Monday, 8 March 2010

The Caped Crusader

I can never resist a cape and this is the latest addition to my growing collection. It was part of my haul of market stall bargains from last Friday's thrifty shopping trip.

Cape (Market £1.43)
Revamped linen pants (Jumble sale 20p)
Stretch belt with rose buckle (Charity shop 50p)
New Romantic blouse (Jumble sale 20p)
Leather driving gloves (Jumble sale 5p)
Grey Opaques (Free) 
BoHo earrings (Present)
Flower corsage worn in hair (10p Ethel Austin)
Vintage patent handbag (Charity Shop £3.50)
Brogues (Charity Shop £2.95)

Total Cost : £8.93

More of my capes:

Vintage Welsh tweed cape £10 Age Concern

1960's Wetherall of Bond Street cape £3.95 YMCA

Taken in our garden on the sunbathing deck. Maybe we'll get some use out of it next year?

The stone Buddha peeking out behind the ferns was a birthday pressie from Jon. We bought the wrought iron table and chairs in a closing down sale a couple of years ago. The New Zealand flax was in the garden of our last house but survived being uprooted and moved.


  1. I need trousers like that in my life. Perfection.

  2. Those trousers are great! Cape is pretty fab also.

    I can't wait to be able to use our garden this year. We got it decked and made to look all pretty 2 years ago...and we've had rubbish summers since. Think we cursed summer. :(

    Love the stone buddha!

    X x

  3. Love the capes, Vix. Also that Harvey Nicks advert, 19 guineas?! That was a lot of money! Love the Buddha. I did have one for my garden, but my Dad broke him, so I have to do with my little wooden chap on top of the DVD cabinet and a tiny little Buddha statue on my dressing table. xx

  4. do you seriosuly know how awesome you are?
    i love this cape! its too cool.

  5. I love your pink cape, you are such a glamourpuss xx

  6. I'm just crazy about cape too ! And you're perfect, just as usual !

  7. Beautiful outfit, really chic. Care to share where this market is that you visit? it sounds fab xx

  8. Hi Vix,
    the 'cape-love' is one we definately share; you've got such an enviable collection!
    I can't believe that you scored the 60s Wetherall one for less than £4, truly amazing!
    My hubbies mum has a stone Buddha in her garden. She's a Tibetan Buddhist follower and some years ago she went for a year long retreat at the Samye Ling monastery and international centre of Buddhist training, she wore robes & everything...I love mum, she's fabulous!

  9. Oh Vix, how much do I love you in a cape?! You should definitely make yourself one - those patterns look great.

  10. Oooo,that cape!!I think you have just started me on "cape-love"!!!!Look out!!!
    Yootha is my fave too!!Margot is a close second,and also Chrissy from Man About the House,who will get her own Style Icon spot one of these days!
    Looking very chic,dearie!
    Helga XXX

  11. This is such a cool look! I love that cape! I MUST have a cape! I will find one (for cheap! I will!). The pants are awesome too. I love it all. So stylin'.

    heart: Kimberellie

  12. ouu talk about a classy outfit. you wore it so well, its got the best vintage feel. love it

    xx lue

  13. You definitely know how to wear a cape with style xx

  14. CAPES! I LOVE, LOVE CAPES...are you like my blog twin or what? haha ;)

    Your Daisy Lowe/Geldof comment made me laugh out loud.I thought I was going to ruffle a few feathers, so many girls I know adore them...yet what is they do? *Baffled*
    Each to their own I suppose?

    Have a super day,
    peace & bows...
    prettyneons X

  15. I love it !
    The pant is beautiful !

  16. I'm still not sure about wearing capes, but your choices make them much more attractive. I especially love the pink one - looks so great on you!

  17. Thanks for the comments, lovelies!
    For those that have Cape Fear, don't.
    Jem - your MiL sounds fascinating, not only can she knit but has done a Buddhist retreat, too. I did a day's meditation at the B'ham Buddhist Centre and amazed myself by being still, rested and silent for an entire day.
    Kel - So you're to blame for the last two summers, are ya?
    Helga - I'd forgotten about Man About The House. How about On The Buses? Can't resist Olive!


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