Friday, 13 November 2009

One Man's Trash.... this girl's treasure!

Here's just a few of the pieces I picked up at a jumble sale last night. At 20p an item and 10p admission fee it was well worth braving the torrential rain.

My favourite finds included the perfectly fitting 1960's Italian leather brogues, the knitted mesh sweater with a sequined corsage trim and the cute bird, which came as part of a pair of wall decorations and I transformed into a pendant with the addition of a gold tone chain found lurking in my sewing box.


  1. It must be the money saver in us. I love the bird necklace, so sweet and a very inventive re-purposement!

  2. Thanks! He was just far too cute to hang on the wall. xx

  3. THe bird is fab..was the other of the pair another bird?? *ebay list for me if you don't want it lol*

  4. Love those brogues. I'm having a brogue moment!


  5. Fab finds! I can't believe you got all this for under a quid..AMAZING!


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