Thursday, 19 November 2009

Hot Legs!

Browsing the TopShop website earlier this week I was quite taken by these sequined little beauties but at a ludicrously jaw-dropping £50 it was a definite no-no.
Not one to be defeated easily I rifled through my fabric stash and unearthed a length of 1960's lurex I'd snaffled from a jumble sale earlier this year. Armed with dressmaking pins, sharp scissors, a length of elastic and my trusty sewing machine I cut round an old pair of leggings and created these in less than an hour.
Not bad for 25p, huh?


  1. Yours are better, I think. You look incredible. Just wow.

  2. Love the contrast between the boots and the leggings. Ah, you're so original!

    LOVE your interiors too. More pictures of your house, please!!


  3. Wow, fabulous DIY! I like them much more than the Topshop ones. Making your own leggings RULES in my book & you certainly have a knack for it judging by these beauties :)

  4. Thanks, Jen! I'm off on a fabric buying mission today so hopefully I'll have a few more pairs soon. xx


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