Thursday, 27 May 2010

Naughty, Naughty, Very Naughty!

If I took any notice of the fashion experts I'd be sporting a nice bob, neutral makeup, discrete jewellery and a flattering wrap dress because that's what you're meant to do when you hit forty, but , as you've probably guessed I don't do rules and am quite happy to dye my long hair black, go heavy on the kohl and strut my stuff in revealing outfits. Hell, if Kylie and SJP can do it, why can't I?

Rules were made for breaking!

Today's naughty little number consists of:
Pink satin kaftan (Jumble Sale)
Customised vintage jeans (Charity shop)
Faux leather belt (Charity shop)
Vintage leather duffle bag (Handmade by my Late Grandma in the 1960's)
Scarab pendant (Car Boot Sale)

I picked up these fab Italian leather boots for £4.99 from the British Heart Foundation yesterday, they've got leather soles and rather groovy wooden stack heels. 
Summer's a great time to snaffle a bargain pair of boots or winter coat, nobody else is looking and the charity shops put them out for peanuts as they need the space. These beauts would be priced at £15 come the chillier months.

Just for my lovely friends Bollywood Style Diaries and Helga, here's a close-up of my Victorian carpet bag, inherited from Grandma.

I'm off for a very naughty curry and a few cheeky vinos this evening, and on a school night, too!


  1. I'm totally with you, i hate that people feel they have to dress a certain way as they get older. I go shopping with my mum all the time and she loves finding bits in H&M, Topshop etc.

  2. And wouldn't life be boring if you did follow the rules. You look fab, don't change! I hope I am as daring, and get it as right as you all the time when I am 40.

  3. ooh that kaftan is something special!! I also have the same belt, though mine didn't cost me 50p.. it was TWO POUNDS from a charity shop!

  4. Thank u so much for the bag closeup..its beautiful!! That pink looks really good on you and u are looking fab..rules are meant for breaking!! please dont change - i really dig ur style!!

  5. You have an amazing figure and you dress in a way that really suits you.... I LOVE this outfit, the pink is beautiful!

  6. Yeah,baby!!Rockin'it!!!And you don't need plastic surgery to do so!!!(Like those sad arse tarts!)Stuff rules.Boring!
    That carpet bag is too beautiful!!!

    LOVE Helga XXX

  7. You go girl, break the rules, lifes to short not to, hey great legs xx

  8. Feeling good = looking good. Just be yourself and with your fabulous figure you don't have to stick to any rule.


  9. You can definitely do this! It's an education to watch you -- an inspiration, too!

  10. My opinion is that these so called “fashion experts” are merely corporate courtesans that will pretty much tell you to wear/do anything as long as they are getting richly rewarded to do so.
    Since a lot of these “fashion experts” are on the payroll for whichever company they are praising I feel that they have a lot in common with political whips & are more trend enforcers than anything else.
    They attempt with great gusto to prevent hounds from wandering away from the “fashion” pack.
    Stuff them I say!
    Ban the bland & always rock your own blooming style…you do it so well my lovely!

  11. It would be a crime to cover those legs! I see you wear maxi dresses a lot (very nice and all that) but what a waste of those legs!

  12. You look amazing, I was browsing blogs the other night and the Mr happened to see one of your photos and announced 'I'd be quite happy if you looked like that when your older' and I would agree with him!!

  13. And you look fabulous with your long, black hair & makeup! Love this outfit, especially the pink top & boots :)

  14. I love your attitude. And you've got the figure to carry off anything, so you're right to go for it! Hope you're not as hungover as I am today after your vinos. Is it wine time yet? I need something to take the edge off! xx

  15. Euergh! Bobs, wrap dresses and discretion? What ever happened to your forties being FABULOUS dahhhling?!

    Screw the perceived norm, I completely agree with Calamity Jen. You look rip roaringly fantastic x

    (The blogger known as RooPaprika has forgotten her password again, talk about getting old disgracefully...)

  16. I admire you ;) And that's why I keep coming back and checking and reading your posts, because in here I feel comfortable :) You look like the type of person I'd love to be friends with outside the virtual world!
    Have a great weekend, dear!

  17. Well, really as I see it, if you dress like you're supposed to be 'old' then you're going to feel 'old'. Anyone should be able to wear whatever they want, as long as they feel comfortable in it and sometimes as long as it's appropriate to the situation (I mean, you wouldn't really wear a bright red miniskirt to a church, for instance).

    I think you look fabulous, Vix!

  18. Oh you gorgeous being you! Rules were made for Goddesses like you to prove how wrong those rules are!!!
    ...I so completely agree with what you say... I also refuse to 'conform' to what women our age are supposed to be like. And it's not rebellion, it's not "daring", it's just... who we are.

    Since when does getting older mean getting boring? Why do we have to play 'safe' just because we're older? We actually accrue more confidence and self awareness as we get older!

    Attitudes have changed though... when we were 20, 40 was old! But now... the current 40yos, none of us feel old so we don't look old and don't act old and we're NOT old! It's not about holding on to youth. It's simply that the boundaries of youthfulness have expanded.

    It's all in the attitude. I know 25yos who are rather old in attitude! Plus yes, celebs have helped this attitude shift by refusing to accept middle-aged mediocrocy! Thank you Madonna, Demi, Sigourney et al !

    You look sexy!! I love your attitude and vitality! Women like you (and me hopefully :D !!) are role models for younger women. After all none of us stay younger. we all get older so might as well do it as fabulously as possible!!

    [ps. Fabulous find with the boots!]

  19. Good for you!

    I fully intend to follow your example when I lose the baby weight x

  20. Well i think you look great in cut-offs Vix,
    according to some we're supposed to dress age appropriately, whatever that might be, but i think if you've still got it flaunt it!!

  21. Exactly! I've made a decision to just ignore age. I'm not STILL fit, hot, alive... whatever - I just AM. You look perfect the way you are, Vix! (and these boots are HOT!)

  22. You are so funny! I adore this outfit! You look FAB U LOUS as always! Neutrals? Bobbed hair? You are right: gag. I've always said that when I am a little old lady (think 75) I am going to dye my hair pink and dress eccentrically. No curled grey hair and tracksuits for me.

    As for forty? Well, I don't even consider that old. And you are no exception: you've got it so yeah, flaunt it!!

    ---I laughed at being called a "little minx" the other day. !!!

  23. I love this outfit, and am so with ya on the age appropriate dress code! Blah!!! I kinda think of women like us as rock stars- wear what we want, look how we want and screw society trying to put me in a box! You and I would be great friends. I think we already are. I will try to throw in some more shots of Cincinnati, it is very old and very german descendants. I am a country girl at heart, but love the old buildings here. California is all new buildings, but the weather and ocean make up for it ( we "honeymooned" in San Diego and hit Tijuana,Mexico a lot!) I've only been there, Key West, FLorida, South Carolina and always near the ocean. I here the rest of the U.S. is lovely, especially out west. I've only been in about 10 states so far. Those boots would fare well in the south!!!

    Also, I really was flattered by the little guy- he needs a better pick up line ;) and who knows, He was a cutie! Just kidding, loves my Hubs :)

  24. The fact you don't follow the rules is exactly what makes you so incredibly FABULOUS! You are gorgeous in pink too, by the way. ;)

  25. It's not about age, it's about wearing whatyou look and feel good in. I'm constantly told I should wear mini skirts and I'm happily into my 40s!
    You look fab as usual.


  26. Keep being naughty and breaking the rules!!! xx

  27. Wow a wonderfully different take on the festival look, those boots are to die for! Love them :) xxx

  28. I totally agree with you age does not matter and you look great.

    Love the boots BTW xx


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