Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sunshine, Cider and Vintage Frocks...

Excuse the dozy expression. We made the most of today's glorious sunshine and drove the Variant over to a quaint pub where we met friends and partook in light refreshments and home-made vegeburgers with chunky chips in the beer garden. Sadly as Jon was driving I had to quaff two bottles of iced Swedish Kopparberg on his behalf.

I've spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping in the shade.

When we pulled up at the car boot sale yesterday I told Jon that I wanted to find a pair of chunky wooden clogs as my last pair gave up the ghost a couple of years ago. Although they're the "in-thing" there's no way on earth I'm going to buy a high street pair, nice as they are, in my world that's just far too easy.

Lo and behold, the first stall we came across I spotted these beauties priced up at a mere 75p, I was so excited I gave the nice lady 80p and told her to keep the change.

I also spotted this rather cool vintage Egyptian scarab pendant and simply had to purchase it along with some other pieces of 1970's Stainless steel costume jewellery. Now I know I wrote on Friday's blog that I never needed to buy another piece of jewellery ever again...BUT the whole lot only came to £6 and it was in aid of Cat's Protection.

When I got up on Saturday morning the postman had left a surprise parcel on the doorstep from a rather fabulous person. These dresses are just so gorgeous they almost have me wishing for the temperature to drop a little so I need to wear sleeves again.

Today's outfit:
Rose print maxi (£5 Charity shop), Vintage straw hat (50p car boot sale), Clogs (75p car boot sale), Scarab pendant (£1.50 car boot sale), Silver jewellery (India and Mum's collection) 

I'm very excited about watching "The Stones In Exile" tonight. Time for another snooze to ensure I stay awake to drool over the beautiful Mick and Keef....


  1. Oh dear too many fabulous things in one post! Your finds and gifts are teriffic!
    You look so summery and relaxed (or is that tipsy? :) )and your hair just looks amazing.
    I have just convinced myself to let mine grow long again after seeing these photos!
    Kandi x

  2. Fabulous clogs, Vix - and lovely colour, too! xx

  3. Gorgeous, i'm loving this sun shine too, its timed itself well for my week off! First for everything.

    Wish I could pull hats off like the one your wearing, they never seem to suit me!

    Enjoy the sunshine x

  4. Mmm, Kopparberg. I've been trying to wean myself off it as it's so sweet I'm convinced the calorie content is something horrifying. Have you tried Aspall Cyder? It's absolutely amazing stuff and Perronelle's Blush is such a delicious treat.

  5. Lovely post, Vix! Where are these wonderful car boot sales? You live locally to me and the ones I find are always very poor. xxx

  6. Hey Vix, love the dress you're wearing. Sounds like the perfect lazy lunch (someone else driving is always a bonus!). xx

  7. Oh, I love everything about this outfit! From the shoes to that BEAUTIFUL necklace. OF COURSE you had to have it (I am a shopping enabler by birth right). But really, it is awesome. And I adore the dress.

    You look just gorgeous sitting in the sun!!

  8. Finally some sunshine in Europe :) I'm happy for us.
    I'm in Germany right now and over here we finally had a beautiful sunny weekend, first time this year I was able to wear a dress!! :)
    Your hat is lovely, I liked the clogs as well, and even more so for their price!
    Have a great week :)

  9. Hi Vix, I love your clogs! It was almost too hot at the carboot this morning and i was there just after 6am... so the first thing i bought was a hat. Hope you have a lovely week xxx

  10. You look gorgeous in the dress Vix. I adore your necklace, it's beautiful. I was tempted by the Boot Sale today but lazing around in the garden for a couple of hours won out.
    Vicki xxx

  11. oh you look so pretty in the dress! and cute shoes :D

    {no, it's not about birds}

  12. That necklace blows my mind,baby!!!
    O,sunshine-seems like a distant memory now.we are apparently going to have massive storms this week.Yay-not!!!
    LOVE Helga XXX

  13. You are gorgeous!!! I am in love with the pendant and of course the frock and shoes. I like the way you live life!!! I think you could write an awesome book :)

  14. LOVE the clogs honey!!
    And oh gosh you remind me so much of Cher when she was younger (I hope you know that is a massive compliment!!)

    That necklace too is amazing but I'd love to see your arm candy! You have the perfect face for hats! Beautiful!

  15. OMG how the hell did you find a pair of cloggs for 75p. what loony lets em go that cheap when they're £75 in shops haha. great great find! love the whole outfit very 70s. i loooove kopparberg mixed fruit n winter fruit mmmm, so refreshing. I've got myself a raspberry & lime st Hellier to took into tonight with the football match hehe

  16. Great, fab post!! everything you want, clothes, bargains, cider and pretty jewellery. Very jealous of that pendant.

    Great clog work.

    X x

  17. you loook so beautiful, hope you enjoyed your relaxing day :) Xx

  18. clogs are fantastic! and they cost 75p??!! can't believe it!
    pendant is fabulous as well!

  19. thanks for following my blog! i've followed yours too! :D and i shall link you as well.

    {no, it's not about birds}

  20. The necklace and clogs are both fantastic finds, lucky you!


  21. Love that maxi and how much of a bargain those clogs were!!

  22. Wow Vix, you look stunningly radiant in these pics!
    The outfit is bang on, love the adorable dress & gorgeous necklace, what a brill find.
    You’ve created the perfect outfit for sipping Kopparbergs in the sunshine.
    I had a pair of pink clog heels just like that; inherited from a friend but unfortunately I wore them to death, quite literally :(
    Being Swedish I am a fully paid up member of the clog appreciation society & I delight in seeing them (and hearing them) on the feet of trend conscious fashionistas at the moment :)

  23. Cider on a sunny Sunday sounds like a perfect day. That dress you are wearing is just perfection! x


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