Friday 20 November 2009

Ever Fallen In Love?

Have you ever fallen in love with something you never should have? I have when I spied this vintage coat in a charity shop earlier today. I've got far too many coats but this baby was just begging to be given a good home. (I'm also in love with Tamoula, our '68 Beetle, but my beloved says she simply has to go as we already share our home with three VW camper vans.)

I must have had a sixth sense this morning as I found the coat in a charity shop I rarely visit. Okay, it's raising money for a worthy cause (a local children's hospice) but the prices are just insane. I'm very happy to pay a fair price for high-end or vintage labels but when they charge £25 for Next boots and £15 for a washed-out Primark dress I'm afraid I just tut loudly, turn on my heels and flounce out. However the coat was priced at a very reasonable £9.95, LostProphets were playing in the background and the sun was shining so I handed over my tenner and told the lady to keep the change.

PS- My roots are horrendous. I promise to re-dye them this afternoon!


  1. LOVE that coat,
    the shop sounds a lot like ALL the ones near me, over charging big time!

  2. Wow, your car, the coat, just stunning. And yep, dye the roots ;)

  3. Thanks guys! I've done my roots now, tsk tsk, must'nt be so lazy. xx

  4. AWESOME COAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well worth every penny! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! Glad to find your blog as a result!



  5. Gorgeous coat, but oh - don't get rid of the Beetle! She's so sweet!

  6. Too late, the evil man's already put her on eBay. xx


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