Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Cool Hunting

There's not much to beat getting in the car with a like-minded friend and driving to a new place to search the charity shops. A new town is unchartered territory, will the pickings be rich, overpriced or just tatty Primarni cast-offs? We are nervous, chatting away nineteen-to-the-dozen, singing loudly along to the radio and wondering aloud if today will bring memorable finds or will we come back empty-handed with nothing but a slap-up lunch in Wetherspoons to show for our trip.

Our initial qualms were soon forgotten as our foray into the wilds of Shropshire brought bountiful rewards.
Just a few of my finds were this 1960's worsted wool kick pleat skirt for £2.50; an original 1980's black bodysuit, still with the maker's tags attached, for 99p; a 1960's silk scarf for 49p and some vintage Roland Cartier boots for £3.99.

More will be revealed tomorrow......


  1. What fabulous finds! The skirt is absolutely lovely and so is the pattern on the scarf.

  2. Cool finds! You are truly lucky!

  3. Blimming heck, Roland Cartier for £3.99! Amazing. The skirt is lovely on you too! x

  4. Fab finds as always. Maybe you should do a blog post on some of your charity shop tips?

  5. That skirt is amazing on you. I can't believe you got Roland Cartier boots for that price! xx

  6. cute bold ring!


  7. the green trim of your skirt is pretty. :)

  8. Once again bargains galore! And all gorgeous, that skirt is beautiful. Love the scarf aswell.

    X xx

  9. i am loving the green hem against the black:)xxscisi

  10. You find the best things, I cannot wait for part two!

    And thank you SO much for the earrings, they are just so "me".


  11. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Daisy - you're very welcome. Glad you liked them. xx


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