Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Spring Has Sprung

It finally feels like spring today. Whilst Jon's cracked on with sorting out the spare bedroom, I've done a couple of loads of washing and hung it out to dry in the sunshine.
I've even sprung into action and started to pack my bag for our trip to India. It seems mad to think I'll be wearing summer dresses, bikinis and Factor 30 in a couple of weeks time when it's still coat, gloves and boot weather here.

I found this Hovland Swanson dress on eBay nearly four years ago, it's actually a kid's but fits me fine. It's been punting along the backwaters of Kerala, clubbing in Mumbai, chilling in Goa and has even visited a few UK music festivals during my period of ownership. 

The felt crysathanthemum hair clip is handmade by me and the enamel earrings were a pressie.

Jacob, the tortoise has gone outside for the first time this year. He's still a bit sleepy but it won't be long before he's zipping around his pen and munching on rocket and cherry tomatoes.

 He's a bit on the shy side today and won't look at the camera.


  1. Fabulous dress Vix; it certainly makes me full of the joys of spring looking at it :)
    It's been a really lovely day down here in the big smoke too.
    I flung all the windows wide open this morning to give the place a good old airing...time for a spring cleaning of epic proportions soon me thinks!

  2. I love the felt flower it's gorgeous! Such a pretty dress.
    Isn't it great the fresh smell of washing that's been outside in the air. (apart from when your dog rips it off the line and rolls in it - sod!)
    Hi Jacob! Hope you wake up soon, he's so cute.

    X x

  3. Hi there-I adore this dress, how lovely that its done so much with you too!! You are so lucky to be going to India soon, think of us shivering back in Britain, LOL!!

  4. you are doing nothing but fuel my desire for maxi dresses, the colours in that one are amazing x

  5. awwwwww SO CUTE... he's big!


  6. love your dress!

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  7. Completely gorgeous well travelled dress, perhaps I could introduce the tortoise to my new pup - maybe not - love the hair clip you made too, very clever of you xx

  8. Oh, how I adore Jacob! He looks much less imposing and gigantic than he did in his last appearance here. Love that dress too, Vix - it's so very you.

  9. Aw, bashful Jacob! He's very photogenic, even if he is feeling sleepy and shy.

    The maxi dress is wonderful and everso cheerful. And pockets! God, I love a dress with pockets.

  10. Gorgeous colours in that dress Vix, you look very summery. xx

  11. Lovely dress - definitely a bright Springtime wear.

    I bet Alex is happy to be out of hibernation now - I know how he feels I've been sleepy today too!

  12. Love the colors in that dress! Beautiful :)

  13. Wow them colours are a delight and it's great to see the sunshine for once! Enjoy it while it lasts - I think its meant to start pouring down by the end of the week [oh the delights of British weather]. Have a good week x

  14. That dress is gorgeous and perfect for this weather. I love the Jacob pics too xxx

  15. that dress goes really well with this bamboo satchel!

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  16. Vix!!!Everything is perfect-you look utterly gorgeous!!!I am soo jealous of that frock!And you hair!!!Arrrghh!!!!xxxall over!!
    And isn't Jacob just a sweetie?!How lovely to have him meandering around the garden!
    O,checked out The Charlatans-they completely passed me by at the time,but love that song on You Tube,shit,have forgotten what it is called!We had a good gander last night.
    May Spring be simply amazing for you as we go into Autumn!!
    Helga XXX

  17. I love your dress.
    I wish I could wear a dress here in the netherlands, but the weater..... :(

  18. This dress looks perfect for fun and games - be it clubbing or a tea party; and you look fabulous in it. It will be happy to go to India with you!

  19. Thanks everyone! Looks like my spring-like mood was a bit premature. The heating's back on and I'm in my boots and long sleeves again today.


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