Saturday, 14 November 2009

Breaking All The Rules

If the British fashion press are to be believed I dress entirely inappropriately for a woman the wrong side of forty. Apparently showing too much leg, having long hair, wearing black eyeliner, any form of visible piercing and too much jewellery are all huge style no-nos. Well, guess what? Those fascist fashionistas can take a running jump and take Tyranny and Susannah with them (that's if their Louboutin heels will carry them that far). Life's far too short to worry about looking your age and dressing inappropriately, heck, some of the best times I've ever had were when I'd worn the wrong thing!

My wardrobe is an adult dressing-up box, crazy prints, flounces, lame and frills peep out at me, tempting me in. The plan of wearing skinny jeans and a blouse fall by the wayside when I spot a 1950's lace gown crying out for the attention it so rightly deserves.

Tonight's outfit consists of a bird print play suit (market stall), a vintage leatherette grab bag (charity shop) and some TopShop cobalt blue shoe boots I picked up in their Buy-One-Get-One-Free sale three years ago. Combined with the bird pendant I made myself and an armful of brass bangles picked up in India the whole ensemble comes in at less than £20.

Have a great night, I intend to!


  1. never change your style, please.
    you look incredible!
    I really admire you for going against the grain and wearing exactly what YOU want to wear.

  2. Hello!, ive been a lurker of your blog for a while, i luv looking at your updated blog! and your effortless style. I am curious as to how you came to be very into (i was going to say obsessed!) with India and indian culture-i think its so cool, but would be interested to know how you came to like Indian culture so much. You do not look in your 40's!-you look so young! :)

    luv your effortless style, keep it up and keep updating your blog--very interesting and informative .

    G :0)

  3. How kind, both of you..I really appreciate your lovely thoughts!

    G - I first went to India ten years ago as a two-week tourist. We braved the heat, dust and jetlag to walk to a chai bar pursued by a persistent beggar and a number of hungry dogs. The cafe had no beer but sent a runner to a nearby shop to fetch some for us plus some vegetable pakoras and refused to accept payment saying that we were their guests and it was thir duty to provide for us. I knew then that I was in love.
    It's the chaos, the friendless of strangers, smells, sights and sounds. India can be totally lawless and frustrating and tranquil and beautiful. I've been 14 times now and I don't think there's ever been a single day when I haven't been amazed by something!


  4. Hey :) Thanks for your reply ,wow, that is a warming story--i've never been myself but would love to some day !

    Keep it up'' yr quite inspiring :o) I luv that parrot jumpsuit dress, i have a peacock bird dress from h&m that reminds me of it.

    G :) x

  5. You look amazing. You've styled that jumpsuit perfectly - sometimes I think they can be so unflattering, but the tights and shoes balance the detail. Gorgeous.


  6. You look great!

    Your style is a million miles away from mine, but I admire it for it's individuality, creativity and sense of fun and draw inspiration from elements of it!

    "It's not what you wear, it's the way that you wear it is a favourite mantra of mine", which by and large makes age irrelevant!

    (such a techno div, I can only work out commenting as 'anonymous'!!)

  7. Thanks for your comments Jen and Bronnie!


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