Thursday 26 November 2009

Heavy Metal

This morning's car boot sale resembled a miserable monday after the Glastonbury Festival, thick mud where grass used to be and spaced-out folks shivering from the cold and wandering about aimlessly. There was a wintery nip in the air and I was thankful I'd donned my trusty wellies, angora beret and favourite faux fur coat. Even though the counterfeit tat and dodgy dvd sellers far outnumbered the genuine booters there were still bargains to be had if you looked carefully enough.
Inspired by the truly amazing blogger CalamityJem I picked up a couple of horse brasses for 50p each and spent the afternoon creating some rather groovy new neck wear. At a bargainous £1 I also couldn't resist the leather bridle, it adds a quirky touch to an ordinary outfit and I'm sure the generous four-legged beastie who donated it won't mind me borrowing his style.


  1. are u goint to this festival? yes..or? :)

  2. Oh yeah! Got my tickets and already planning my outfits. Can't wait. xxx

  3. What a great idea! I love brass with leather, and I'm really into equestrian imagery at the moment too. Love these!

  4. Thanks for the mention...blush blush :)
    Fabulous DIY effort, I love the cool tribal dude/dudette with the grass skirt, I've never seen one of them before & as for the leather bridle...Je suis jaloux bigtime...what a funky find!

  5. Thanks a lot! ...
    Today its not my day.Missing a lot in my live.


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