Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Grand Entrance

Our hallway is tiny but as the first stop for any visitors it has to look inviting.

The floor was tiled using recycled glass mosaics and the walls papered in textured flock found in a DIY store clearance bin for 99p a roll. The door curtain is a pair of jumble sale raw silk curtains sewn together and the chandelier was a car boot bargain at 50p. The vintage umbrella and parasol collection are jumble sale and car boot buys and the Edwardian stand was found in an outbuilding. The red telephone was salvaged from a skip years ago, it does work but it takes an age to dial.

When we moved in we removed the ply board from the doors and were thrilled to discover the Victorian four-panel doors beneath. We stripped them ourselves and found the ceramic knobs and finger plates on eBay. The louvered door hides the cloakroom - a great hideaway for our huge assortment of coats and wellies.

Union Jack is a truly iconic image, we're no patriots but the antique flag draped over the mannequin, the coronation flags in the umbrella stand and the door mat just looked right.


  1. I will be back with a proper comment soon, just wanted to let you know that there will soon be an award for you on my blog :)

  2. Wow! Thanks for the award, I'm so excited I've just had to show it off. xxx

  3. what an incredible looking place my lovely
    (meant to say that earlier)
    I'm so envious of your decor

  4. Yay on the awards!! :)
    And I must find myself a mannequin..Really love the entrance hall, and the telephone and chandelier are my favourite parts I think :)

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    u are beautiful
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  6. I love the symmetry of the Union Jack. Everything about this makes me want to come inside and snoop around - the perfect hallway!


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