Friday, 7 May 2010

I Can't Stand The Rain

"I Can't Stand The Rain" by Eruption was the first single I ever bought way back in 1978.  I paid 45p from's still upstairs in amongst the heaps of vinyl that Jon and I have amassed over the years. Occasionally we'll dust a few albums off and have a retro disco with our pals. I don't care what anyone says, nothing beats a vinyl record, there's heaps more atmosphere, CDs sound far too clinical and pristine.

Eruption - Disco-tastic genius.

What was your first ever single?

Today's outfit is nothing you haven't seen before, my cheap and cheerful standby. A touch of colour lifts even the gloomiest mood.

Vintage shift dress (20p) Jumble sale
Cropped jacket (£2) Car boot sale
Framed rose print bag (20p) Car boot sale
TopShop T-Bar shoes (£1.95) British Heart Foundation
Retro umbrella (50p) Car boot sale
Yellow tights courtesy of the gorgeous Alex

Total cost: £4.85

I was starting to worry that I'd lost my shopping mojo, but I had a peek around the charity shops this morning and picked up these cuties:

1960's hand-made cropped sleeve jacket in glorious crimplene - Salvation Army £1.20

Vintage tapestry clutch bag - Local hospice charity £1.95

Have a freakin' great friday!


  1. Dear Vix, You've brightened my rainy NE Indiana day with your inspiring outfit! Do you have a wardrobe of umbrellas, too?! I carried mine to the nursing home where I led a hymn-sing from the piano this morning, but I didn't need to open it. I'm not complaining!

  2. The 2 bags in this post make me drool! They are lovely, the rose print one is amazing!

    Such a cute outfit. x

  3. Look at your adorable brolly! I have an eyeshadow which would go with the whole outfit really well. ;-)

    My first single, if I recall, was Kylie's 'I Should Be So Lucky', o child of the Eighties that I am.

  4. You ar looking gorgeous in Green, very spring like! Loving your new finds especially the clutch its beautiful.
    My first ever single was Rivers of Babylon by Boney M, my Mam took me to buy it when I was 4!
    Kandi x

  5. Your outfit reminds me of lemon and lime! Which is a good thing :)

  6. Love the yellow tights, you look fab. First single I bought was with a xmas Boots gift voucher back in the day when Boots had a record section. Ok, don't laugh - Mirror Mirror by Dollar! xx

  7. That brolly is great, I am so fed up with black ones I've been buying a few recently. At charity shop prices I can afford a brolly wardrobe. Beaky

  8. great outfits, they'd brighten anyones day! fab n funky as always x

  9. I was quite late to buy my first single on account of albums being better value and my pocket money being miniscule. It was "Stay" by Shakespear's Sister in about '91. It was vinyl btw!
    I love the outfit, but you already know that.
    Vicki xxx

  10. This outfit beats the rain any day! So Chanel. Let's hope the weather gets better (and a bit warmer). I can't remember my first single, but I remember that my friend and I used to sing and dance after 'Needles and Pins' from the Smokies. A vinyl disco sounds perfect to me. Happy weekend, Vix!

  11. oooo,loving this green outfit!!!Gorgie umbrella!
    My first single that I remember buying for myself was "Love Action"by The Human League.
    Vinyl is fun,but I hate having to get up,put down my drink & turn it over.I make G do it!!
    Great scores,doll.See,you haven't lost your shopping mojo!!!
    LOVE HelgaXXX

  12. i love your outfit! you showered the world with style. :)


  13. You always look so LOVELY! Those yellow tights are so adorable and that bag is fabulous. I have a feeling if I ever had a peek in your closet I would faint from all the gorgeousness. Sigh. ;)

  14. Hi Vix - love your outfit - so springlike and cheerful. Unlike this weekend's weather!! And some great shopping bargains there, too. I got some good buys from Barnardo's yesterday - came home with a bag stuffed full of goodies, and all for less than a tenner! YOu can't beat charity shop shopping, can you? Have a great weekend - Caroline x

  15. You certainly haven't lost your mojo Vix, i think you're quite possibly the queen of thrift! Totally agree about vinyl being better, the hubs collects old records and there's nothing quite like them in my opinion

    Love this Mod look on you


    I think my first record was Nick Kamen (he of the jeans advert!) and i can't even remember the name of the song!


  16. That tapestry bag is so pretty! My first single was Funkytown, I'd been given a record token for my birthday, didn't have a clue what was in the charts at the time. I think it was a good choice =) x

  17. Vix, I'd be seriously worried if you ever lost your shopping mojo! I adore that tapestry clutch, so so pretty. And the whole outfit is just wonderful, so full of colour and cheer.

  18. Fab outfit, so colourful for springtime. And that tapestry clutch bag is gorgeous! :) x

  19. Hi Vix, I'm back to say that today I managed to say THANK YOU for the Plastic Joy Award and name my secret fancies... Thank you again and a Happy weekend to you!

  20. I LOVE this outfit, very springy!!!!

  21. Gorgeous outfit - love the yellow and green - those tights are wonderful xx

  22. Gorgeous lady, as always. I love when you mix green with yellow, and that umbrella is fabulous!

    My first single? Goodness, I really can't remember. I do remember loving Boyzone, Steps and S Club 7 as a youngster though, so probably the less said about that the better! :) xx

  23. Love the greens, such a lovely touch of colour on what looked like a dreary day!

    What I'd give to be able to get a single for 45p... actually, I suppose singles off Amazon and iTunes aren't much more than that. Ha. Guess we've come full circle.

  24. I love the clutch bag that you got!
    I think my first single was some rapper...

    Stars And Shoes

    x x x x

  25. Gorgeous outfit, and stunning finds, that jacket is beautiful.

    My first single, oooh think that was Spice Girls Wannabe, after trying and failing to record it off the telly (TOTP) my mum bought me the cassette. 99p I think. Loved it.

    X xx

  26. Oh!! and p.s got sticks, they are beautiful thank you so much. X xxx

  27. Love the umbrella with the yellow tights. :)

  28. ABBA - The Winner Takes It All, was the first single that I bought for myself.
    I was almost six years old & I recall spending hours infront of the mirror armed with a "hairbrush microphone" singing & dancing along to my precious single...not much has changed there then :)
    Awesome spring outfit Vix, so lovely & cheerful!

  29. Love your outfit, My first single i bought was by Cliff Richards :) when i was about 8 xx


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