Tuesday, 25 May 2010

How Bizarre!

You probably would never guess but I come from a long line of hoarders in particular four maiden great aunts with Victorian town houses stuffed to the gills with curiosities. I've inherited some very bizarre pieces from them, there's so much in fact that we've got four sheds in the garden full of strange and wonderful things that serve no useful purpose whatsoever. 

Here's some family pieces of mourning jewellery that I've inherited:

A Regency-era locket made from bog oak 

.......and filled with a lock of a loved one's hair.

A huge gold plated brooch (or can also be worn as a pendant) bearing the image of my dashing Great-Great-Grandfather.

Some Victorian brooches made from Whitby Jet.

Today's outfit:
Vintage pinafore dress (eBay), 1980's belt (Charity Shop), Clogs (Car boot sale)


  1. what beautiful pieces of jewellery! and yes, your great-great-grandfather was rather dashing! love, jazzabelle. xxx

  2. Wow, I think that locket with the hair is amazing. Someone must have cherished that.
    Kandi x

  3. I love your pinafore dress. My parents have an attic full of 'bits' from my Dad's parents and great aunts who collected things all their lives....i love having a look through it all xxx

  4. Love the cheeky smile on the photograph of your great great grandfather!

  5. What amazing wonderful things.

    I know it's going to sound geeky but I bet you have a great time thinking about the history and story behind things like this. I know I would.

    Great dress, and love the belt.
    X xx

  6. What amazing pieces! I would love a rifle through your garage! x

  7. That dress is beautiful. You look very lovely in green. I think it must be the dark hair, but we seem to look good in similar colours!

    Oh, and your great great grandfather WAS dashing!! How cool to have a pic of him! I would so wear it as a necklace if I were you!

  8. Love today's dress and also the inherited bits and bobs. I'm the opposite of a hoarder - a total minimalist who keeps chucking away stuff that I need and then have to re-buy. When will I ever learn?! xx

  9. The hair locket is very odd! WHo does the hair belong to - do you know? How fascinating, if weird!

    Loving the clogs - the perfect first outing! x

  10. There's just something so interesting about mourning jewellery. The brooch is amazing - your great great grandfather looks very suave!

  11. O,my word.I adore that frock,and I adore Victorian mourning jewellry.A wonderful tradition!How very fortunate you are that it was kept!There ain't nothing from my family!!!
    LOVE Helga XXX

  12. From dashing great great grandpas to locks of hair - these pieces are so special. Love your beautiful green and white summer frock!

  13. The outfit is *very* cute!
    The other stuff is just insane.
    In a very awesome way though :)


  14. I liked the first piece of jewelry you showed. I love lockets and yet I own none :) I guess I haven't found THE one yet. :)

  15. oh wow, im so jealous of your inheritance, i would love to have been handed down loads of little trinkets. I love how everything as a past n story. It's great that you still have these. I would love to see more if you ever have the time to delv in to your shed haha.
    you look lovely as always, love the shade of green in your dress

  16. Another fab maxi Vix!! Love seeing all your treasures!

  17. That locket is amazing. I hope you are well xxx

  18. Wow, you're doing the same smile as your GGGF in the first picture! I like the brooches very much xx

  19. I love the hair locket and this dress is faboo!!! These are my kind of treasures, kinda strangely macabre and unique. Very gothic, too! You are definitely my go-to blog! So interesting and cool. by th by, I am wearing and posting another playsuit later this week ;). I love em'! You are always wearing the prettiest dresses I've ever seen. You and your gggfather have the same lovely "I got a secret" grin ! What's your secret? :)

  20. the locket is quite cool... love things with some history and sentimental value / story to it

  21. Love your dress, very pretty!



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