Monday, 24 May 2010

Tea With The Vicar

When the vicar called round this morning to help me plan the funeral I was slightly nervous. Mum was a regular churchgoer and a practicing Christian and I'm not, but as my Dad and brother have passed all responsibility on to me I just had to give it my best shot.

I needn't have worried though, Colin is a cool vicar, he adored our house and it's retro interior, confessed to being a charity shop devotee, a hater of the high street and a fan of Joni Mitchell. Heck, he once owned a VW Campervan and we even share a love of Rabindranath Tagore, the Bengali Nobel-prize winning poet.

He was in awe of my jewellery, too.

This huge silver plated brass bangle was my Mum's favourite, she'd worn it since the 1970's.

My vintage maxi dress and matching frilly headscarf were a 99p eBay find awhile back. They were simply listed as "dress" and the photo was awful. The Portmerion "Greek Key" cups and Habitat coffee pot were both wedding presents bought for my parents in 1966 and passed to me a few years ago.

I think the Rev. Colin's quite enamoured with me. He kissed me goodbye and told me I was fabulous.


  1. Well, he's quite right. You ARE fabulous.

  2. But that's exactly how you look today: fabulous :)
    I hope everything goes well.

  3. And he's right! Colin sounds v cool. My last experience with a man of the cloth was a perma-tanned Kilroy-Silk lookalike, not good! Thinking of you and wishing you the best of luck with the planning and for the day. xx

  4. Hey, well it's good to have a vicar who knows fabulousness!

  5. I love all your jewelry!! So pretty, you have a very earthy style :) Love!

    Cheers, Jesa

  6. vicar in the closet maybe? ha, you are pretty amazing.
    love this!

  7. oh you ARE fabulous! i love the dress and how it sweeps the floor. the colour is just gorgeous! you remind me of my favourite aunt. :) she loves those kinds of jewellery too!

  8. Oh I bet you charmed him 'like hell'! (Hi hi, I'm so funny sometimes) So cool that you can arrange the funeral with someone nice and open-minded.

  9. well he is right, you are fabulous! Your mum clearly had taste, the jewellery is so beautiful. I hope you are well xxxx

  10. Ah, that's a lovely story Vix. I didn't know you had a brother, I pictured you as an only child.
    Great find on the Maxi dress, the man was right, you are fab!
    Vicki xxx

  11. What a brilliant sounding vicar! He's not wrong about your fabulousness. The dress and scarf are really pretty.


  12. And you are! Colin is right on the money!

    I bet it was the frilly headwear that did it. Hope the funeral planning is going as well as it can be. xx

  13. Vix,
    LOVE that dress!
    The print, cut & colour are all amazing.
    You look so lovely my dear; I'm not at all surprised the priest was enamoured.
    I hope all goes well, you are in my thoughts.

  14. OMG it's true,you ARE fabulous,darling!!You are a true vision of amazingness in this outfit!!I adore every bit of it!!The jewellry makes me want to cry with envy,the frock is to die for!!Loving the pot & mug too!!OH!!!
    LOVE Helga XXX
    PS-Hurrah that Colin is a cool vicar!(I once had a cat called Colin)

  15. Oh Vix you truly are amazing. I don't know a single other person who'd be this stunning at such a time. I think it's lovely that you've got such a tangible reminder of your Mum in all her wonderful jewellery.

    Colin sounds great!

  16. Oh who wouldn't be enamoured with you you gorgeous being!! The Vicar is only human... plus he seems to know cool when he sees it!

    I too love that you wear your mother's jewelry. You look so lovely. Always.


  17. Cause you are fabulous!!!! I too am enamoured with you. The dress, the bracelets, all wonderful! Wonder why we women get the responsibilities of grown-up stuff? Maybe because we are naturally good at nurturing and handling responsibility well? I am still holding you in my heart. OOpps, my bitty just threw up on the rug.
    See ya tomorrow :)

  18. You look fabulous as ever, Vix, well done with the find on the dress and scarf, and the fact that you're wearing your mum's bangles is a really nice touch i think :)
    hope you're doing ok xx

  19. more tea vicar...
    glad it went well for you, love the jewellery pieces

  20. You are fab! Colin was right.
    Not surprised he was in awe of your jewellery, I am!! Such beautiful stuff.

    Glad the meeting went well, and I love the little reminders of your mum. Beautiful touches.

    X xx

  21. Love the outfit!!!

    I tagged you in my blog

  22. Wow - sounds like he might make a churchgoer out of you yet! (joking!) Who knew vicars could be so cool?

  23. From my experiences over the years, most CofE vicars that I have come across have been lovely 'real' people, not bible basher like at all! Conservations have been had about football, beer, pubs and various other things with church business being kept to the bare minimum which is nice for a non-regular like myself and my OH. And most are very relaxed about letting you play modern music at funerals too and at tailoring the service to the individual rather than tradition x

  24. your jewellery IS incredible and I adore the colours in your outfit x

  25. That sounds like an amazing vicar. I'll bet you and he got on like a house on fire.

  26. And how right he is! You look great. Glad everything went okay with Colin and it isn't awkward. Hope you are doing okay, well, as well as can be. Hugs. x

  27. i am so glad it went well, my dear! your vicar seems very cool indeed. :)

    you look wonderful, darling! x

  28. You look amazing, the vicar is right, you are fabulous!


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