Wednesday 24 February 2010

Meet The Family

Another 20p 1960's shift dress from my jumble sale stash worn with silver lurex tights, 1940's kid skin evening gloves and grey patent platforms.

Name: Stephen Squirrel
Age: 4
Hobbies: Vintage Liberty scarves & climbing 

My awesome blogging pal Helga Von Trollop owns Stephen's antipodean doppelganger, Boris.

Name: Lucy Jean
Age: 19
Hobbies: Fine art and reggae music

Name: Polly Piglet
Age: 4
Hobbies: Speed dating and ornothology

Name: Vix
Age: Old enough to know better
Hobbies: Hedonism and vintage shopping

Same dress worn with silver patent platform boots (£10, River Island), Filigree earrings (Xmas present)

 Excuse the amp in the background and the somewhat bare walls, decorating of the stairs is currently in process.

Sterling silver cobra ring and moonstone set in a nest of silver vipers (Both from Indian street markets)


  1. I LOVE that dress! I wish I had the figure to pull something like that off but those styles make me look too matronly! Your cats are so cute too :)

  2. KITTIES!! So cute!

    Love the dress, so simply elegant on you... and every time I see a bit more of your house I become a little more envious, lol.

  3. That dress is so simple but just perfect.

    Yay for the cat pics. Lucy Jean looks amazing for her age.

  4. Love this post!! :) great getting to know the family. Stephen Squirrel is far more stylish than me!
    Another fab shift dress, love the silver tights with it. And great rings!

    X xx

  5. I'm loving these dresses on you. Your cats are so sweet, and such interesting hobbies lol!

    I liked the moonstone ring until I saw the snakes, they give me the creeps!
    Vicki xx

  6. I'm jealous of your ability to wear metallic tights, I tried it a few weeks ago and they just made my legs look fat (and they're not really).
    Next time you go to India bring back some beautiful silver things to sell to me, I can never find anything like that here! x

  7. oh i love the dresses, please take me to a jumble sale with you!! :)

  8. I just stumbled upon your blog and I have to say I love your Profile ;) And I'm cracking up over Polly's speed dating and ornithology. I have Scooter who's could be her match in that area lol!

    Love your shift dress. If you lived close by I would steal...I mean.... borrow it ;D

  9. Gorgeous as always!

    Love the kittys. I like Polly, shes looks a little mischevious (sp).


  10. You've done so well getting these dresses, i love the colour of these ones. The gloves are fab too x

  11. very remiss of me...I meant to say, beautiful cats! x

  12. Oh your cats are cute. I'm also loving the posts including the collection of shifts, they suit you so much and you style them so well. (And can I also say, the sofa, the cushions, the chandilier, oh wow!!) xx

  13. this might be my favourite dress yet,
    and I LOVE your rings.

    Flash is eyeing your kitties with suspicion, and jealous of their style.

  14. Hi there-your cats are just gorgeous, what a lovely family you all are!! The dress is just fab and I love those tights too!

  15. You really know how to rock lilac! Those cats are beautiful, and they really have some fab hobbies!

  16. I thought my eyes were going there for a minute when I looked at the photo where you're standing on top of the has a certain Alice in Wonderland perspective, like you've grown into an Amazon & everything around looks decidedly smaller :)
    This dress job lot of yours just keeps on delivering, I adore the lovely lilac shade of this one, very pretty & teaming it with silver works fabulously!
    Your cats are so Sweeeeeeet :)

  17. OMG I loooooove your house!!And phwoar,you look HOT in that gorg lilac frock!!Jealous!!!!And the tigths!And,and....
    Hi Stephen-Boris has had a good sniff at you!!!(and hi Lucy and Polly!)I would love more that 1 kitty,but Boris is a very jealous cat.
    Vix,I would love nothing more than to hang in your funky pad,drinking and playing dress ups!!!You totally rock!
    Helga xxxxx

  18. This dress is perfect on you ! And you're so pretty !

  19. Ooh I've suddenly developed a longing for silver tights in my life!

    PS. Love the rings :)

  20. thats so nice! and cheap!!!

  21. Hello kitties! Lovely to meet you. I'm v.jealous of that Liberty print scarf Stephen is rocking!

    I feel these vintage shift dresses will keep you going for months. Such a great find!

  22. Aw the kitties! <3 I have a very similar tabby named Biff!

    Still incredibly jealous of the shifts :D The colour is so pretty on you! x

  23. I love those rings! I also love your pastel dress with your dark hair, they look lovely together. That kitty is sooo cute!!!

  24. absolutely in LOVE with those rings and your kitties. sooo adorable

    xx lue

  25. Indian street market? Ooh!

    Browsing here. Like what I see.

    Much admiration from India!! :)


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