Tuesday 24 November 2009

Feelin' Good

A while ago I worked with a guy who greeted me each morning with "Talk me through today's outfit, where and why?" He was intrigued with the way I put my clothes together and liked to know the reason behind my daily choice as well as it's origins.

There's no set formula behind my style of dressing, I buy what catches my eye, I don't worry about it matching or going together, every item is something I've fallen in love with and makes me feel good and that's the common denominator.

The reasoning behind today's outfit:

Shoes: Vintage loafers, sensible option as I walked into town - 25p jumble sale
Dress: The length & fabric contrasted with the sensible shoes - Monsoon sale £9
Tights: A bright choice for a dull day. Found in underwear drawer.
Vintage Trilby: Snaffled from Boyfriend's wardrobe. An alternative to an umbrella.
Aubergine leather Coat: Showerproof and warm. Charity shop £3
Leather satchel: Today's market day so valuables need to be kept close. Car Boot 30p
Rupee Coin Choker: An Indian market find to remind me my holiday is close. Mysore £6


  1. Great outfit! , It doesn't matter at all if things go or don't go together, there is nothing worse than following the crowd or 'trends' in my opinion. The added 'indian touch' -the necklace is also striking against the vintage ensemble. Enjoy your forthcoming trip! sounds ahhmazing!

    :) G x

  2. Love the satchel. The outfit looks great on you!
    :) Emma

  3. I love love love this,

    "feelin' good, looking hotttttt" should be your post title ;) x

  4. I might start asking my colleagues that very same question!

    Great outfit, I love the way the vibrant purple tights pull out the purply tones in your coat. CUTE trilby too - I've never been able to pull them off!

    Jen x

  5. Love the purple tights! awesome pop of colour!
    magpie-girl.blogspot.com xx

  6. Thanks for lovely comments! It's made my day. xxx


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