Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Celia, You're Breaking My Heart

By rights I should love this Celia Birtwell dress, the print's fab but the cut is awful and it's completely transparent, but it only cost £3.80 from a charity shop so I tolerate it.
I rock it up with my favourite vintage leather jacket, shin-length leggings, ankle boots and heaps of ethnic jewellery. The holdall is leather with silk paisley-covered panels - ideal for carrying my swimming gear and a snip at 25p.

When I'm second-hand shopping I try to think creatively - pattern and fabric is far more important than size. If it's too big don't dismiss it -belt it or a wear with a tight waistcoat, fitted jacket or shrunken cardi to create shape and interest.

Remember that vintage dress sizes are significantly smaller than today's contemporary clothing sizes - a 1970's size 12 is more like a modern day size 8. Bear this in mind when trawling eBay's vintage section - if the measurements aren't given in the listing ask before bidding to avoid an expensive mistake.

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  1. Impressive bangle collection! Love the bag too. I almost always belt my clothes - I love that 50s inspired nipped waist, but the cut of high street clothing just doesn't give that kind of silhouette.



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