Friday 27 November 2009

Friday I'm In Love

Oh, I do love friday mornings. Starting the day with a swim in the warm water brine baths, catching up with my mother over a glass of chilled house white in Yates' followed by a trawl of the local charity shops and historic town centre market.
Suede 1960's jerkin (car boot) Denim leggings (local market) Faith tan leather ankle boots (local market) Refashioned biker tee (jumble Sale) Silver bangles & rings (India) Fringed Urban Outfitters necklace (Car Boot) H&M tassel earrings (car boot)  Victorian Rifleman's jacket (Family heirloom)  

Today's find was these Renata "Designer Collection" unworn Italian leather shoes and matching clutch priced at £9.95 for the set. Not only were they my favourite colour but the shoes are a perfect size 39.5 so you could say they were made for me. 
The books set me back 20p each.


  1. Wow love the bag and shoes! :) Emma

  2. wow, those shoes (and bag) are so beautiful.

  3. Oh oh oh! Those SHOES! I might rename you Magpie girl as you always come home with something shiny! Gorgeous. Love today's outfit, too. Isn't it just so great that there's a piece of clothing called 'jerkin'?! It's making me giggle!!

  4. good lord those shoes are amazing!
    and "the informers" is such a fun read. the film was ok-ish

  5. Thanks, all! The set came from a charity shop raising funds for a Midland's based hospice which happens to be local football team, Aston Villa's nominated charity. They wear "ACORNS" across their shirts. Since they did this the charity shop's stock has hugely improved as the fans generously donate to their favourite team's good cause.


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