Friday, 26 February 2010

Granny Takes A Trip

Knitted skirt suit and jacket (Jumble sale), Samba platforms (TopShop), Scarf and Sunglasses (Charity shop), Earrings (Mum's jewellery stash)

Well, yesterday's jumble sale certainly came up trumps! The lady in charge has taken a real shine to us and held back a bundle of hand-made skirt suits found in the loft of a wool shop that closed down back in the late 1970's. 

There's a certain granny-feel about these crazy acid bright creations but with the right accessories I quite like the vibe. Each suit set me back 70p and the immaculate vintage faux fur coat was 40p.

What do you think of my new sunglasses?
They're vintage Ted Lapidus and I spotted the white pair in a local charity shop this morning priced at £3.95. After I snaffled them the manager mentioned he had a second pair in the back and that I might as well have them for free as they were "a bit mad". Apparently they're Nicole Ritchie's glasses of choice and the replicas retail at £140.

 Possibly the most beautiful shoes I own, bought with vouchers so technically free.

Happy Friday, readers! Special big love to my dear friends, Jem and Helga, fellow fearless dressers and vintage fashion fanatics. If you haven't checked out their blogs yet why the heck not?


  1. wow, that is a stunning soft looking jacket! what a great find for 40 pence!, You could sell it for a hefty profit on ebay...great finds.

    :0) G

  2. i love this outfit!! how fabulous that the jumble sale lady has kept things back for you - you certainly seem to have an unforgettable style in that case :P
    and those shoes are so great, i love them! xx

  3. Hi there-you never cease to amaze me with your fabulous finds, you are truly inspirational!! You look great and those sunglasses are just gorgeous, what a find indeed!

  4. Oh goodness Vix, the skirt suits. Divine.

  5. Oooh the new look blog! It's beautiful. What lovely suits, and the glasses are just amazing.
    The shoes are absolutley stunning too.
    Vicki xxx

  6. Wow those shoes are AMAZING.
    I love those colours together - the turqoise & grey - lovely!
    Congratulations on your great new purchases :)

    PS. Liking the new look of your blog too :)

  7. Wow great new layout!
    Love love love those shoes.
    X xx

  8. You're way too stylish for your own good! Love how you see the potential from jumble sales ... I'm learning just by watching you!

  9. You are THE most divine example of fabulous womanhood!!!I love you to bits!!Yay for all your awesome loot-the colours!Loving the shoes,the sunnies,the everything!Totally inspirational!!!xxxxxxxxxxxhelga


  10. Hi Vix, those skirt suits are wonderful & the fact that they are handmade just makes them even more wonderful in my eyes, in fact you can't get much better than that :)
    The sunnies are totally wicked, I'm not surprised at all that they are popular in celeb circles, very retro & very very chic! How nice of the manager to give you the other pair free.
    40p for that faux-fur....seriously we are going to have to invent a new word for 'bargain' when it comes to your super duperly cheap & supremely chic finds cause 'bargain' simply does not cover it!
    Hope you will have a lovely weekend & thanks for the mention, so very kind of you my lovely :)

  11. Love it. Love the suits. Love the sunglasses! You look great, so sophisticated! Oh, nothing is better than a good deal that looks great!!

  12. Love the layout!

    Those shades are stunning and what a bargain =)
    You look ever so sophisticated with your hair up and fantastic job on styling the skirt suit. xx

  13. Love the new layout Vix :)

    Those knitted suits are all kinds of fantastic and I particularly love the colour of the one you've got on in the pics today.

  14. Gorgeous outfit, I adore the combination of it all. I especially like those shoes!

    I love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  15. Those wool suits are brilliant and such care must have been put into them. And the shoes.... DIVINE! x


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