Monday, 15 March 2010

Mommie, Dearest.

 I found this ancient photo of my brother, Mum and I whilst sorting out the spare room. Marcus is 20 months my junior and I loathed him with a passion when he was born, pushing him and his pram through a plate glass door, tipping his Moses basket upside down and cutting all the pom-poms off his baby clothes. As I've got older I've come to love him and I haven't tried to maim him for many a year. I think my mum looks pretty spectacular here, she was a model and amateur actress until motherhood put paid to her ambition for fame and fortune.

Mum and me have differing tastes where it comes to clothes. She constantly tortures me with tales of her shopping expeditions to Biba and Granny Takes A Trip back in the 1960's and how she gave her psychedelic maxis, Quant go-go boots and snakeskin flares away to friends. Her wardrobe is eighties-tastic, batwing jumpers and crushed velvet leggings vye for cupboard space amongst Dynasty-style shoulder-pads and applique leopard print monstrosities.

However she did come up trumps with this long forgotten number when I popped round yesterday. 
She bought it in the mid-1970's but hasn't a clue where it came from but I reckon I'll be treating it to a few festivals and my forthcoming trip to India.

What on earth would you call it? A jumpsuit, all-in-one or one of those horrific hybrid names so beloved by the fashion press like jeggings or treggings. Perhaps it could a drouser(dress/trousers) or a jess (jumpsuit/dress)?

I'm wearing it with some TopShop boots (sorry about the lack of nail polish on my toes, a crime against fashion if ever there was one) and a jumble sale necklace.


  1. Look at you in that furry hood! I can't believe how naughty you were - cutting pom poms off your brother's clothes? Still, you probably did him a fashion favour. :)

    Love the drouser/jess - I would never be able to pull it off, but you look utterly fab-u-lous. xx

  2. Vix, it is wonderful. How glam is/was your mum?

    As a portmanteau name, I respectfully submit the word rompess, a hybrid of the romper and the dress. ;-)

  3. Aw that photo is amazing, your mum is so very glamorous! And that rompess as Loulou calls it, somewhat brilliantly, is lovely! So summery! x

  4. I love looking at old photos, your mum looks so glam, and how cute do you look!!
    Love the drouser, the pattern is great.

    X xx

  5. WhatEVER you call it, you wear it perfectly! You obviously have inherited your beauty and a sense of style from your mother!

  6. Lou, you are a genius. Rompess is a corker of a word!

    Vix you look fantastic in it. And how adorable is that first photo? Awww.

  7. What a fabulously unique garment, I've never seen anything like it, it's awesome!
    I wish there were gems like this lurking in my mums wardrobe but I think I've had all her vintage stuff already :(
    Modelling mums,eh, that's yet another thing we have in common then.
    My mum did a spot of modelling before she had my brother at the tender age of sixteen.

  8. Hey hey , I was just browsing blogs and catching up on comments before I go off and read my Patti Smith book, when I saw your comment about Chung haha! So so funny.I've replied to it by the way.
    Anywhos, I love your bedroom-I want it. That painting in the background is beautifullllll too.
    peace & bows...
    prettyneons X

  9. That's gorgeous!And so versatile!!I like the name "rompess"!!Perfect!yay,Mommie Dearest came up trumps!It's the least she can do considering the taunts re Biba etc!!Helgaxxx
    PS:am going to check out You Tube and oooh and ahh over Jon!!

  10. The first picture is just adorable ! And you look just perfect with your oufit !

  11. Wow. Your mother was so pretty and fabulous. I'm sure she still is! ;) I love that dress (well, not sure what else to call it). It looks fantastic on you and like something you would go out and buy today. I think it will be perfect for wearing overseas, especially as it looks lightweight and I'm sure India is blistering hot in the spring...

    Omg and that story about your little brother made me laugh so hard. That poor little guy! I'm glad you have grown to love him and have not tried to harm him in the last few years. Hehehe!!

    PS. I'm so glad to be back because I've missed your blog. :)
    PPS. I hope you're having a lovely week!

  12. What lovely comments, I really do appreciate them all.
    I was an evil toddler, although I do look rather angelic in the photo. Perhaps that's what put me off having kids of my own.

    Loulou - Rompess is a fabulous name.
    Jem - Your mum was a beauty, it doesn't surprise me at all that she was a model as well.
    Helga - Enjoy the YouTube performance! Jon's still got hair, hardly recognisable these days.



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