Tuesday 31 July 2018

Going Loco - Indietracks 2018

On Friday morning at just after 8am we set off to Indietracks, the festival which combines indie music with vintage steam trains and is held at the Midland Railway Museum in Derbyshire. When you spend a large part of your life working outside you become mildly obsessed with the weather and our constant visits to the BBC weather website over the previous few days had told us to expect sporadic showers & a fresh breeze but for it to remain warm and on Friday it certainly was, by lunchtime the thermometer in our tent registered 38° degrees. Not that the heat troubled us, we set up in record time.

Testing out our changing room in my work wear!

After a quick once over with the wet wipes we changed, grabbed something to eat, cracked open the booze and rolled open the shop front ready for the gates to open at 5pm.

The evening was balmy, business was brisk and headliners, The Lovely Eggs, sounded amazing. By the end of their set the heavens opened and most of the festival goers retreated to the bar, returned to the campsite or jumped on the festival train back to their respective hotels. We shut up shop and tumbled into bed only to be awoken in the early hours by torrential rain and thunder so loud the van was shaking.

Unlike Cornbury and Larmer Tree, the Indietracks gates don't open to the public until 11am and in previous years Jon & I take the opportunity to explore the site for a couple of hours. This year it was so windy and cold we stayed firmly put watching Matt, the sound engineer, battling the elements to ensure the speakers on the main stage could withstand the gale force winds. The wind finally dropped to be replaced by torrential rain and plummeting temperatures....arghhh!

We were kept busy selling jackets, scarves and old skool sportswear to festival goers caught out by the inclement weather. Nat (above with her partner, Sarah) is a longstanding Kinky Melon customer, this year she snapped up this super funky 1980s silk Peck & Peck power jacket.

The Indie kids are made of stern stuff and braved the inclement weather.

Luckily - come rain or shine- our wellies & coats are always in the van. Not expecting it to be quite as cold neither of us had to foresight to pack anything else warm  - Jon borrowed the hat and the tracksuit top from the rails but ended up selling both items to desperate festival goers later in the day.

When I packed this psychedelic nylon maxi (bought from a chazza last week) I was a bit concerned that it might be a bit sweaty to wear, how wrong I was, I was bastard freezing! The good thing was that at least the synthetic fabric dried quickly - no soggy hem for me.

Super cool Parisian band French Boutik spent ages browsing our rails, leaving with a decent haul of vintage goodies (including the 1970s metallic belted leather jacket and Peter England paisley scarf seen worn below). Merci, mes amis!

Despite the weather the Saturday day tickets were a sell-out and the festival was buzzing. Many hardy folk ignored the rain and danced to the bands performing on the main stage whilst others made their way to the indoor Church and Engine Shed stages or were entertained by bands performing on the steam trains. The craft tent offered everything from bolo tie making to fanzine workshops and, new for this year, the Indie Kids tent hosted an under 5's disco playing everything Indie from the B-52s to The Smiths (those children are going to grow up to be so cool).

Saturday night headliners, British Sea Power, were brilliant. We did have plans of going to the indie disco (the adult one!) later but were so cold we went to bed fully clothed instead.

Sunday saw yet more rain, a trip to the Portaloos was an ordeal in itself with both of us returning to the tent looking like someone had thrown us in a wind tunnel and chucked a bucket of water over us. I'm glad I'd packed my crochet, yet again exploring was out of the question. Jon did a happy dance when he discovered an old pair of white jeans stuffed in the bottom of our overnight bag, no more cold knees!

As I'd only packed halterneck dresses I borrowed this cotton fully-lined maxi dress with sleeves from the rails. 

Courtesy of Mathew Schwartz

Not surprisingly the site was very quiet for the first few hours but eventually the festival goers emerged from their tents and made it to the arena to watch the likes of Wolf Girl and Boyracer

 At 6pm the rain stopped, the sun came out and it finally felt warm and my Thomas The Tank Engine dress got its annual airing much to everyone's delight.

You may remember the gorgeous Jude from Indietracks 2016 (here)

We're crap at selfies!

After Blood Honey closed the main stage we rolled down the shutters, poured ourselves another drink and packed up the stock, setting the alarm for 7am so we could take down the stall, drive home, wash and spend the rest of the day in 'Spoons.

Despite the wind, the rain and the horrible cold we had an absolute blast, trade was brilliant and takings far exceeded the past five years. Our vintage clobber is now gracing the backs of Indie kids as far afield as Paris, Rome, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Vermont and Newcastle Upon Tyne. Let's hope bloody Brexit doesn't spoil the fun for this wonderfully multi-national festival.

See you in 2019, Indietracks!

We've got next weekend off which is just as well, we need to do some serious vintage shopping.

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  1. What a surprise it must have been to be cold!! (I am only the tiniest bit jealous, as it is steaming hot). Trust you festival veterans to still have a blast, and congrats on your sales. Love the fuzzy jacket! xox


  2. Well that was a weekend and a half with all the wind and rain. You two would have cheered everyone up though with your fabulous stock. Hope the next ones a bit warmer for you xxx

  3. I would be terrified of everything blowing away or getting soaked. I'm glad you had a good time, it looks excellent, despite the weather. That's one thing Brits are good at - not letting crappy weather spoil proceedings!

  4. I did think about you when the rain came but it looks like you had a fab time regardless xxx

  5. It looks like it was a fabulous festival despite the rain xx

  6. Stupid weather....just like 1976. Weeks of baking sun and then it went and rained on my wedding day.
    Glad you had a good time though.

  7. Looks like loads of fun, despite the weather and love your furry jacket- just the ticket for covering up in the chilly!

  8. Going to bed fully clothes ftw!!!! You made it tho :D

  9. You're made of tougher stuff than me. Our plans for dancing were cancelled due to a serious risk of injury plus the melodian is made of cardboard which wouldn't have fared that well. Fantastic that you had such a good trading weekend despite the challenging conditions. As they say there's no wrong weather just the wrong clothes. Arilx

  10. Looks like it was a good festival experience, despite the cold and the rain. It is great that the crowds weren't discouraged despite the bad weather, the rain and all that. I love the maxis you wore and that furry jacket looks fabulous. Good that you were able to make the most of things. Jon does look happy to have found those white jeans and boots...at least some protection against the cold.

  11. What a marathon weekend! Weather always f**ks up our best intentions, doesn't it? But you made the best of it (yay for long pants for poor Jon), and had a great show! I love your Thomas the Tank Engine dress - gotta wonder what that intersection of interest was that it got created, lol. Happy shopping and enjoy your week off, Vix! Looking awesome in all of your fabulous festy looks.

  12. What dreadful weather! At the moment, I can't imagine it being cold and wet at all, as here it's been unbearably hot. For me, that is, I'm sure you would have liked it ;-) Good to see it didn't put a damper on the festival, and that takings were better than ever. Look at poor Jon, though, shivering in his white jeans, coat and boots! Ooh, I love British Sea Power! I'd just been explaining to Jos about your Thomas The Thank Engine dress, and here you are! I'm glad you were able to wear it, it wouldn't have been Indietracks without it! xxx

  13. You always have a good time! I think you have the kind of joyous personality which makes the most of everything!
    I was hoping to see the Thomas the Tank dress and am so pleased that you got to wear it! JanF

  14. You are a hearty lot. Such a shame the weather was crap but I'm delighted to know you had a brilliant show in spite of it.


  15. Jon looks utterly frozen to the core in that picture, but glad that the rotten weather didn't spoil your sales or enjoyment of the festival. Xxx

  16. That blue furry coat must have paid for itself a million times over saving you from freezing at various festivals! Sorry to hear it turned cold, but it sounds like it all went well anyway.

  17. I love your work wear! (and all the other outfits, even the rainy day wear). Your changing room is beyond fab, it's even decorated beautifully. Makes me want to come along just to try something on!
    Looks like you had a great time despite the weather. xxx

  18. Vermont! Wow! I Live a stones throw across the river in New Hampshire. I wonder what part of Vermont they were from? Who knows I may see them sporting your clobber in the stores I work in.

    1. No way! Isn't the world a small place? I think they said that they were from Burlington. Is that close to you? xxx

    2. No Burlington is on the other side next to New York. But we get people from there all the time. It is a small state, and Vermonters flock to New Hampshire to shop due to us having no sales tax.

  19. I'm happy to know that the festival was a great experience for you, despite the wonky weather!! Fortunately, you are ready for everything and always look your best! And on your selfie, I see nothing but love!
    Have a wonderful week, dear! <3

  20. I'm so glad you had good takings regardless of the weather. It seems you need to pack for all weather every time lol.

  21. you could have send that rain to me - here its much needed :-D
    but as always - kinky melon succeeded! congrats to the well sales!
    and you both manage to look funky in the worst weather - no wonder all the kids want your wares - with such style icons right in front of their nose!

  22. glad that you enjoyed the festival and that sales were great despite the rain!, and you managed to keep looking fabulous anyway!, You totally rock! and I love your beautiful maxi dresses!. So great idea to keep some coats and boots in the van!.
    I always say that your stall looks really appealing (mouthwatering!) but it's true!!

  23. What a shame the weather turned out as it did but hardy festival goers take it all in their stride - I'm not sure I could!

    All your outfits were fabulous and I loved the shaggy jacket. Glad Jon found some jeans to wear; cold knees are horrible.

    I love the idea of combining trains and indie music.....

  24. I am so glad you did a roaring trade and were able to rescue those poor folks who didn't pack enough clothes! That has been me before! It sounds like a good festival! I must say I have enjoyed the rain and cold!

  25. You did well to brave the weather and keep all your stock dry.

  26. THOMAS! I was wondering where he was for a fair bit of your post.

    I'm glad you had a great festival, despite the abominable weather.

  27. Glad you had such a fantastic festival despite the weather. It is hard to imagine it being cold with temperatures being back so high again. Loving the Thomas the Tank dress, very appropriate! You can defintiely rock a selfie.

  28. Hi Vix, this looks like so much fun! Glad you sold loads, and Jon found those jeans - poor thing. And your selfie and caption is hilarious, love it! Happy vintage hunting. Xxx

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  31. British weather! I confess I giggled at the pathetic/hilarious image of Jon shivering in his white jeans. And at the thought of his selling the hat off his head to a punter in worse shape than he... Whatever you had in 'Spoons that evening, I hope it was medicinal!

  32. I remember that Tommy the Tank dress from last years post. I do love it so. Despite your inclement weather, you still managed to look fabulous! Hard to believe it was cold though. It's so hot here in New England right now, we sure could use a cold snap.


  33. OK; I am horrified... Marc Almond is the same age as me :( Somehow I had blocked out the fact years ago that he was 'my age' and when doing a little reading up on him on Wiki just now, I saw that he is all of three months older than me... YIKES ... can't be... I don't feel 'that' old.

  34. The weather looks atrocious, but we can't let rain stop play or we'd never do anything. Soggy hems aren't nice! x

  35. I love that you too always remain in high spirits despite the bad weather, love the Thomas the tank engine maxi x


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