Monday, 15 February 2010

Hello Sailor!

The fabulous Calamity Jem has revamped her blog. As ever her unique style inspired me towards today's nautical-themed outfit.

Navy dress, originally Primark, revamped into a blouse (50p from a car boot sale)
Vintage Renata, Italy peep-toes in pearlised white leather (£1 from a car Boot Sale), 1980's belt (5p from a  jumble sale)

1930's celluloid anchor brooch (£1 car boot sale)

Plush sailor doll, one of a pair I found at a jumble sale when I was a child.


  1. Looking lovely today Vix :)

    The top is beautiful and I think I'm a little bit in love with the brooch.

  2. Lovely outfit, those shorts and top are great! I need to learn how to alter clothes!

  3. I am besotted with this look, I adore all things nautical and this is utterly perfect.

  4. Really cute outfit! Love the anchor brooch.
    And did you get that cute sailor at a jumble sale when you were small? or was it bought for you? If you got found it I see bargain hunting started a young age for you! :)

    X xx

  5. I love your outfit and the brooch is perfect.
    Vicki xx

  6. Aw the brooch is too cute! And great job on making that dress into a blouse, I used to own it and didnt like the length, I should have done that! x

  7. You look lovely, I love the nautical look! I just came across your blog, it is inspirational! x

  8. what a fab nautical outfit vix :) i love it!

  9. i love this look on you! seriously chic!

  10. Oh so gorgeous! I'm such a fan of the nautical look and you pull it off so well. Is this a bit of a departure from your usual style? This style looks really fresh and new on you - and it suits you down to the ground! :) xx

  11. cute sailor look!

  12. Thank you, my lovely for mentioning lil ol' me, my bashfulness know no bounds faced with such flattery :)
    This look is right on the money & miles better than the off-the-rail garments I featured in my post.
    Hopefully this will inspire your readers to embrace car boot sales et al & give the High Street the elbow.
    You are proof that one doesn’t have to spend a million dollars to look it!
    Today you also get a gold star from me for revamping a Primark garment...the best possible way to tackle the 'Primark Effect'!
    I’m in love with your Plush sailor doll he's adorable.

  13. i love nautical theme, so this is right up my alley. your top is SO CUTE!!
    xox alison

  14. you look so stunning! you really rocked it. ay ay gorgeous captain!


  15. Cheers all for your kind words!
    Kel, yep, I've loved jumble sales since I was small when I figured out that my pocket money would go a lot further that way as opposed to the Co-op's toy department.


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