Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Plastic Joy and a GIVEAWAY!!

While I was away on my travels my fabulous friend, Helga sent me the Plastic Joy Award. The rules are that I have to name at least five characters from TV or film that I'd be happy to have, ahem, a bit of joy goes:

The disfunctional kidnapper Billy Brown, played by Vincent Gallo in Buffalo 66.

Tyler Durden from Fight Club - Brad Pitt never did anything for me until I checked out his groovy 1970's wardrobe in this movie.

Count Dracula

Turner in Performance (any excuse to ogle the young Mick Jagger)

Raoul Duke, Hunter S Thompson's alter-ego in Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas.

I'm tagging the following lovelies:

.....And so to the GIVEAWAY:

A silver-coloured tribal choker and earrings, a carved fruitwood snake hair stick and a bumper pack of bindis all wrapped up in a silk drawstring bag made from a recycled sari.

You need to be a follower of my blog and to leave a comment below. 
The closing date is 10pm on Wednesday 12th May, 2010.
The winner will be selected at random.

Good luck and thanks for following!


  1. What a wonderful selection of treasures.

    I hope your having a good day sweets x

  2. I agree! What a great selection of beautiful items.
    Love your choice of beautiful men also! hehe
    Thank you for your comments over the last couple of days and I hope things are looking up for you.
    Love Amy.x

  3. Thank you for tagging me in this, i am so going to love doing it, Brad Pitt is gorgeous in Fight Club. Your giveaway looks fantastic xxx

  4. Vix, thank you for the comment, it meant a lot to me. I hope you are coping too, I've been thinking of you (although I have a more silent presence in the blogosphere at the moment.)

    Great selection of goodies, showing off great taste as per usual!

  5. Lovely giveaway and yes ref Brad Pitt in Fight Club!

  6. Oh, Thank You, Thank You! This needs a bit of thinking, so you don't get the wrong impressions of my 'fooling around' preferences... I see you've been really busy with your blog designs - love it - plus a give-away! Your are spoiling us, Vix. Can I follow you through bloglovin?

  7. Lovely selection of things Vix, and I love the post, I still need to do my version of this from a tag aaaaages ago but I'm finding it too hard.
    Vicki xxx

  8. argh good choice, loving the first one how come i havent heard of him before?! x

  9. I love this award! thank you for thinking of me - I'll have fun doing it!
    And great giveaway - beautiful stuff - I expect nothing less. :)

    X xx

  10. I sense a definite theme with the characters - tall, dark and dangerous... Can't fault your taste!

    What a lovely giveaway too - thank you!

  11. Congrats on the award ! :D
    x x x

  12. Excellent choices there and what a fantastic giveaway!
    I'm just catching up and haven't commented but I love your blue and purple patterned dress from the other day, if I was as teeny-tiny as you I'd come and sit on your doorstep until you let me have it!


  13. fantastic choices! congratulations on being awarded!

    i am following you! :)

  14. Brad Pitt in fight Club, yes please so long as he stops twitching and doesn't speak. Discovered your blog round Easter and I love it, you have really inspired my charity shop purchasing! Love your finds and your eclectic, quirky and super cool style.

  15. VINCENT GALLO! Oh gosh. Met him once at a festival. Very odd experience, but he is the most beautiful man.

    And what a lovely giveaway! Enter me please you beautiful thing! x

    Hi VV love your blog and as someone who so understands style,if you don't know this blog I think you will love looking !!
    Regards Teresa

  17. Oooh, what a fabulous giveaway... me wantee! x

  18. Wow, fab giveaway please can you count me in!
    Kandi x

  19. Young Mick Jagger - yum yum!

    Please enter me into the giveaway - that necklace is absolutely stunning.


  20. Ooo,interesting selection!!I'm no Brad fan,but he did look fine in Fight Club!Raoul Drake would be fecking great to hang out with,esp when he has the lizard tail on!!
    Wacko-count me in as a candidate for that giveaway!!Such delights!!!
    XXXLove Helga!

  21. Congrats on that fun award! I love all the guys you chose. Hehe. ;)

    And what a fabulous giveaway! Count me in. I'm a follower, of course. xoxo

  22. PS. Oh, and I realized I never responded to your comment from my last post. Yes, my dad is from India!! He moved to the States in 1962 for college and never looked back, unfortunately. (He had a falling out with his family.) In fact, I have never met his side of the family or even been to India. It's a shame really. I'm totally jealous that you recently went. When I save up money some day, I'm totally going!! :)

  23. This is the coolest give-away ever! I do follow you and I would LOVE to get Johnny Depp or Chris Cornell or Eddie Vetter alone for a day or two!!!

  24. Some very good choices there. Who doesn't like a rugged badboy!

    Lovely and very generous giveaway, count me in please. :)


  25. ooh count me in too!!

    I got tagged a while back, I need to do this but have been pondering for a while on how to get it down to just

    hope you're holding up ok xx

  26. There's something about a dangerous man, isn't there? You know you shouldn't, but....

    Some lovely treasures to be won there, hope I get picked!

    Keep well x

  27. Got to agree with Tyler Durden Vix, Brad is lushtastic in that film, he's really gone down hill as he's aged though :(

    Please enter me into your giveaway and it's fab to have you back. Hope your working through whatever struggle it is you're having (mentioned a couple of days ago), you are in my thoughts xx

  28. The honour! And with this tag I would like to thank... :) Thank you, I'm going to enjoy posting about my err plastic joy. Do I detect a certain dark and rugged theme running through your choices Vix?

    And I would also love to be entered in to your giveaway please. What beautiful beautiful items xx

  29. What a great selection, how exciting!

    Love your choices of men too. I can't say Brad Pitt's Tyler was the moment I liked him best, but who doesn't swoon a little over Gary Oldman's Dracula?

    I'm a follower :)

  30. Great choice in men :) and a fantastic giveaway xx

  31. what a lovely, generous giveaway, I'd love to enter! :) x

  32. I totally agree about Brad Pitt, I never really thought much of him before I saw 'Fight Club' either but seeing him in that awesome 70s leather jacket certainly made me sit up and pay a little more attention ;)
    What fab items you are giving away too!

  33. Whilst they might not suit me too well, I do know a lovely lady who (should I be the lucky winner) would die for those gifts!

  34. Such lovely goodies! I would love the chance to win, thank you!

  35. that necklace is beautiful, i love your blog so much, i have been reading from the beginning x

  36. Absolutely no idea how I missed this fantastic giveaway! Please enter my name into the mix, these look like a great set of goodies! Thank you!
    Emma :) x

  37. Thanks for entering, you lovely people!!
    The giveaway is now closed and the results will be announced on my blog on Thursday.


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