Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Jump to the beat

I've loved all-in-one suits since I got my Charlies Angels catsuit back in 1977.
Kate Jackson was my favourite angel (the brainy brunette one) but I've got to admit that Farrah Fawcett-Majors looked fab in hers.

It's a look that's popular at the moment but be warned, it's not a good thing to wear if you're planning a drunken night out. Speaking from experience it's also a nightmare to negotiate a festival Porta-loo in one.

My navy blue polka dot vintage 1980's jumpsuit has boned arms that can be worn off the shoulder and retro tapered legs. I won it on eBay last week for £2.05 (including postage) and was thrilled to discover it fitted perfectly. I think the Renata of Italy couture white leather peep-toes (£1 car boot sale) and trashy gold jewellery make it quite cheery on a grey winters' day.

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  1. You look FAB!! It does fit perfectly, what a find.


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