Monday 23 November 2009

Groove Is In The Art - Retro Prints

I can't resist a retro print! I suppose the reason is that they evoke such fond memories of my childhood. JH Lynch's "Tina" used to gaze down flirtatiously from my best friend's parents' dining room wall and a wild horses print took pride of place above my auntie and uncle's fireplace.

Millions of these prints were produced during the 1950's and 1960's but being so cheap they were considered disposable and it's quite rare to come across them at boot sales and jumble sales. Demand has pushed the prices so high it's rare to find a framed Tretchikoff for under £50 on eBay.

My finds take pride of place throughout the house. From the top, here's a few of my favourites:
Horses In Red - H Faust (Jumble Sale 20p)
Caroline - Unknown (Car boot Sale £3)
Girl With Mandolin - S Nizert (Charity Shop £5)
Burmese Pearl - Sir Gerald Kelly (Car Boot Sale £5)
Autumn Leaves - JH Lynch (eBay £17)


  1. I love Horses in Red. That's a beautiful image.

    I love prints too, mostly vintage advertisements. We have a print called 'Ballooning in Paris' in the living room that I could gaze at for hours. Art is magical, even though I'm rather clueless!


  2. Me, too! I just buy what I like. xx

  3. Now that is what I call an enviable kitschy pictures collection.
    'The Crying Boy' picture I've been on the look out for is probably rarer still as in the mid 80s 'The Sun' ran a story about these pictures being cursed as they had been found un-charred in the debris of several “mysterious” house fires. The Sun even went as far as organizing a great big bonfire to enable its readers to rid themselves of their “cursed” painting...barmy!

  4. When I was much younger I volunteered in a charity shop. We had several "Crying Boy" prints donated and the manageress made us put all of them in the skip because of that Sun story! xxx


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