Thursday, 12 November 2009

Boot Sale Finds - From Art Deco to Alice Cooper

What I love about a car boot sale is the eclectic mix of goodies you come home with. I go with a mental list of things I'd love to find and come back with the total opposite.

Today's finds included a 1930's silk lined capelet, an Alice Cooper 1987 tour tee shirt, a boxed 1950's shoe stretcher and a vintage "Flying Trapeze" toy.

In less than an hour I've got something to wear tomorrow night, a Christmas present for my hard-to-please brother (a fellow collector of kitsch) and a solution to a pair of vintage shoes that are too small but far too cute to eBay. All the items pictured came to less than £6.

How could a morning on the British high street possibly compare?


  1. I love that caplet. I can imagine wearing it with a floral dress and some thick tights with a 40s wave in my hair. I want it! :) xx

  2. It's getting a trial run tomorrow night. Not sure what to wear it with yet so I may dig out a floral dress and try it out!

  3. Hi Vix,

    What's your ebay seller ID? I might find the perfect xmas presents there!


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