Thursday, 28 May 2020

Livin' The Lockdown Life - Day 68 & 69

On Wednesday (day 68) I was awake ridiculously early, I stayed in bed as long as I could but unable to stay still any longer got up, threw a few things in the washing machine and went outside to harvest the rhubarb.

While the rhubarb was simmering away I sorted out the cupboard under the sink, then pegged out the washing and did my Wii Fit session.

After catching up with blogs and our fruit, yoghurt & stewed rhubarb breakfast I diluted the OceanSaver wood floor cleaner I'd bought from &Keep a couple of weeks ago and cleaned every wooden floor in the house. I usually make my own floor cleaner with white vinegar, lemon juice & olive oil and was impressed with the ready-made one. The floors shone and the almond fragrance made the house smell wonderful. £1.50 well spent (and I've still got half left!)

Jon spent the morning working through Gilbert's to-do list.

After my weekly telephone catch-up with Liz, I watered the veg plot, greenhouse and patio pots - a task that seems to take longer by the day.

The olive trees Jon had bought me from Lidl last year are blossoming as is the Yukka, even spiky bastard is covered in flowers since I liberated it from its pot.

Leaving Jon under Gilbert, I lay on the lawn and finished my Alan Furst novel. While Jon made noodles I put a pile of books on a chair outside the gate for passers-by to help themselves to.

After lunch I started another book, my third this week, I'm a solar-powered reader!

Tasks complete, Jon joined me to bask in the sunshine.

Where we participated in a cheeky beer...

Tea was veggie sausages, potato lattices from the depths of the freezer, a poached egg and some peas.

After we'd wheeled the bins out and showered we cracked open the rum (and a bag of popcorn!) and spent the evening watching an old episode of the Antiques Road Trip and The Great British Sewing Bee, which had a fantastic theme this time, making new clothes from old ones.

On Thursday (day 69) I awoke to yet another glorious morning, I taped thank you notes to the wheelie bins, dragged out the free book chair and exchanged pleasantries with an elderly chap out on his (very) early morning walk.

Today would have been Reg, my Grandpa's, birthday, born on 28th May 1913. He bought Stonecroft in 1951.

I deadheaded the pansies and fuschias and noticed than yet more Oriental poppies had burst open - normally our appreciation of their beauty is shortlived as, inevitably, it pees down within hours of them blooming and their petals are cruelly ripped from them.

I'd managed to spill cola down my kaftan last night so, to fill up the washing machine, I removed the cushion covers in the lounge and threw them in as well. After my Wii Fit session, I pegged everything out on the line and had just about caught up with blogland before Jon got up. After our fruit and yoghurt, we took our coffee outside and sat in the sunshine until Jon got the urge to go into the kitchen and knock up a spelt loaf.

I watered the patio pots and, with his loaf proving, Jon created a squirrel-proof bird feeding station using our festival hat stand, safe in the knowledge that it won't be required for the rest of the year.

With my work for the day done I grabbed my bedcover and my book and lay in the sunshine on the lawn with a break for noodles at 1pm. Jon's loaf turned out beautifully but unfortunately, he cut it in two and froze half of it without taking a photo.

After lunch, Jon did the weekly grocery run, this time remembering to take a photo. Before you ask, we've got enough rum for the weekend so don't worry.

While he was out my new bucket arrived. Hooray! The mop bucket, which I'd ordered at the same time, had been delivered last week, you might have spotted it in yesterday's photos.

Another glorious day. I know there's loads of awful stuff going on in the world but away from the TV and in our lockdown bubble, life is beautiful.

I feel like I've not worn clothes for ages, it's been bikinis at dawn for days now. 

WEARING: Vintage 70s Anokhi maxi skirt (eBay), red bikini (Goa, 2018), vintage Indian silk screen printed scarf (charity shop)

Long may it last, I live for the sunshine.

 Tea was the rest of the pizza with salad again containing homegrown radishes and lettuce.

It's been so warm I've just given the pot plants another watering.

Tonight after the final Clap for our Carers, we'll be watching The Real Marigold Hotel and whatever else takes our fancy.

Take care & see you soon!


  1. Hi Vix! firstly I took your advice about getting that first visit behind me and it was not too bad bar one embarrassing comment made to a neighbour by said person, but I looked at it from a place of care and took water and a chair and sat and listened for an hour in the sunshine so all good.
    I thought of you this morning, I just lopped the sleeves off a top that were too tight and turned it around because I liked the back opening better and off I went no-one said anything! ha new summer top for nought. Another new lockdown hobby is born . Love the closeups of your flowers. Take care and good to see you are relaxing a bit in the sun!xx

    1. I'm glad you've got that chore out of the way and you managed to sit tight and stay out of it. These things are never as bad as you think they're going to be, are they?
      I love that you chopped the sleeves off your top and wore it backwards, you'll be on the Sewing Bee next! I call that chopping your wardrobe as opposed to shopping it, sure beats spending any money.
      Enjoy the sunshine with a clear conscience now your dreaded visit is behind you. xxx

  2. Looks like great reading weather. You do realize this life you are living raising your own food is the true hippie lifestyle lol. Glad you are getting some things to harvest - I see a pink strawberry on the vine here, that is the first of my harvest. Will be a while for the cucumbers and tomatoes though.

    1. I was thinking along the same lines this week, I've always loved reading those books about people chucking in their old lives and living the self-sufficient dream in some rural idyll on the Med but never thought I'd cope without pubs and charity shops, truns out I can!
      I'm excited about your ripening harvest.
      Hope you're feeling better! xxx

  3. I usually make my own wood floor cleaning mix as well and funny enough I’ve bought a ready made one this week. Not tried it yet.
    Two more sunny days to celebrate your beautiful garden. Philip has been up a ladder all day and we’ve had lots of people stopping by to say hello.
    Watching sewing bee again as I fell asleep before the first task ended. I have to record most things as I usually nod off on the sofa haha.
    Catch ya tomorrow xxx

    1. My homemade one was okay when we used to buy cheap olive oil, Jon's gone all fancy in lockdown with his super duper extra vestal virgin olive oil, I daren't stick that in a mop bucket, it's more expensive than Champagne!
      Tell Philip to watch it up that ladder and not to get distracted by all those fans turning up at your gate.
      That's Jon's trick falling asleep in front of the TV, I keep throwing cushions at him to make him stay awake! xxx

  4. I am not comparing you and Jon to them, but reading your posts reminds me of some of the books written by and about Scott and Helen Neering(SP?). I'd like to get my hands on a copy of Loving and Leaving the Good Life, which really dives into their world they created with people joining them on self sufficiency for a day, a few weeks, some times months-it's told from Helen's perspective after Scott's death, and quite bitter sweet. I really need to do a good cleaning of all the wood work-floors an cupboards, and make this place shine-yeah, and about 50 other cleaning needs.

    1. I hadn't heard of Scott and Helen Nearing before but aftre Googling them they sound absolutely fascinating, I'm going to have to track down a copy of Loving & Leaving the Good Life, too!
      I only clean the wooden floors about four times a year, the rest of the time it's just a swift going over with the dustpan and brush but goodness me, the floors look so shiny and healthy now! xxx

  5. Living in a bikini! It's now a bit cold (autumn) Down Under. We have 4 definite seasons in New Zealand. Your garden is looking so lovely, busy yet peaceful. Amazing how our lives have all changed.

    1. I envy yoy your definite seasons, here in the Uk we don't really need to change our wardrobes throughout the year, it can go from freezing cold to boiling hot almost overnight.
      It's certainly been a memorable year so far - and it's still only May! I think I've become a different person. Take care of yourself. xxx

  6. You look just smashing in your bikini, Vix! I love the picture of you and Jon lounging with your cheeky beer - perfect summer! Always good to see the boyz out in the sun - Vizzini says, Yes, he would love to come visit and chill with them, as I bother him too much (forced cuddles!).

    We've finally got some nice warm weather out today - hopefully it will hang around for next week, as I've got vacation time!

    1. Thanks, Sheila! I'd live in a bikini all year round if I could, I was definitely born in the wrong country!
      So glad to hear that you've got lovely weather, it makes such a difference to everything. I was up just after 5am this morning, I hate missing a moment of it.
      Tell Vizzini that the boys are waiting for him! xxx

  7. It's definitely been salad weather recently hasn't it.
    Your salad containing homegrown radishes and lettuce looks great.

    Enjoy these last few days of May, I think the sunshine will be with us for a little longer.

    All the best Jan

    1. Hello, Jan! Hasn't it been glorious? I'm delighted to see that we're set for a few more days of this sunshine and warmth. Take care! xxx

  8. Just discovered your blog through a comment you left on Lynn Holland's blog, Vix. Had to sign up as a follower - love your alternative lifestyle, your fabulous clothes and hair, and of course your adorable kitties! I am also a huge fan of Indian textiles, cat lover, am whole-food plant-based if not totally vegan, haven't been near a hairdresser's for years, so the latest fashion (Lockdown Chic) suits me just fine! I love recycling stuff and would grow everything too if I was well enough. Like you I am thoroughly enjoying living in our little bubble in lockdown, especially as I am seeing so much more of my hubby now I have him to myself!! Like you, I also have a hubby who falls asleep in front of the telly. Never thought of throwing cushions at him, though! Now there's a thought... I floated around today in a salwar kameez as it was so hot - a bit too big for me since I lost weight but lovely and cool! Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

    PS Are you UK based?

    1. Lovely to meet you, Shosi! I've just found & followed you blog and shall pop over with a comment after this morning's exercise session.
      You sound like my kind of person what with a joint love for Indian textiles, cats and a meat-free diet.
      I thought I'd go slightly crazy during lockdown with my normal life of festivals, charity shops and socialising but both Jon & I couldn't be more content, it certainly helps when you share your life with the right person and our beloved pets.
      The salwar kameez is such an elegant outfit, I bet you looked lovely. xxx
      PS We're in Walsall, 9 miles outside of Birmingham, in the post-industrial area known as The Black Country!

    2. Hi Vix, thanks for your reply, and also for visiting my blog! I know the West Midlands fairly well - we had family living in Abbots Bromley in Staffs for many years - only my Godmother still lives there now - we had many fabulous holidays up there, beautiful countryside! I love the architecture and the industrial heritage too, although at the height of the Industrial Revolution, life must have been extremely tough.

      One of my cousin's daughters is also a festival lover and works all summer on the staff on the festival circuit, living out of a camper van. She's called Vix too - which is probably why I was drawn to your comment in the first place and looked at your profile!!

      We live in Torquay. I have lived in Devon all my life (and my hubby for much of his) - we retired here in 2013. Unlike you, we are very close to the sea but can't quite see it from the house. Lots of seagulls in the garden though! Beautiful countryside all round.

      So glad you liked my wedding outfits (and thank you for your good wishes for our anniversary) - I have always loved ethnic clothes and wanted Russian style for the dress, with a nod to Thai with the wired pieces on the shoulders - Thai dancing is so stunning! I wanted my bridesmaids to look as if they had just come in from the fields gathering the flowers in their baskets. My hubby used to go over to Romania nearly every year just after the revolution, doing charity work, and he brought back loads of ethnic stuff, mostly textiles, and I tend to pick up things where I can as well. Our style at home is eclectic to say the least, very mixed ethnic!

      I've got 2 salwar kameezes and they are both too big for me now, really! I lost a lot of weight over several years. Of course they are designed to be loose so they are cool, and the trousers are so baggy, to accommodate women being pregnant on and off without the need for special maternity clothes! So many ethnic clothes are like that. Very practical! I wear kaftans instead of a dressing gown and have just started wearing a lighter weight one again but it's really too long now, and I have to watch I don't trip on it. (Weight loss again!) We are not a million miles away from Totnes which has lots of ethnic shops which I love, and also Teignmouth was a discovery for us last year - another great place for ethnic clothes. Wish I could get to a festival...

      I wore my hair in 2 plaits today after seeing you with yours! Lol! Haven't done that for many years and it was cool and comfortable and fun. (I don't think my hubby noticed...) My hair isn't as long as yours. I cut a bit too much off last time I was trying to trim it. Fortunately it grows fast but it's not as thick as it used to be.

      So glad you liked my knitting project. I adore Kaffe Fasset and his wonderful inspirations for knitting and colour in general. I design all my own stuff and have a huge stash of bits of yarn and mix and match to my heart's content. I do loads of other creative stuff as well. It's time I updated my Flickr albums because my old blog (Blogger) is a disaster area with all the photos having disappeared and I lost the will to live, trying to replace them all and half of them still not being visible... It's Wordpress all the way for me now. But there's a huge amount of my creativity on my old blog.

      I'm so glad we've met up in Blogland!

      The kitties and I send hugs.
      Shoshi xx

    3. Hello Shoshi!
      Thank you for clarifying those incredible wedding costumes, they really were gorgeous and cleverly, timeless as well. You can usually instantly date wedding photos, can't you? Not being fashion-led yours are forever stylish.
      Fancy you having family from Abbots Bromley, a lovely place but not as gorgeous as Totnes, my favourite place in the UK although it's been many years since we've been.
      I think you'd be in your element at a festival, the shopping opportunities are brilliant, so many alternative & ethnic clothes from all over the world. Maybe nest year when things are hopefully back to normal...
      Funnily enough a pop-up ad appeared on Facebook a couple of days ago with some incredible fair-trade Kaffe Fasset designed oven gloves, tea towels and tote bags - sadly when I checked they'd all sold out.

  9. I love looking at your shopping it always inspires me. We have an import shop but lord the prices are a joke !!! £3.00 for a tiny bottle of brown sauce ! Anyone? They do get some cheap items but it is so rare. We are currently going through the mint chocolate anything season again ! I’m kinda of glad I’m allergic to chocolate. We have fads we foods in japan rainbow cheese toastie ? Or clear coke which was naff ! They do do nice melon soda which I love and fab coffee. I love going to our local department store and going to Kaldi coffee store and buying bags of coffee. Heaven !! They have tons of veggie and vegan foods which I sometimes like to eat.
    Garden looks fab, my neighbor gave us some strawberry plants for all the shopping we did for her during lockdown, I just hope I don’t kill them as I found a half dead succulent in the sitting room. So I have been reading alys Fowler’s plant love on how to revive it. If I can !
    Paul fixed the shelf so he isn’t in trouble anymore ! Paul wanted to know if Jon’s cars were carmen ghias ? Take care and keep safe.

    1. Morning, Alison! £3 for brown sauce? Good god! Stick to the Jpapanese stuff although rainbow cheese doesn't sound very appealing! I'm not usually a fan of pop (unless it's served with booze) but melon soda sounds really good. I had no idea that you could get great coffee either, I'll have to ask Jon if he remembers - not that he was completely with it for most of the time he was in Japan, I've seen some of the interviews he did for Japanese TV, crazy times.
      I'm sure you'll be fine with those strawberry plants (she says who couldn't even raise them from seed this year), you're under pressure though, aren't you, what with the neighbour being able to check on the plant's progress being so close to you!
      Alys Fowler is the gardening goddess, love her books.
      Thank goodness Paul sorted that shelf. Jon would love a Karmann Ghia. The baby blue car is a 1970 VW Variant 411 LE, they are so rare in the UK there's only two on the road (that doesn't mean it's worth loads, the Brits never liked them!)
      Have a fab weekend - whatever one of those is, I've forgotten! xxx

    2. Hello, yeah the Japanese are really good at coffee believe it or not ! Paul hates the smell of it, but OMG I love it. I have a mini drip coffee every morning . It’s like 80p for a latte at our local 7/11, were as charbucks charge £3.00 !!! They are coffee crazy over here.
      Paul loves old nissans, but then he does work for them. We own a car but parking near work is a joke £25 an hour if you park In harajuku. Hence the train is the no 1 form of transport. 50p to travel two stops and every 6 minutes and never late. My dad loves it when he comes to visit as he is a train buff and we take him all over the country .
      We are off to uneo park the kids want to go to the zoo, but you have to book tickets as they only let so many families in. You have a lovely weekend as well just avoid those freaks!!!

    3. Jon absolutely loves his coffee, I can go for weeks without when I'm in India but absolutely love the iced coffee (frappe) they sell in Greece...I'm dribbling thinking about it!
      £25 an hour for parking? Is that to encourage the Japanese to use public transport? At those prices they'd be mad not to. Certainly puts our unreliable and overpriced trains to shame.
      Hope you had a wonderful weekend - although I'm not sure weekends really exist any more! xxx

  10. I feel like I'm in good company, as I'm sporting my own red bikini today. You'll be pleased to know it's clashing spectacularly with my bubble gum pink nail polish :)

    1. Yay! I'm just about to change into mine. Love pink with red, it annoys the fashion police! xxx

  11. awwww - sleepy cats - so cute!
    your new buckets are fab - and the mop one seem to work fine.... with good tools the work is done easily, is´t it?
    we were far from bibikini weather the last few days - i even heated on the oven for the evening. hope my bean seeds will come up with this cold weather we have lately.
    your grandpa was such a handsome man!

    1. I can't believe you've had to heat the house, I'm sending you some of this gorgeous sunshine. It doesn't even feel like England any more, Jon & I keept trying to tell ourselves we're living off-grid in a village in Greece!
      Jon's just prepared the ground ready for planting our beans tomorrow - exciting times! xxx

  12. yay just checked out &Keep and my son bought two masks and I did too, we also threw in a bottle of almond floor cleaner and a citrus kitchen cleaner - lol who ever would have thought that masks would be so desirable outside of a sex shop!

    1. Haha! You're not wrong there! I sent a link to those &Keep masks to a friend, she was really impressed! xx

  13. Your days sound blissfully peaceful, isnt it lovely just to sit and enjoy the sun?
    Your current book sounds interesting, the last did too...I must keep a note of them and look out for them.
    I love the photos of your grandparents. Your grandpa looks very handsome in his suit in the photo on the left. Is the top photo a wartime wedding?
    Have a lovely weekend you two and the lads xxx

    1. Next time I'm reading a book you like the look of let me know and I'll happily post it to you! Shame I put the last couple on the freebie pile.
      Yes, Granpa & Grandma got married At St Oswald's Church in Chester in 1940, aren't the flowers magnificent? xxx

  14. Don't you look stunning, and absolutely radiant, in your bikinis! And your wooden floors are looking brilliant too. I too have found that our pots seem to take longer and longer to water. Due to the water shortage it's a blessing to have water well, but it needs to be pumped up by hand, which makes it take even longer. Good to read that Spiky Bastard is flowering! That photo of you and Jon having a sneaky beer is gorgeous. You both suit "the good life" very well indeed. Love those photos of your Grandpa Reg, the original owner of Stonecroft! Have a lovely weekend, you two! xxx

    1. I bet you've got muscles like Popeye with all that water pumping! We had a freshwater spring at the parental home and I could never squeeze a drop from the pump!
      Spiky Bastard is looking lovely but I forgot how evil he was and ending up getting speared by him when I was weeding the border last week - ouch! xxx

  15. Hi there, how's it going? I've only been back to week 3 weeks and already feeling exhausted! I've only had time to have a quick read of your blog but it's certainly been one of the highlights of my days!Today's Friday so some free time at last!
    First of all I'm so glad that Frank is feeling better. These pets are such a worry, I always swear I'll never have another but we always seem to find ourselves back at the dog shelter when the inevitable happens. Apart from their unconditional love and company. I suppose love and loss are both parts of the human condition, we can't have one without the other.
    Love the garden, the photo of you and Jon sunbathing on the grass enjoying a beer together sums up my idea of a perfect day!
    I've started reading SHANTARAM and I'm loving it! I haven't had much time to read so will try to continue this weekend. I'll let you know what I think!!
    Make the most of the beautiful weather, it's just started raining here in Barcelona but at least they've started to ease up on some of the restrictions. Take care and have a wonderful weekend!xxxx

    1. Hello, Diana! So lovely to hear from you. I was wondering how life in Barcelona was treating you. I can't believe you've been back at work three weeks, it must be absolutely exhausting after lockdown.
      You're so right about animals, every time we lose one we tell ourselves that we can't go through the heartbreak again and then someone like Frank walks through the door, refuses to leave and you're a captive yet again.
      I'm so glad you're enjoying Shantaram, Gregory David Roberts often hosts readings in Mumbai and I seem to miss them by days - so annoying! I dobn't know how many times I've read the book but it still holds me in thrall.
      Soan's had some funny old weather recently, a BBC news reporter was in Madrid the other day, shivering and soaked to the skin. We've been totally spoilt which probably means the rest of the year will be a washout!
      Much love to you! xxx

  16. Odd that there are indeed seasonal smells associated with housekeeping! You've reminded me that when I was a child the first hot days of summer meant propping open the heavy windows of the church and washing the pews and other wooden fixtures with Murphy's Oil Soap. A poor protestant version of the beautiful "bells and smells" of the CofE, but I still enjoy it.

    1. I used to love that old church smell of beeswax and furniture polish!
      I bought Jon a fragrance from Lush which was described as being based on the smell of "the inside of my Delhi Grandfather's camphorwood wardrobe", it's utterly delicous! xxx

  17. We seem to be doing similar household tasks! I've cleaned out under the sink and washed all the cushion covers, too! I'm eyeing up the curtains now.

    I'm not surprised it takes you long to water your garden what an abundance of everything you have. It's fab to see different flowers/plants on a daily basis but my fuchsias at the front are very reluctant to flower - damn them!

    I loved the squirrel proof feeder and the cats lazing in the sun. The photos of your grand dad were lovely. What a good investment buying Stonecroft was.

    I like the sound of your floor soap; I have a steam mop which doesn't require anything except water; but I do like a good smell. The one I used before I had a steam mop had a lovely smell; I think it was made by Johnsons.

    I put books outside yesterday morning and they were gone within 30 mins - a record for me.

    Enjoy the sun - it seems to be lasting all next week, too.

    1. We're in sync! I did all the curtains during the first week of lockdown, they hadn't been done for years, they looked different when I hung them back up!
      What's going on with the fuschias? I thought I'd killed one of mine but stuck it in another pot and it's revived itself.
      I've never heard of a steam mop, mines one of those old skool string mops, I've got a bit of a fetish for really old fashioned things like galvanised buckets, scrubbing brushes and blocks of carbolic soap, which I usually bring back from India. In a past life I must have owned a hardware shop!
      30 minutes? that was good going. Mine took a day to go.
      Isn't this weather wonderful? I'm happy to stay in lockdown for ever if it could continue like this! xxx

  18. I didn't occur to me to put olive oil into my cleaning mix but I can see the sense in it- the oil being good for natural wood and all that. The thing is that I buy local olive oil and having picked olives myself when young, I know how much hard work goes into it producing extra virginal olive oil. I'd be up for trying it with less quality olive oil brands or mixes.

    Your red bikini paired with a maxi skirt makes for a great combo. You're always stylish. Great bikini shots, they make me long for summer. It's raining here, no bikini days for me yet. I'm back to work in regular school, but since school is optional for some and not all students have been invited back (just grades 1-4), I'm teaching both remotely and in person. It's even more exhausting that regular school and teaching remotely because it's both combined. Let's hope summer will come back quickly and that we'll have a break from this whole corona madness.

    1. It seems strange to read that it's raining in your part of the world, the skies in your photos are always enviably blue and clear (a bit like ours are at the moment!)
      Picking olives sounds like an idylic way to spend your youth, I bet it was backbreaking work though.
      Your teaching sounds very stressful and exhausting. Some schools reopen here tomorrow. xxx

  19. Great ideas about the books. In Jelsa, they are little wood boxes everywhere where you put books, that way you can both donate and take books from them- a brilliant idea.

    1. How lovely that Jelsa offer those book depositories. I think I shall continue with my free books even aftre lockdown, I've a feeling charity shops with be swamped with donations once they reopen so won't want me bringing in a pile of paperbacks! xxx

  20. Hello Vix. Looks like you guys are having perfect weather to lounge about in the garden. You especially look dazzling in your bikini, basking in the glorious sunshine.

    The rhubarb looks great, as does your other plantings. I've only ever cooked it once (in a crumble) but found it way too bitter. Will have to add heaps more sugar next time.

    That was a very kind gesture to leave an assortment of books for passers-by to take. I'm sure they'll be appreciated as so many people are reading whilst in isolation.

    How endearing are those photos. Your grandfather seems a very elegant gentleman.

    Have a relaxing Sunday.

    1. Thanks, Suzy! It's my favourite kind of weather, I could happily live in a bikini for the rest of my life.
      Rhubarb does need lots of sugar, it's lovely with raspberries in a crumble. Give it another try. It's a spectacular looking plant isn't it? The leaves are positively jurassic! xxxx

  21. Your Dad had a very adventurous spirit Vix-he sounds so interesting and you love exploring too.Your Grandpa also is very handsome-it's wonderful that you and John have such a beautiful home with the family history and are now able to truly relish your time there together xx

    1. Thanks, Flis. My brother & I definitely inherited Dad's love of adventure travel. xxx

  22. Would those wood cleaners work on our laminate wood floor? I have only ever hoovered it...
    I meant to say earlier...Your dad sounds amazing! What a chap!
    Spiky bastard is covered in flowers!??!! What!??!
    I love seeing what you eat as well as seeing shopping! It's exciting to live vicariously through you!! It's exciting at the moment to see new things...even if they are somebody else's!

  23. We are finally enjoying summer weather here, but the shock of going from 5 degrees to 29 degrees over the space of a week was a bit much. I had to dig my summer clothes out of storage. I wish I had more cotton kaftans or similar long cotton dresses like the ones you wear so beautifully.


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