Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Here Comes Summer - We're Festival Ready!

Like Oscar Wilde I can resist anything but temptation. As is so often the case, I ended up bringing more home that I took with me to Vintage Village on Sunday. On the way to the loo, I bumped into trader friend Suzy and we escaped to the charity shop over the road from Stockport market hall where I found this canary yellow catsuit on the £1 rail.

I got some cracking stuff from my Marie of The Queen's Drawers' rails including this candy coloured nylon blouse which, combined with my 1960s cotton hot pants, suede go-go boots and retro jelly basket, Jon reckoned I had a bit of a Miami vibe going on. What a shame that I only wore it to the supermarket rather than South Beach.

This Suzy Ware tie-fronted blouse will need taking in but I'm loath to put it on my rails as I love it.

How fabulous is this 1970s JC Penney jumpsuit? I'm almost disappointed that it's too hot to wear at the moment - but it'll make the usually miserable British weather a lot more bearable when it goes back to normal.

I couldn't resist this zebra print dagger collared shirt. The Cat Charmant label is so cute.

I swooped on this 1970s Indian block print quilted cotton jacket on our neighbour's stall. It's reversible with fabric buttons on the patterned side and mother of pearl ones on the burgundy side. It's the perfect size and ideal for chilly festival evening and for wearing on our next flight to India. Price? £3!

Tomorrow we're heading off to the beautiful Cotswolds for the Cornbury Festival, described as being England's most civilised gathering. The journey from Walsall takes around two hours and set up should take another seven. We're leaving early as we want to be finished and ready with cans in hand for 7pm for England Vs Croatia, Jon's taking his laptop especially. Come on England, the whole country's behind you!
As you can see our new (secondhand) van is absolutely rammed and we've yet to pack the food and our own clothes. I've no idea what I'm taking yet, so far there's a backless floor length silver evening gown, some iridescent cat's ears and a sequined bustier on the pile. Practical as ever, me!

It'll be the fourth year of trading there and we love it. Fab customers (although my favourite visitors, Andrea, Mary & the girls will be missing it this year), a happy family of fellow traders and, most importantly, the organisers really look after us with a secure, traders only enclosure and our own - clean - toilets. Read all about our previous years at Cornbury HEREHERE and HERE.

Are we looking forward to spending the next seven weeks on the road? You bet! Especially as I've booked flights to Greece for the week after we get back in September. However mad the festival season gets (hopefully no more f*ck-ups like last year's Truck) we've got seven days of sea, sunshine, Mythos beer & Greek salads as big as my face to look forward to!

See you soon.

PS Good luck to Belgium tonight! 


  1. Go, England! World Cup madness has hit over here too, and Canada's pulling for you too!! Wow, so much to see here - I love that yellow catsuit, and I'm drooling over those green suede gogo boots. What fabulous finds! Good luck at the fair!! I wish we had ones like that here!

  2. I'm just a bit worried that you won't stand out from the crowd in that yellow cat suit [she says with her tongue firmly in her cheek] I'm sure you'll have a blast!

  3. What a haul! Love the candy coloured blouse, the JC Penney jumpsuit, and the zebra shirt. And that £ 1 yellow jumpsuit simply had to come home with you as well. Had to laugh when you said you escaped to the charity shop while trading in Stockport. Temptation indeed! Your van is certainly packed to the rafters. Where will you put your own things? Good luck, both at the fair and tomorrow's match, and have lots of fun! xxx

  4. Yay - another trip to Greece! I see another one in our future at some point too, very difficult to stay away from it, the food alone is worth the price of the plane ticket. Have a great time at the festival - and sell your bell bottoms off!

  5. Mythos beer....yum. I can't seem to find it over here anymore (sad face)

    Go England!

    How exciting for you guys, Mr. Trump is coming to visit!!!!!!!!! (really sad face)

  6. You look incredible in that yellow jumpsuit. I can't think of anyone else that could do it justice.

    You scored some really great pieces. I cannot wait to see you wearing them.

    Have a great show! Lots of work but hopefully lots of rewards too.

    BTW...sorry to say but I'm rooting for France. Gotta support my husband.


    1. the BW says its france versus croatia in the final - he knew that the germans will get kicked out before the very first game.... ;-D

  7. Wow that jumpsuit!
    Btw the zebra top isn't zebras. They have horns. Maybe antelope?
    Anyway, all fabulous finds.
    I love the pattern mixing in the second shot!
    Enjoy your festivals!!!
    xo Jazzy Jack

  8. Hope you have a fabulous time and some good trading days.

  9. Love, Love, Love the yellow!

  10. Woohoo! Miami never looked that good!
    Wishing you a fab festival season!

  11. those bright clothes!! just wow!
    wish you a gorgeous & successful festival summer! cant wait for the reports and your photos & outfits!
    have lots of fun!

  12. Hi Vix,
    What great finds- I love the red jumpsuit and zebra shirt! You're going to be away for seven weeks?! Is that how long festivals are or do you mean seven weekends? Xxx

  13. I wish to see you in the silver gown and cats ears! It sounds like perfect Vixwear. I hope the festival goes fantastically for you. Got to be better than clusterTruck.

    Caro Emerald probably won't be your thing, but I absolutely love her - got tickets to see her later in the year. 'Liquid Lunch' is the best girly hangover sing ever. (Funnily enough, last time I saw her she was supported by Irit, who I see is also on the bill.)

  14. so lovely yellow jumpsuit, and I LOVE your outfit you wore to go to the supermarket, it's fabulously summery!! I feel encouraged to keep dressing up to do my groceries shopping! mwhaha
    Wish you a fabulous time at the festival, it looks really appealing to me! (I love Caro Emerald!)

  15. silver ballgown and cats ears I have to see! (please?!!) Have a wonderful time :)

  16. You look fantastic and fantastically well prepared, I hope it's a great festival.
    Hope the match goes well, we're off to see Madness and the Lightening Seeds this weekend. Hope football's coming home! xxx

  17. Have a fabulous time vix , Love the indian block print jacket , How do you keep your clothes to sell crease free ? xxx

  18. A fabulous haul Vix! My favourite has to be the block print jacket - it was made for you!
    Cornbury is the festival I'm most likely to go to after Latitude (latitude is close by and so the easy (lazy) option.
    Have fun! And COME ON ENGLAND!

  19. That reversible quilted cotton jacket is amazeballs! fantastic.

    hope you have a great time at Cornbury

  20. I was going to say that you must've caused a stir at the supermarket - but they're probably used to you by now lol. Greece - I'm jealous.
    Have a fab festival, everything is crossed for tonight and my Russian friend is now supporting England. Feeling a bit sick already. xx

  21. You look so snazzy in the yellow jumpsuit! Had to be had for a quid. Have a wonderful time.

    My mum is English so I will of course be rooting for them, but obviously football has little interest after the brainwashing Welsh upbringing I've had that prizes rugby above all other sports! Xx

  22. WOWSER! The colours in this post are a GAS! Can't think of anyone else that could pull off head to toe neon yellow like you. I really love the pattern on the hot pants and the JC Penney pantsuit. The hot pants are not me, but I might be able to rock the pantsuit if it fit just right. I'm sure it looks stupendous on you. Hope all goes well at the Festival and you sell loads!

  23. Such a feast for the eyes! Amazingly fabulous clothes - did you know J.C.Penney's are called Penney's in Ireland and are actually known to us in the UK as Primark! Have a fab festival tour and equally fabulous time in Greece.

  24. I.love the block printed jacket. It looks beautiful! Your cat suit made me giggle. I honestly think only you and my extremely glamorous, very tall Nigerian friend Charlene would suit that/pull it off! Have a fun festival!

  25. You coming to Chagstock? I'm volunteering there this year. xx

  26. U look so fab----I wanna go to Greece so badly!!!

  27. You are so in your happy place, Summer Festival Season!! Love to see you in the JC Penny jumpsuit soon, looks amazing. And a trip to Greece to look forward to, does life get any better?!!

  28. I hope this year brings as big smiles as the past ones did!!
    Is this JCP jumpsuit??? Goodness gracious! And I always ignore that store! So awesome - I'd wear it right now!
    Love your outfit with green go-go boots, you make everything looks so appealing, and I don't mean only clothes!

  29. Great line up and clean toilets! What's not to love?

  30. I love that canary yellow catsuit on you!!! so perfect!!!


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