Sunday, 30 May 2010


Apologies for my absence from the wonderful world of blogging. I didn't go really AWOL after my impromptu night out on Thursday, life just seemed to get in the way. What with funeral arrangements, Dad's 81st birthday and Jon and I moving my brother into his first house I've barely had a second spare.

The rain's finally stopped, the sun is shining but the wind is flipping freezing. We've been to the garden centre this morning in an attempt to find some pretty blooms for our windowboxes which are looking a little the worse for wear (bit like me after last night's boozefest). With a houseful expected on Thursday I've got to reinvent myself into a domestic goddess, whipping up tasty appetisers and serving refreshments with a smile, I might even have to ask Jon where we keep the vacuum cleaner.

Today's outfit is mostly vintage and all second-hand : Orange suede culottes found on a clearance rail at last years' Clothes Show Live's "Vintage Village", a charity-shopped tweed waistcoat, 1970's oversized "Googles" sunglasses from a 10p bucket at a car boot sale, a jumble sale vest and a charity shop belt..... my 1960's Finnish leather boots purchased earlier this week from the British Heart Foundation for £4.99. They have elasticated panels at the back which make them nicely close-fitting.

As always my jewellery is a mix of Indian buys, inherited pieces and vintage finds.

 Keep your fingers crossed for a dry day tomorrow. The lure of bank holiday boot sale is calling and I need my fix.


  1. Great outfit, love the orange on you! And I love how you wore that belt :)

  2. You look so pretty and summery today.
    It looks lovely down your way it is like tsunami time up here in Northumberland!
    Love your nails matching your vest top!
    Kandi x

  3. Love the leather of those boots. And the shades! And suede culottes!

    God gave me the wrong legs......

  4. Hi honey...

    LOVE your shorts <3
    great blog!!

    xoxo* by Portugal

  5. That shade of orange suits you so well Vix, it sounds like you've been having such a busy time recently, i hope you get the good weather for booting fun x

  6. Loving the orange! Sounds like you've had a bit of a whirlwind week - I honestly cannot imagine you hoovering. Unless you rock it out in killer heels and plenty of accessories? :) x

  7. Fab outfit! Enjoy your carbooting! x

  8. You look lovely :)
    I love your culottes and buggy sunnies ha <3

    P.S You'll be proud of me; I went to my first flea market today haha! It was THE best. I'm buying most of my clothes second-hand/vintage/pre-loved lately.

    x x x

  9. this outfit is so amazing - you're such an inspiration!

  10. I was wondering where you'd got too, everyone needs some time off...I love those suede cullottes...I never find such amazing things when I go rummaging at our Charity shops or car boots here, how do you do it??? You must have an expert eye xx

  11. Each piece pulled together and looking fabulous on one nifty woman.

    (I know what you mean about finding your vacuum!) I know your guests will be thrilled with your hospitality if its even 1/10th as fine as your wardrobe. Enjoy -- and good luck at your bank holiday boot sale!

  12. Hi Vix! Really liking this look! I want a high arm bracelet and can't find a good Indian one yet. There are knock-offs at F21, but I prefer silver/pewter/iron. I had some years ago, but lost em during a quickie move ;) I haven't posted this weekend as I am pounding WW and napping alot. See ya soon!

  13. the suede shorts/pants are rare and amazing! the color is beautiful! very lucy find**

  14. Dear Vix,
    you look so lovely & summery!
    The orange culottes add a funky pop of colour to this gorgeously earthy outfit.
    Have a lovely time at the boot sale :)

  15. ooo,you hot tamale! The pose itself is so very "I'm too hot for you"!!!
    Aye carumba!
    XXXLOVE Helga!

  16. Oh it's raining cats and dogs and alas no men here! :D!
    ...I'm not a rainy weather person so I have drenched myself in orange shades today to combat rainy day blues so for me, looking at you is a pleasure!!!

    You look so damn fabulous!! Earth Mother Warrior type!! Looking forward to your Domestic Goddess look! xo

  17. Wowzers i LOVE the shorts and i'm having sunglasses envy!
    My thoughts are just fill the guests with wine, they won't even notice an hoovered floor


  18. Those orange culottes are fabulous - they look stunning on you. Hope Jon's brother is all settled in now - 1st house of your own is such an exciting time. xx

  19. With this outfit it really doesn't matter what you'll serve on Thursday; you'll still be the hostess with the mostest, Vix. Cannot believe they are suede! (I'm orange with envy!) Hope the weather is nicer where you are today; it's certainly not great here in the South East. xx

  20. What a surprising burst of orange?;-)
    It goes well with those lovely brown boots - a perfect harmony of colours!


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