Sunday 20 December 2009

Sunday Girl.........

Maxi dress (Jumble sale), Vintage Levi's jacket and Dunlop wellies (Charity shop), Arm warmers (TopShop), Willow trug (Car boot sale), French enamel house number (Reclamation yard)

Snow has finally reached the Midlands! Feeling festive, I gathered some garden greenery to make a rustic door spray.


After selecting choice sprigs of ivy, laurel, fir and berry-laiden holly I snipped off any excess foliage and tied the tops together with a length of vintage red velvet ribbon.

Doesn't everything look pretty with a light dusting of the white stuff?


  1. I'm so close to hunting you down and stealing your dress!

  2. I must say, your snow is nothing compared to ours! ;)

    Love the foliage and the outfit. You look like a real Earth mother (in a gorgeous, hippy way, not an unwashed, environmentalist way!). xx

  3. Love your dress!
    And get you arty crafty making your own Christmas decs. Looks lovely.



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