Sunday, 14 February 2010

Chocolates For My Valentine

I'm not a chocolate-loving girl so I'm wearing a cocoa-hued outfit to enter into the spirit of Valentine's Day.

Velvet trousers and silk cami (Jumble sale), Vintage gilet, cinch belt and Edwardian-lady lace-up boots (Charity shop), Antique suitcase (Car boot sale), Dragonfly choker (Mum's jewellery box), Other jewellery (Thrifted)

My vintage velvet Jaeger loons and chocolate-coloured silk cami were more of Thursday's 20p jumble sale finds. My antique suitcase is far too cute not to be used as a day bag, it was crammed with vintage lace when I bought it.

I remember my mum wearing this glass dragonfly choker to dinner parties back in the 1970's. It was one of my favourite dressing-up pieces as a child.

If you're celebrating St Valentine's have a wonderful day.


  1. I love the loons and the suitcase! So perfect together. And I agree too, if Ed was only did nice things for me on one day of the year I wouldn't be too happy! As you say, it's the little things that count! x

  2. The boots and trews are just perfect together. I love the choker - what an elegant neck you have! Altogether gorgeous. :)

  3. That choker is lovely! Great that it's got such a history behind it aswell.

    A parcel came for me yesterday! I was out, but I'm getting it Monday. How exciting! ;)

    X xx

  4. That suitcase is just too good for words!

    The rings are really beautiful too - in fact your whole jewellery stash is amazing.

  5. Gorgeous outfit. Love the choker! x

  6. Wow, those trousers are pretty unlike anything I've ever seen before, I love them though feel it requires a certain something (which you have by the bucket load) to carry them off.

  7. Gorgeous lady! You look good enough to eat. I just adore those pantaloons and that SUITCASE! Beautiful. xx

  8. Great outfit - how on earth can you not like chcolate?!

    How fantastic the suitcase was full of vintage lace - I'm intrigued what you will have used it for as I know you will have found a use for it somewhere.

    Happy Valentines Day :o)

  9. That us such a sweet suitcase, I love the chocker. I can't wear anything round my neck though I feel strangled!
    Vicki xx

  10. That choker is fab. I used to love dressing up in my mum's jewellery as well :)

  11. So chic, as always!

    Left you an award in my post just now ... please come get it?


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