Wednesday 18 November 2009

Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet?

Okay, I have a confession to make, I'm a shoe addict. I've a major obsession with shoes, the more outrageous and decadent the better which is pretty crazy as I had a total hip replacement almost four years ago and am supposed to wear "appropriate footwear" but, hell, I'm sure my Orthopaedic surgeon's not reading this so I think I'm safe.

TopShop is my first love for footwear - good quality, reliable sizing and just so gorgeous. The black "Russo" platforms cost me £8 in the January sales and the turquoise "Samba" shoes were bought with gift vouchers (so technically free).

I'm lucky enough to live in a market town with a stall that sells chain store returns , I've known the trader for years and he gives me a generous discount, I rarely pay more than a tenner for the current season's beauties. The fringed "Zinc" shoes from Dune retail at £120 and cost me £7 and the Faith patent brogues were a quid.

I'm always on the lookout for second-hand shoes and boots and have picked up many over the years. The original 1980's pirate boots cost 25p at a boot sale a couple of years ago and are my festival favourites - as you can see from the mud. The turquoise python Tod's boots have got to be one of my best-ever boot sale finds, I shudder to think how much those babies cost when originally purchased.


  1. They are all so gorgeous!, especially the brogues and pirate boots, I need to make friends with a store return trader!! Barganious

    :) G

  2. Fabulous. Love them all. I've never been a shoe gal (more of a necklace fiend, actually) and being the giant I am, don't really like mega heels. But those Tod's boots... sigh. I think you may have to move over and make room for me in shoe heaven!! :)


  3. Thank you! I wish it was just a shoe addict, but there's also my obsession with earrings, belts, bags, bangles........ xx


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