Saturday 21 November 2009

Oh, the rain falls down on a humdrum town...

....this town will drag you down (William, It was really nothing). I've loved The Smiths since hearing "Hand in Glove" on the John Peel show back in 1983. As a fellow vegetarian with a shared love of 1960's gloomy kitchen sink novels I lived in the vain hope that one day I'd meet Morrissey and we'd share a terraced house in Salford. Alas, my dream remained a fantasy but I've never tired of listening to his dulcet tones and marvelling at his perfectly sculpted cheekbones.

What a miserable day it's turned out to be, only the prospect of a night on the town lifts my gloom (and now my roots have been retouched I can again face the public). I've been to two jumble sales today, the proceeds of which are still in a huge pile on the floor.
Some of today's finds include some vintage advertising tins and a fringed Bohemian silk shawl.


  1. i love the smiths!!

    great blog =]

  2. The tins are amazing. I'm fascinated by vintage advertising... I have a few classic prints of old ads, but those tins are so special. Great finds, I'll have to keep my eye out! :)

  3. Old tins are great!
    I love it when I find one that is crammed full of bits & buttons.... Oh, the joy :)
    The skies above let rip on the boot sale today so alas no fab Sunday finds for me :(
    I'm going round the charity shops tomorrow, so maybe I'll have better luck there?
    I have to say that I'm in love with your kitschy ladies hanging in the background; I've only got one so far. I've always wanted one of the Bruno Amadio 'The Crying Boy' print paintings, my granny had one hanging above the living room sofa back in the 70s & it always fascinated me.

  4. Old tins are just so cute. They're rarely worth anything so can be picked up for peanuts! I'm with you on finding stuff inside, CalamityJem - it's like a mini time capsule discovering a once treasured button, broken brooch or, in the case of two of yesterday's finds - a bullseye marble and a few sheets of "Izal" toilet paper!

  5. Even Izal toilet paper brings back memories, not always fond !!


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