Monday 21 December 2009

Make Do And Mend

Vintage early 1970's needlecord maxi skirt (Charity shop), TopShop angora wool "boyfriend" cardi and sewing stool (Car boot sale), Silver jewellery (India), Rug and wallpaper (Laura Ashley), Fire surround and brass companion set (Skip finds), Sewing box & Regency period neo-classical vases (Inherited)

It's far too cold to contemplate venturing out so I've used my time wisely and finally got round to repairing those clothes I keep pulling from the wardrobe and hastily replacing when I realise they are missing buttons, holey or in need of re-hemming.

With a roaring log fire and my favourite tunes playing in the background what better way to spend a sub-zero winter afternoon?

I've never had to buy any new sewing paraphernalia, I've inherited lots and there's always a bag or basketful to snaffle at car boot or jumble sales. As well as being ultra comfy the 1950's green tweed stool I'm sitting on opens out into a satin-lined sewing box, a boot sale bargain at only 50p. I love the way vintage sewing supplies are packaged and you can't beat a traditional wooden cotton reel. 


  1. You're so lucky to not have to venture outside today - I spent it in a draughty office!

    I love these photos. You look so content!

  2. I want your sewing box! and log fire, and skirt!
    Gorgeous photos looks so warm and snug.

    X x

  3. Those pictures are lovely ! Sewing, calm ... that's perfect !

  4. I want to be by your fire right now.


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