Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Sweet Charity

Just a few of the pretty things I picked up on my last charity shopping expedition of the decade:

From top: Fendi leather belt (50p), Vintage wasp waist belt (£1), Faux leather plaited belt (£1)

Urban outfitters pendants - Silver bell 99p and Black perfume bottle £1.99

Urban Outfitters headbands 48p each, Kate Sheridan purse 50p

La Perla nude body £1.99

Vintage suede ankle boots with stacked heels £4

More to follow....


  1. I just knew you'd find some real treasures when you mentioned your trip! Love the boots and cute purse. Excited to see the rest!

  2. You did very well chick :)
    I've never seen a Fendi letter belt before, I've got a Moschino one that I bought from a vintage market but they seem to be a lot more pedestrian, so well done in bagging that... and for just 50p...I'm seriously going to have a new word cause ‘bargainous’ just doesn't suffice :)

  3. Thanks, girls!
    The Fendi belt was a bit of a surprise,Jem. I didn't realise it was the real thing till I got it to the counter.
    I've looked up the La Perla bodysuit on their website and it retails at £146!!!! I'd been after something to wear under a sheer dress for ages but I'm scared to wear it now.

  4. Wow!! you can really grab a bargain.

    I adore that perfume bottle necklace, if you ever want rid of it let me know!!!

    And the Fendi belt? and La Perla body, lucky girl!!


  5. FABULOUS ! I'm in love with the little purse !


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