Thursday, 12 November 2009

Boot sale finds - Curl Up and Dye

I was fascinated to find this set of vintage hair styling irons complete with an instruction manual and original box mailed to a Miss H Brown from "Edwards Harlene Ltd of Lambs Conduit Street, London" on 30th April, 1930.

For just 50p I think it's a wonderful piece of social history - I imagine a 1930's bright young thing recreating the waved hairstyle of Greta Garbo with her wind-up gramophone playing modern jazz and a large tumbler of gin at her side.

Whether I'd be brave enough to try them out is a different matter.


  1. There's a 'salon' near me called Kurl up and Dye. Your fab find looks much classier!

  2. Sounds very dodgy with a "K" for curl! Bet you haven't been tempted to pop in for a trim. xx

  3. Hi there. I've only been reading your blog for a short time and think it's great! We live in the Midlands but don't seem to have as many jumble sales as lucky you! Wondered if you care to share your best places?

  4. Thanks for your kind words!
    We're in the West Midlands and our hunting ground is usually around the Black Country - Dudley, West Brom, Walsall, Bilston, the more old-fashioned the area, the better the type of stuff available!
    Where are you?

  5. Oh- My- Goodness,those curling tongs takes me back over sixty years ,when my little friend ,gave me a new hair do ,it was meant to be curly ,but just after the awful stink of burning ,chunks of hair dropped off !!my Mother wasnt pleased !!...I am reading my way through your past entries and loving it Jan xx


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