Saturday, 10 October 2009

I got sunshine in a bag

Allow me to introduce you to tonight's bag of choice....this darling sequinned number is satin lined and labelled "Hand Made In India".
A snip at £1 from a charming elderly lady at a car boot sale a couple of weeks ago.

The Lusty Lloyd Loom laundry hamper (£4 from this morning's car boot sale) could probably do with reupholstering but I reckon the shabbiness gives it a certain charm.

The hand-blocked Cole and Son flamingo wallpaper was an eBay bargain a couple of years ago and takes pride of place on the landing. It makes me smile whenever I climb the stairs. 
Basement Jaxx used it as a promotional backdrop .


  1. Love this bag - the detail is stunning, it's beautiful. Also love the Lloyd Loom! Lucky lady! :)


  2. Noooo that gorgeous clutch cannot have been $1?? Its oh-so pretty, what a steal!! :)

  3. Thanks for the comments, ladies! When I'm car booting I'm always on the look out for elderly ladies - they generally have the stalls worth investigating! XX


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