talking about getting our backsides in gear for next years extravaganza!?
    Great to have you back!

  12. ahh, thank-you for all of your comments, vix! i thought you would like me in the tye dye dress, hehe. just so you know it is the dress at the bottom, not the dress i'm wearing which is for the giveaway, just in case you got confused! :) it looks like you had the most wonderful time, and you definately are cool, you have the most awesome style. i'd love to meet you one day! love, jazzabelle. xxx

  13. You look SO pretty! And it sounds like you had so much fun! Love the last pic of you! Love the feathers on your dress!

    And yes, you are cool. The teenagers prove it. ;-)

  14. Neon lippie and purple maxi. Those were the days my friend we thought they'd never end we'd tra la laaaaaaaaaa

  15. Thanks for pic!! since we cant be there, these pics give us a good feel of the festival..I love ur eyelashes:-) love ur maxi-dress..

  16. Wow - looks like you had a brilliant time, Vix. x

  17. This is my favourite Vintage Vixen post to date!
    One question vix...how on earth do you manage to look that good whilst roughing it at glasto?! Lady you look phenomenal!
    The yoof were spot on, you're one cool couple.
    Wish I had of been larging it to faithless too :(
    Can't wait for the next festival pics now

  18. i love your makeup great lashes!! <3

  19. great photos-they really tell a story! I love the strapless maxi dress.

  20. You are soooo cool.

    You look lovely as always xx

  21. Yes, but you do look cool!!! Also, what are those uber glam eyelashes Vix? You look great! x

  22. Phwoar,you foxy,foxy minx!!Looks like you two had a blast,loving all that sunshine!
    My goodness,you look amazing,fab eyelashes and frocks!great neon pink lippie!Of course the younguns think you're cool!!You ARE!!
    Fantastix pics,what a brill vibe!ENVY!
    O,the floral headband is divine!!
    LOVE Helga XXX

  23. You look STUNNING - the happiest I've ever seen you! Gorgeous lady.

    We've been watching the coverage and have made a pact to be there next year. Our friend has even offered her vintage VW camper so we can travel and sleep in style! I'm sure it'll rain but I doubt that dampens the spirit. Thanks for the inspiration! xx

  24. so fun! you look so glowing in all the photos

  25. Yay - you're back, I've missed you! These pics are amazing, you look fab - so happy and relaxed. Would have loved to have seen Muse. xx

  26. Hi Vix, so glad you had a wonderful time. Gorgeous photos. Hope Stephen's leg gets better soon xxx

  27. You look absolutely stunning and so so happy! I know I wasn't there but this years Glastonbury looked so much fun and it has made me want to go again, planning it for my friend's 40th in 8 years time already, what's the betting I don't get there before then?!


  28. You look amazing .. and looks liek you had a fab time - I caught some of it on the tv .. Did you get to see Slash - or were you watching the footie? - the coverage of him blew me away - god he rocks!!

    Sal xXx

  29. you look so pretty! look at all the colors you're rocking and that peacock feather! you're the true festival-er in style!

  30. Oh wow, you must have had an amazing time! You do look gorgeous! I especially love the last photo.

    I saw Muse when they came to Australia a couple of years ago. They're not the kind of band that I would usually listen to, but their music is mesmerizing and they are wicked live!

    Looking forward to future festival photos!

    Xox Claire

  31. What great photos and fun!!!!!
    You look smashing! I am really inspired right now by your interior shots and now Calamity's daybed Also Inspired by you :) I may be up into the wee hours of the A.M. working!!!!
    Thanks for being soo inspiring and keeping me grounded and comfy with being me!!!!

  32. Cool, a state of mind. You darling, are the epitime of cool!

  33. You look beautiful! So summery and perfect for the perfect festival weather – we’ve been so lucky with the last 3 years of weather at Glasto haven’t we?! I would have been one of said teenagers – maybe I’ll see you next year? I missed it a lot this year – couldn’t bring myself to watch much of the highlights haha! I did see Muse and The Edge; it left me speechless, and a little bit blurry-eyed. Very glad the weather permitted the use of the raincoat – but I do hope we’ll see it soon!

    Lou x – craftyandquirky.blogspot.com

  34. OOOHH looks like you had great fun...and those teenagers are right, you are COOL! And yes, I will be drinking vodka again hehehe :)

  35. amazing photos and amazing glasto look! i am going to see muse in august! i just cannot wait!

  36. Thank you for making me incredibly jealous! I havent been to Glastonbury in a few years now.

    You look so beautiful in these photos! It looks like you had a fantastic time and i'm glad you got good weather.... it makes so much difference!

  37. It was such an awesome atmosphere this year! The weather made it seem like completely different world. Cider, aching legs from dancing and exploring until sunrise - just perfect.

  38. I can stop looking at this post!
    You look so amazing-
    just got a package with some new sandals to waer with my skirt tomorrow. I will definitely be popping off some shots!

  39. You look amazing! By the sounds of it you had a fabulous time, very envious!

  40. I often thought of you last weekend, Vix, that you would not need your wellies and how much fun you'd have! Turns out you truly did! xxx

  41. Ah, I saw someone sitting by the Other Stage on Friday that I thought looked like you but I wasn't sure - but after seeing the falsies and the outfit it definitely was! What a shame!

    It was incredible though wasn't it??? Ah what a time! Probably the best ever. And I saw Eavis too!!! xx


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