Sunday, 11 October 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

There's a roaring log fire in the lounge and yesterday's Guardian is waiting to be read so I'm not planning on going anywhere today.
I'm looking a bit rough around the edges from this weekend's excesses (despite a long, lazy lie-in with an epic novel this morning) so my choice of outfit is attempting to divert attention from my face.

Let me talk you through it:

Groovy 1960's Finnish maxi skirt - eBay £2.99
TopShop aubergine vest top - Car boot sale 50p
Vintage denim waistcoat - a wardrobe staple for over 15 years
Rupee coin choker made from 1950's coins and bells - Mysore market, India 700 rupees

If I can muster up the energy I may rifle though my fabric stash and create a noticeboard for the office, but there again there's the final two episodes of Criminal Justice to catch up on..........


  1. Yay blog, now I can really stalk you!

    ~ daisybella x

  2. I've added your fabulous blog to my list - I stalk you on a daily basis! xx


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