Thursday, 6 May 2010

Can You Dig It?

I'm a city girl at heart. The countryside scares me, those big open spaces, the silence, the roadkill, the lack of off-licences, curry houses and charity shops....give me the great urban metropolis any day of the week. 


I do endeavour to be green and I'm posing in our vegetable patch today. Can you see our Brussels sprouts, purple sprouting broccoli and runner beans peeking out of the soil? 
Just don't let me catch sight of a slug or I'll abandon my trowel and run for cover.

Rural-phobic I may be but I don't object to some bucolic clothing. These gorgeous photographs were part of an article in last weekend's Guardian celebrating the photographic talents of Jane, daughter of Laura Ashley.

Jane used her friends as models and her tremendous skill helped catapult her parent's moderately succesful clothing range into a worldwide phenomonem.

Floral maxi dress - courtesy of a very special friend.
Denim waistcoat (£1) and leather cartridge bag (50p) - vintage finds.
Schuh ankle boots (£5) - local market stall selling seconds

 Lovebird necklace (50p) - Miss Selfridge sale
Other jewellery - India

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  1. Looking fabulous today (as usual)! I am amazed at that waistcoat it looks wonderful in so many different outfits.
    Kandi x

  2. What a fab outfit! You hair is looking lovely too btw.

    I love the whole Ashley Clan, they were so interesting! x

  3. You look wonderful today and you have a lovely glow about you.
    That dress is simply gorgeous.
    Vicki xxx

  4. Those pictures are amazing! <3
    Wow, all your clothes/jewellery do be such a bargain!!!
    I love the irish country-side soooo much. I wanna live there when I finish school
    x x x x

  5. You might call it bucolic, but I think your outfit has still a lot of city chic. I'm still desperately searching for a maxi dress/skirt. Yours looks so great!

  6. You look amazing in this outfit!!! I just bought a thrifted vest to wear over my maxi's as well.
    I am originally from the country (KY) and now live in the city (Cincinnati) and when I travel back home, the air smells so fresh and the open fields are breath-taking. I can see the sun-set all the way across the horizon. Many folks there are un-acustomed to city life and feel it would be terrible. AS i age, I am starting to miss the open sweet country side.

  7. I dig YOU!!! Hahahaha.Someone VERY styley obviously gave you that frock!!!
    I love the country & the city.But bugger gardening.I would rather have a G & T and watch G do it!!!I do aspire to garden one day,though.Seriously.But now I can only get out there with a jug of Cosmopolitans.....
    LOVE Helga!!XXX

  8. The maxi dress is beautiful and looks perfect on you.

    I do really hanker after the rural life, but it's not something I'll ever be able to afford :(

  9. Hi there-what a fabulous outfit, adore the denim waistcoat and maxi dress combination! I'm the same as you, love city life-I couldn't be without my charity shops, boot sales and curry houses-but I love a drive out to the country every now and then!!

  10. awh you look lovely! i love the dress, and the bag, your hair is looking hot too! im so jealous of your bargain finds xx

  11. You look gorgeous with your india glow :) and once again another fabulous outfit, I want to have style like yours when I grow up xx

  12. Indeedy you definitely have a fabulous glow at them mo! gorgeous maxi dress too


  13. Wasn't it a wonderful article and I love your interpretation - great outfit and that bag is wonderful x

  14. Loving todays outfit! I too am growing my veg but have yet to plant it out in the ground. I am a country girl and I used to be scared of the city but now I go to London all the time, know my way around and nothing there fazes me at all. I live in a small city and always wonder if I could go back to living in the country? x

  15. Gorgeous, but what else is new? Also, your garden looks like a dream (and slug-free, I'm sure)!

  16. there is something about this photos Vix, you look even more beautiful than normal x

  17. I used to love Laura Ashley dresses back in the 1980s, I owned a few which I bought in the sales and I had a dressmaking pattern for one too. That was before they started making drab, brown clothes with too much sag and not enough flounce.

  18. Gorgeous maxi - lovely colours. I'm definitely a city girl too - shops, cinemas, restaurants, galleries, museums, bars etc. Couldn't live without them. xx


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