Saturday 26 June 2010

Shine A Light

A litttle mid-Glastonbury post just to show I'm thinking of you all while I'm largeing-it down at Worthy Farm.

Here's a few shots of some of the lighting in our house. I saw this fabulous coloured glass gypsy chandelier in an interiors magazine, fell in love and treated myself with some Christmas money.

The black Bohemian crystal chandelier in our bedroom was a birthday present.

This acrylic chandelier in the hallway was a 50p boot sale buy. The flock wallpaper was 50p a roll in a Focus clearance sale.

Jon made the staircase light using a length of chain and a vintage birdcage we found in an Age Concern charity shop.

The 1950's plaster head is a lamp base we paid £2 for at a boot sale.

The horse head plaster lamp was another boot sale bargain. The kitsch pom-pom shade was 25p from a church jumble sale. I do love a pom-pom!

This wooden pendant light was £1 and hangs over the kitchen table. We painted it aged-white as it was originally a horrible gingery-coloured wood stain.

One of a pair of green glass chandeliers from Laura Ashley

1970's faux-marble standard lamp (£2.50 car boot sale) and fancy shade (50p car boot sale) in the lounge. I made the cushion covers from vintage silk scarves.

Burnished brass snakes head lamps strung with 1960's Christmas decorations. The Cole and Son hand-blocked flamingo wallpaper was an eBay steal at less than £20 for two rolls including postage.

These hang on the landing. I had the paint specially mixed to look like wet plaster, I love that subtle pinkish tinge.

See you soon!


  1. My darling Vix!I miss you so!
    So sweet of you to be thinking of us,pining away for you.....and then to make us drool with envy.I adore ALL your lighting fancies!ALL!!Esp the multi-coloured dream...that'd look great in my sewing room.We plan on a black one like yours for our lounge,just have to pull finger and go get one!
    Am quite envious of your high ceilings that enable you to go crazy with big,seductive pieces.Our ceilings are too low,except for the foyer..have I posted G's pride & joy art deco triple ball??
    I so hope you are having a wonderful time out there,trundling around looking gorgeous......
    LOVE Helga XXX

  2. So sweet of you to come out and play with us, Vix, I do hope you are having a grand time at Glastonbury;-)I espeically like the first and last chandeliers. The last is so playful, too!

  3. Hope you're having a brilliant time at Glastonbury :)

    This, when I first read it, seemed a random idea for a post: household lighting.. But wow, love it!
    Some absolutely gorgeous pieces.. I love how my favourite ones seem to be the cheapest - 50p/£1 etc - crazy!

  4. The 50p acrylic and the horse's head are my favourites.

  5. hoping that you're enjoying glasto! again: i wish i was there as well!!!

    interiors of your house must be so unbelievably stylish! gorgeous chalendiers! the black bohemian one is my fav!

  6. How utterly intriguing! (I also see that the wall paper is almost the same - if NOT the same - as your background.) You've inspired me to do a post of our lighting, too. None of it is quite as exotic as yours, but only because I haven't found it for free or cheap!

  7. The weather's gorgeous - bet you're having a fab time!

  8. I love the first one, the bird cage one and the women's head one! Vix, you have THE best lamps/hades EVER.

  9. Oh wow! I want to live in your house, so many lovely light fittings! I especially love the birdcage. What a cool idea.

    I am in awe of your J.H Lynch collection! We have one print, and I'm always on the lookout for more, but the Op-Shops around here seem to have picked up on how much they're worth and charge a small fortune!!

    Hope you're enjoying yourself!

    Xx Claire

  10. plenty of chandeliers..all beautiful. im specially in love with your wall paper though. and now we all know where you got this background on your blog ;D

  11. gorgeous as per usual, amazing bargains too-I really love the 50's lady lamp, its so camp!! The wet plaster colour you have on your landing is the same colour I have on my kitchen units, only mine was called concrete!I love the colour though,it works so well.
    Enjoy Glastonbury.

  12. I hope you are having a wonderful time in Glastonbury.... well, of course you will be! hehe :) I love the first chandelier, I saw it on holiday and vowed to get one when we buy our first home!
    Your flock wallpaper almost matches your blog background :D

  13. Missing your posts so this has been a lovely surprise.

    I adore your lighting choices and would have chosen all of them for myself. The flamingo wallpaper is amazing, I am so jealous!

    Also, I think you would be proud of me. Today I bought 3 vintage 1970's (i think) maxi dresses! x

  14. Oh my god, i love the birdcage light, i'm on the lookout for birdcages at the min, as i have some fab decorating ideas! The first chandelier is beautiful x

  15. Hi Vix, how's Glastonbury going?

    Your chandies and lamps are all so fab. I think my favorites are the colorful gypsy one and the birdcage - brilliant idea that one! I do have one interesting light fixture that is original to my home (1929) maybe I'll post it sometime.

  16. Hi Vix, hope you are having a wonderful time! Love your chandeliers they are beautiful xxx

  17. My goodness, I collect vintage birdcages, and never thought about creating a chandelier. Beautiful.
    I'm in love with the Boudoir black one, of course the birdcage and Laura Ashley green one as well.
    YOur home is lovely.
    Tell me, what exactly is a boot sale? Is it like a flea market?

  18. Beautiful chandeliers, especially that colorful one!

  19. I love them all, but am seriously coveting the first Vix, fantastic! We have one in the bedroom which makes for plenty of jokes from friends!
    Can't wait to see/hear your lowdown on Glasto!! lucky thing!!


  20. Hope you've had an amazing weekend. Have been thinking of you and looking out for you on the telly! Amazing chandeliers - I'm a complete chandelier addict. xx

  21. I absolutely love your home.It so reminds me of our apartment before we sold out and moved to the "burbs". Our realtor called us Picky Hippies! We "settled" on a boring ranch , with hopes of creating character within, but it still looks too square. We've never been happy with it, other than it has air-conditioning and alot of storage!
    You are inspiring me to try harder! I adore the Gypsie Glass, and the Black Bohemian crystal! Yum! I too hang little chimes, trinket around, and love it when Rod hits his head on them ;)
    I so miss you, and I got a surprise Friday! Yipee! I will be showing it off this week. Thanks so much, you are as generous as u are beautiful! I am honored :)

  22. I love love love the multicoloured light! Once again I'm yearning for a house I can furnish myself...


  23. A house full of beautiful chandeliers and lighting - lovely, lovely, lovely! I hope you enjoyed Glastonbury, Vix. I bet you did, the weather was great - so not Wellie weather... xxx

  24. These are my favourite posts from you, Vix. Yes, I'm choosing your fabulous interiors over your fabulous outfits! LOVE the bird cage. Such creativity - you'd never, ever find something like that in Ikea! :) x

  25. You keep giving me house envy!! Hope Glasto was great fun!

  26. I love that teal and chocolate wallpaper ... and also the Laura Ashley chandelier!

    Sal xXx


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