Thursday, 25 February 2010

Green Issues

If you're not already bored, here's another frock from my recent haul of vintage shift dresses. 
Bit tricky this one, what do I wear with green and white? White tights are a definate no-no and green's far too matchy-matchy for my liking. They say blue and green should never be seen but somehow I reckon this colour combo kind of works, it's fresh and fun and makes me feel like spring's finally in the air.

Dress, hat, belt and hand bag (All vintage finds), Tods' python boots (car boot sale), Armwarmers and jacket (TopShop)

I fell in love with this TopShop jacket four years ago but there was no way on earth I was going to pay £45 on an impulse buy. I went into TopShop religiously, week after week, knowing that one day it would be mine, sure enough one appeared on the sale rail two months later knocked down to a tenner.

Wish me luck, I'm off to do battle with the local pensioners at the monthly Thursday afternoon Methodist church jumble. It's elbows at the ready and eyeballs sharpened as I attempt to nab a vintage gem from the mountains of discarded George at Asda, Primarni and mid '90's Next.


  1. Ohhhhh I am in lust with that dress, and the belt, and the hat, and the armwarmers and just everything really!

    And I say bah to the blue/green rule. I think they can look great together and this outfit is a perfect example.

  2. The dress looks very good nipped in with the belt. Very nice spring look... if the weather doesn't come we can always feel like it in our clothes. x

  3. Blue and green should ALWAYS be seen! Blue goes perfectly with both green and purple in my opinion. Fantastic outfit!
    Will pm you on MSE re jewellery later =) x

  4. Blue and green are a great combo, very fresh and springtime-ish. Loving the hat and the armwarmers, two of my very favourite things in the world.

    Well done on nabbing the coveted coat - when I try that, it's always long gone by the time the sales come! xx

  5. Love how you've styled this! And that bag is fab!!
    I can imagine you lurking round Topshop waiting for that jacket to get a red sticker. :)

    X x

  6. you have such a beautiful blog :) if you have time would you look at mine?
    thanks and keep up the great posts :)

  7. ahaa i dont mind at all if you follow ;) i think i will have to do the same, you have an amazing and inspirational sense of style :)

  8. Hi Just wanted to send you another link

    Elaine aka Eddie


  9. Thanks, Elaine! You're a mine of great info. Added to my blog list.

  10. Lovely outfit, I am a blue and green fan too!
    Vicki xx

  11. Hi there-looking lovely and stylish as usual, hope you bagged some bargains this afternoon!!

  12. I dont think anything you post or wear could ever make me bored x

  13. I love these colours together & I particularly love the jacket & bag :)

  14. I like the green blue combination and the topshop jacket is fabulous! (You're so right, if one waits long enough it will be on sale sooner than later). Good luck vintage hunting!

  15. I just have to say this is the best blog ever. I have recently had a baby so money is tight and when weather permits will be going to bootsales etc and you have inspired me so much.
    I dont have an eye for what looks good but you certianly do. you look fab, i wish you could style me.
    You have really made me think about trying new styles and come out of my comfort zone.
    Keep up the good work, love reading ur finds on martin lewis.

  16. I fucking love this outfit!!Sooo inspirational-I always struggle with green/wht,blue/wht or whatever and wht patterns.
    I hope the grannies didn't give you any grief and that you got some fab scores yesterday!!
    G and I have been perusing your older posts,and not only do we have cat twins,we are the same age,we are both fire horses(so is G),we have a Kombi camper van(named the Zombi),I love feta/olive/thyme muffins,I am a shoe freak too,am not married,nor have kids,I don't give a feck for dressing appropriately....I'm fecking freaked out!
    Helga xxxxx

  17. Vix my dear, you are looking absolutely splendid today!
    I love this eclectic ensemble & as for what "THEY SAY" well I think "THEY SAY" an awful lot & most of it is complete & utter rubbish.
    I think it's always right to follow your own style instincts rather than get hung up on formulaic style standards.
    If you happen to like blue and green, purple and red, black and brown, navy and black or pink and red teamed together then wear it & if it makes some stuffy fashion fascist cringe then…HOORAH…rocking the style-boat is so much fun ;)

  18. I love this look so very, very much. Blue and green should ALWAYS be seen! So beautiful.


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