Monday, 12 October 2009

A Certain Shade of Green

This morning's glorious sunshine warranted a colourful outfit for my yoga class. I teamed this 20p early 1960's-era jumble sale jacket with purple hareem pants and vintage cowboy boots and the vivid scarf drew the outlandish colour combo together.

Don't be put off by holes in vintage clothing - the jacket was nibbled by moths but I darned the damage and disguised my handywork with a strategically placed sixties brooch.

If you're an inexperienced second-hand buyer and get flustered when you enter a charity shop head for the basket of scarves - the ones with curly edges and visible stitching are "hand-rolled" and usually of top quality. Classy labels to look out for are Richard Allen and Jacqmar.
A vintage scarf adds a touch of individuality to any outfit; you don't need to tie one around your neck , try threading one through your belt loops instead of a belt or tie around a handbag strap for instant glam.


  1. I love the jacket, what a bargain. The scarf is brilliant too.

  2. Aw thanks, Daisy! It was part of a massive haul I got about three weeks ago - the best jumble sale ever.

  3. Your outfits are so inspiring. This jacket is immensely beautiful, cannot BELIEVE the price of it! You are a very talented lady and I'm loving your second hand shopping advice.

    GG xxx

  4. Love the ankle boots!!! love your vintage tips :) xx


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